land & takeoff on land and water


Victoria Mosyurchak, REPORTYOR newspaper,

LA-8 is an amphibian airplane of comprehensive facilities.

Article from AVIASOYUZ (AS) magazine (No. 2; November – December 2004) Limited Liability Company Scientific and Production Association "AeroVolga" is one of a few Russian enterprises carrying out the whole complex of works from development of light aircrafts to their manufacturing and maintenance. Mr. Matvey Shchelochkov (M.S.) is at the head of the enterprise from the moment of its creation. He has education both in aviation and Economy and pilots practically all domestically produced training and sport airplanes.

"AS": Matvey Anatolievich, please introduce your company and its structure.M.S.: In order to effectively create the customers of our product and to work with them we have established Marketing and Design units. All the aforesaid has given us the possibility of organizing with full responsibility not only the development but also prototype and serial production of our main product – amphibian airplane La-8.

"AS": What are the particular features of La-8 design? What are its main operating characteristics? M.S.: range of customers’ requirements. At that we attach importance also to the commercial component of La- 8 project. When designing and manufacturing La-8 we used state-of-the-art design decisions and technological achievements in aircraft building. For example, all wing fuselage parts and control surfaces are made of composite materials with the use of the latest technologies. The power plant consists of two engines made in Czechia, installed on the wing center section from both sides of the fuselage, propellers being protruded forward thus protecting the engines from penetration of water during taking off and landing. I’d like to pay special attention to the possibility of climbing and of level flight with one engine shut off as well as the possibility of safe landing with shut off engines. At the first stage instrumentation and navigation facilities of the airplane makes it possible to carry out flights in the day time according to the rules of visual flights. La-8 airplane is remarkable for high strength of its fuselage, which safely protects the pilot and the passengers. Speaking about the airplane multifunctionality I’d like to mark out the possibility of carrying not only passengers and cargoes, but also performing patrolling, sanitary and other types of works over the water and land surfaces. In passenger option the overall number of seats is 8, including the pilot. The airplane can take off from and land on landing strips, concrete-surface airfields and water surfaces. In the nearest future AeroVolga plans to finalize the works connected with obtaining certification of the type in this country. And certification by aviation administrations of foreign countries is in sight. We expect that the light amphibian airplane La-8 will be in demand not only in Russia but also abroad.

The talk was conducted by Ilia Vaiesberg.


"Practically our plane is unique in world practice, — says Matvey Shchelochkov, Executive Director of Limited Liability Company, Scientific and Production Association "AeroVolga", — ….We suppose that as to the price, carrying capacity and flying characteristics our airplane will possess advantage over the only serially produced Canadian-American plane — "Lake 4". The child of AeroVolga LA-8 is expected to be in good demand in Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, in North America — in Canada, Alaska and also in South America, in the countries of Africa and Oceania. In the nearest future AeroVolga plans to get FAR and JAR certification, and by the end of 2005 to be certified in Russia. It is quite probable that LA-8 will become the most optimum alternative for Russian consumers. At present AeroVolga has already manufactured three prototypes and a new plane is in the process of manufacturing. "We intend to commercialize our plane by 2006, — sums up Matvey Shchelochkov, — We plan to make 6–8 airplanes a year. The demand for this type of airplane is already available — we have got a number of orders and protocols of intentions signed. We hope that in future we'll just continue to develop".

Magazine for business partners Samara Life.

Amphibian airplane LA-8 has common conception with prototype L-6 and L-6m. This is a twin-enginedaircraft classical scheme with T–shaped empennage and one keel. Cantilever wing. In contrast to previousmodels, the slopes and V–shaped empennage were removed. This was dictated by the projectspecification, the potential customers have laid down conditions, to increase the cruiser speed up to 230-240 km/h. But it has to be sacrifice to increase speed regime. The load to the wing – 115 kg/m2 (was 80kg/m2). But at the same time we are not going to lose take-off and landing characteristics. We have individual developments, the so-called "know-how". These are the new developments and we are going to bring them to life. We hope not to lose take-off and landing speed, but will stay in air speed bracket.


Magazine "General Purpose Aviation" 2003

Hover… Air, Earth and Water – three elements, our three habitats – How to connect them? Purchase amphibian airplane LA-8!!! This airplane is able to make unconstrained take-off and landing from grass, concrete, river, lake and sea surface, and according to your request – from snowy plains. Amphibian airplane LA-8 is made up of new technology "eternal" composite and has eight seats. To your request itcan be made as a cargo-and-passenger, sanitary, observation or other special variant. Two engines, which are manufactured in Czechia – 210 hp each (possible to use motor gasoline) and provide perfect cruise speed – up to 260 km/h, short distance of getting of the water (with full planeload – to 300 kg), perfect characteristics as regards the distance (up to 1200 km) and payload (670 kg). The nearest analog of amphibian airplane LA-8 is domestic BE-103 6-7 seats machine, cruise speed 220km/h, the take off distance – over 500 m, payload – 375 kg. (www.aviaport.ru) There is no direct western analog, only Canadian L-4, but it is one-engined for 4-6 seats, with payload only 260 kg. Amphibian plane LA-8 is the first aircraft in this class with real possibility of taking 8 passengers with luggage on board. The piloting and navigation equipment "Honeywell " and "Avidyne" installed in the airplane, allows to confine by VFR version or to order IFR integration, including automatic pilot. Options include increased engine rating (235 h.p. èëè 250 h.p.), or engines that use aviation kerosene (235 h.p.) According to customer’s request the cabin is trimming as "Safary" or "Exclusive", and completed with lifesavers, fishing and rest equipment.

Magazine "I’m a Pilot"June 2003 To those who love travelling devoted… In winter 2004-2005 the fans of extreme travelling will be able to luxuriate in the hot tropical sun together with Fedor Konyuhov. Fedor Konyuhov together with AeroVolga (Samara) are preparing for three-months formation flying to girdle the globe, using amphibian airplanes LA-8. These amphibian airplanes can use grass, water and concrete surfaces as airfield, with equal ease, have two engines and eight seats for passengers. The route will pass through the Black, Mediterranean, Red and Arabian Seas, Bay of Bengal, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, South America, Africa and Europe. It is supposed that 4-5 airplanes will participate with alternate crew in base points – four persons each. Thereby, up to hundred people will be able to participate and not only pilots, but also fans of traveling. For those who don’t want to be just passengers, but desire to pilot the airplane, it is planned to provide training with further getting private pilot license. During the journey the participants will visit the most beautiful places in the world and will set up several world records. F.K.’s Magazine ¹ 6 2003

First of all, being a mostly well-known and promoted Russian small amphibian plane Be-103 has been the only amphibian promoted.
But, nevertheless it provides lesser technical opportunities and incurs major operational and service costs as compared to several other Russian small amphibian planes. This is mostly attributed to the exclusive status of KNAPPO - the manufacturer, which is closely affiliated with the state and it is this combination which has left others in the dark. As a result Be-103 has been the only Russian small amphibian promoted internationally. Target costs were granted to certify Be-103 in China and several other Southeast Asia and Pacific

Even despite a sound support from the state the certification and further international distribution of Be-103 has been hindered by
a high price (US$ 750.000 to US$ 1,1 mln. depending on modification) and comparatively low economical performance. As such, considering that Be-103 is still not certified, our view is that choosing Be-103 for commercial use is not effective and involves higher purchasing and further operational costs. There are several more small amphibian planes in Russia with comparable or even superior
technical and economical performance.

Hence the LA8 small amphibian plane. 

It gains superiority in comparison with Be-103 in almost every field:
- it is a newer model (designed in 2005 as compared to 1998)
- it has better technical performance - detailed comparison provided in the LA8 presentation enclosed herewith)
- it`s purchasing price is lower:
under US$ 580.000 for an 8-seated plane equipped with  Czech / USA Teledyne engines
under US$170.000 for 6-seated plane equipped with Russian engines
- it`s operational cost is also lower (see and read on our website).

The only reason LA8 plane is not widely known in Asia is its recent creation and lack of international promotion, because unlike Be-103 it does not enjoy financial support from the state. Nevertheless LA8 plane was highly honoured at last year`s MAKS International Aviashow. Several memorandums of understanding were signed with large aviation distributors in Europe to proceed to international certification of LA8 in those countries. There are still no officially signed documents to certify LA8 for commercial in Southeast Asia, Canada etc, 

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