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We lease used Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you.  Transportation & delivery of helicopters at the signing of the contract will be included in the lease costs but we  can facilitate delivery by sea or plane using an An-124 at the request of each customer to your destination and supply pilots and aircrew for logistics.


For leasing requirements we need you to supply the following information and we can supply any Russian helicopter/s required for any humanitarian and maritime applications according to ones needs. We welcome all businesses; government departments; NGOs and business concerns your inquiries:

June 2015 there is now a minimum period of 3 year leases. We will not entertain small 4 month leases. This is because most Government agencies prefer to buy



New air law chapters have been introduced in Russia , and the law requires from now and onwards that end user must be disclosed at the very first stage even to allow primary inspection of aircraft. Apart from  the listed helicopters you can get through our company helicopters we can obtain most  helicopters from any Design office in Russia new and/or overhauled MI-171/MI-171, we do need an official written request or LOI from any end user specifying which aircraft is needed and in what condition/specification. THIS REQUEST MUST BE PRINTED on official company letterhead and duly signed/stamped. Without this written request for purchase from any end user we cannot proceed to organize technical inspection and further negotiation with aircraft. Please note we have reps in many countries & we do not do tenders as these are conducted direct from Kazan.




For sale: Refer: KA121047. We have x4 Helicopters for sale

For more details please ask us



June 2015 there is now a minimum period of 1-3 year leases. We will not entertain small 4 month leases.


1/. Type of helicopter required & dates when required. What Ka-32 type can work in your country besides fire fighting? Ka-32-11-
BC, Ka-32A, Ka-32T?
2/. Leasing conditions? ACMI or another?
3/. Prospective place of where the helicopter/s will be based--city and country?
4/. Specifications of the work to be carried out by your organization.
5/. Starting date of your project & end times?
6/. A Guarantee of a minimum number of hours per month per each helicopter? Please state if possible the max monthly hours you intend to use per month-MIN is 50 HOURS per month.
7/. Number of helicopters you wish to aquire for your work?
8/. Under whose flag the helicopter/s will fly & will the flag be changed anytime?
9/. Do you require our pilots to fly the said missions or will you supply pilots as well.
10/. Logistical staff required /support staff.
11/. Terms of lease period wanted please. Min is 6 months?
12/. Pilot and crew accommodation facilities
13/. Any other relative information and needs you may require


However there is now a minimum period of 3 year leases. We will not entertain small 4 month leases.

KA-32: We offer for lease Ka-32 helicopters. Minimum usage is 50 hours per month Cost per hour is US$ 3500 upwards depending on the helicopter. We can negotiate a reduction of the prices according to circumstances in Russia only. Helicopters Ka-32 are perfectly adapted to work offshore; MINING, firefighting cost guard work and we can have installed simplex equipment & possess the necessary means for carrying out life saving in any weather conditions. In many respects helicopter Ka-32 is rated far more as the best helicopter over the Mi-17 but we can supply the Mi17 for firefighting and also offer the BRAND new Mi8-MSB helicopter [no lease only outright sale ] as at March 2015.

If you are serious once we get helicopters available for lease you must come to Russia to inspect and we only have options open for 1-2 weeks from advising date. We will not negotiate by email once we set conditions. 


Basic condition
Quantity available: ......................
Year of manufacture: past ..................
Year of last overhaul:.....................
Condition: as new or used
Modification: Ka-32A
Lease rate: ACMI US$......rate per block hour?? THIS VARIES
includes US$ ............. net rate
plus US$ ............ operational costs of using water cannon simplex system and infra-red avionics.
Lease period: up to three years, can be extended
Limitation on block hours per day/month: no

II. Extra condition
Cost of pilots` training in your country can be defined based on existing level of preparation of the pilots:
which aircraft they are familiar with, how many flown hours they have in total, etc.
Please note that all the details related to exact equipment to be installed, lease conditions, relevant issues
can be negotiated in Russia, when visiting / inspecting helicopters. You must negotiate in Russia--not email if serious

We can work out invitation to visit.

Prepayment for two months for one helicopter - USD$ ................

One operated Aircraft shall be supported by one set of Russian crew. Each crew
consists of:
Pilot-in-Command: 2 persons
Flight Engineer: 1 person
Ground Engineer: 2 persons

6. Expenses payable and provided by the Lessee(s):

- Simplex System model 10900-050 with water cannon
- Meals, transport, accommodation and visas for crew.
- Fuel, lubricants, any applicable state/ government/ local
charges, customs and taxes, expenses associated with providing
aircraft technical maintenance in the operational area
- Should have valid A.O.P. for the country of operation and
permission from DCA of Thailand for operation of Russian leased
- Insurance for the cargo, service passengers and third party during operation.
- Security parking for helicopters and storage for spare parts.
- Other expenses that may be incurred during the project in the country of operation.

7. Aircraft/Crew Performance for:
external load at Sea Level: KA 32 - 5,000 Kg.

8. Crew duty periods:
One crew can fly a maximum of: 98 hours per month and 7 hours per day

We can propose  wet lease operation for minimum, can send to your country, certify as a type and provide ground school for crew and train crew. ONCE WE SEND YOU OPTION YOU HAVE ONE WEEK TO COMPLY AND YOU MUST COME TO INSPECT





For sale: Refer: KA07119



For sale: Refer: KA14615



For sale: Refer: KA14615

KA32 for sale

4x helicopters for sale Ka32 @ $US7.5m per each

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