The USSR's first fire support helicopter, the Mi-24 first entered service in the late 1960's. The helicopter was used extensively in the Afghanistan War & Chechenya and also by Suddam Hussian to supress the minority groups. The Mi-24 is a close counterpart to the American AH-64 Apache, but unlike this and other Western assault helicopters it is also capable of transporting up to eight troops. The Mi24 or the the 'Devil's Chariot' is a formidable fighting machine used in many countries from Iraq to Africa. The Mi24 'Hind' is the Mi24's name as appointed by NATO and is a fast manouverable fighting machine.
The Mi24 is based on the successful Mi-8 helicopter - a balanced blend of troop transportation x8 and on-field support firepower allows this helicopter total flexibility. The Mi24 prototype first flew in 1969. The Mi24 features armored tub cockpits for pilot and co-pilot. Also available is interior room for additional ammunition.


The Mi-24M is a night-capable version of the Mi-24 Hind. The helicopter is equipped with a forward looking infrared (FLIR) turret and associated systems & is to be made available for export as the Mi-35M, while upgrade packages for existing Hinds cost around $US1 million each.

The updated helicopter features new high-performance rotors (as used on the Mi-28), lighter fixed landing gear and shorter stub wings. The stub wing with weapons pylons is shorter to save weight and increase manoeuvrability. The night attack equipment is fitted & has Ataka-V anti-tank and Igla-V air-to-air missiles. With its budget stretched, the Russian Army is expected to upgrade as many of its airworthy Mi-24s as possible. It cannot afford replacement helicopters and so the likelihood of Mi-28 or Ka50 sales to the army is considered very remote The company facility is in Arsenyev, Primorye Region of Eastern Russia. With close to a 1,000 Mi-24s still in service with the Russian Army and no replacement in sight, all Mi24s are being totally upgraded. The Mi-24M is an upgrade of the older Mi-24V/P with new, lighter, high-performance main and tail rotors, both of which have been taken from the Mil Mi-28 combat helicopter, and lighter fixed landing gear, providing an increase in service ceiling. 


3 + 8 infantry troops  Weight: 12 tons
Dimensions: length 21,2 m, width 1,8 m (with rotor 17,2 m), height 6,4 m m
Max. speed: 294 km/h  Max. range: 750 km  Fuel: Classified
Armaments : One remotely controlled YakB-12.7 four-barrel Gatling type 12.7 mm machine gun, with 1,470 rounds, in VSPU-24 undernose turret with field of fire 60 to each side, 20 up, 60 down; gun slaved to KPS-53AV undernose sighting system with reflector sight in front cockpit; four 9M17P Skorpion (AT-2 `Swatter') anti-tank missiles on 2P32M twin rails under endplate pylons at wingtips; four underwing pylons for UB-32 rocket pods (each 32 S-5 type 57 mm rockets), B-8V-20 pods each containing twenty 80 mm S-8 rockets, B-13L pods each containing five 130 mm S-13 rockets, 240 mm S-24B rockets, UPK-23-250 pods each containing a GSh-23L twin-barrel 23 mm gun, GUV pods each containing either one four-barrel 12.7 mm YakB-12.7 machine gun with 750 rounds and two four-barrel 7.62 mm 9-A-622 machine guns with total 1,100 rds or an AGS-17 Plamia 30 mm grenade launcher with 300 grenades, up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) of conventional bombs, mine dispensers, night flares or other stores. R-60 (AA-8 `Aphid'), R-73 (AA-11 `Archer') and Igla air-to-air missiles fitted experimentally. Helicopter can be landed to install reload weapons carried in cabin. PKV reflector gunsight for pilot. Provisions for firing AKMS guns from cabin windows."


Mi-24 cost differs in really large range, depending on year of manufacture and condition. There is also a big demand in Russia for Mi-24 in working condition, but very few are now available. On the other hand there are lots of Mi-24 of early years of made, in 70-es and in 80-es, they are ALL due for total overhauls now but we can secure and arrange for you to any specs. We can locate for customer choice and then will organize overhaul and refurbishment exactly as per customer`s requirements. Overhaul can cost from US$ 500 000 to US$ 2,000, 000+ depending on the customers requirements but it depends on what one wants. 


Comms: Include VHF and UHF radio.

Flight: Autopilot, ARK-15M radio compass, ARK-U2 radio compass, RV-5 radio altimeter.

Instrumentation: Blind-flying instrumentation, and ADF navigation system with Doppler-fed mechanical map display. Air data sensor boom forward of top starboard corner of bulletproof windscreen at extreme nose.

Mission: Undernose pods for electro-optics (starboard) and Raduga-F semi-automatic missile guidance (port). Many small antennae and blisters, including SRO-2 Khrom (`Odd Rods') IFF transponder.

Self-defence: Sirena-3M radar warning antennae on each side of front fuselage and on trailing-edge of tail rotor pylon. Infra-red jammer (L-166V-11E Jspanka microwave pulse lamp: `Hot Brick') in `flower pot' container above forward end of tailboom. ASO-2V flare dispensers under tailboom forward of tailskid assembly initially; later triple racks (total of 192 flares) on sides of center-fuselage.




Mi24 as at July 2015 for overhaul and we can bring up to Mi35 specs. Time taken 6-8 months. We have for sale 1x Mi24D 2016


Gun camera on port wingtip. Color-coded identification flare system.


 These helicopters are the favourite of all military helicopters. Algire, Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bhutan, Czech republic, Egypt, Etiopia, Finland, Croatia, India, Iraq, Yemen, Armenia, Yugoslavia, Kampuchia, Kazahstan, China, Congo, Cuba, Laos, Libya, Lithuania, Madagscar, Hungary, Macedonia, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Germany, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Republika Srpska, Romania, Russia, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Syria, Slovakia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venecuela, Vietnam, Zambia

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directlPLEASE NOTE ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS NEED APPLY AND PLEASE USE THE FORM & INCLUDE COMPANY DETAILS OR YOUR MAIL WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.  We can upgrade for you at our factory in Russia to your specs.  Kazan Helicopter Plant can provide full-spectrum overhaul and refurbishment service for Mi24s, to each customer`s demand. MI24 units can be converted to meet different modifications & applications.
( PAX, transport, passenger, troop carrying, patrolwork, drug supression, field hospital, heavy lift, disaster work, mountain work, etc.)
depending on the customer or Government preference. We work
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