All NEW helicopter sales we invite you to visit our manufacturing  helicopter factory. We can execute your order for you either in Ulan-Ude or in Kazan. For this purpose you will need to inform us how many persons will be in your delegation. Those wishing to make purchases must send copies of their passports for travel abroad as all factories are military installations. This takes approx 2 weeks to seek approval then you are allowed to view and discuss your buy. Transportation & delivery of helicopters when contract signed is not included in the purchase price but we  can facilitate delivery by sea or plane using an Antonov An-124 at the request of the customer. 



The giant Antonov An-124, which had been carrying six MiG-21 fighter jets For a time the massive An-124 held the mantle of the world's largest aircraft before the arrival of the An-225, a stretched six engine derivative. It is commonly used for oversize freight charters all over the world and we use them to transport helicopters worldwide. If you need to charter one of these planes then ask us and we can help you.

Developed primarily as a strategic military freighter (in which role it can carry missile units and main battle tanks), plus deliver helicopters like the MI-26 with ease. The first prototype An-124 flew on December 26 1982. A second prototype, named Ruslan (after a Russian folk hero), made the type's first western public appearance at the Paris Airshow in June 1985, preceding the type's first commercial operations in January 1986. Since then the An-124 has set a wide range of payload records, a recent achievement being the heaviest single load ever transported by air - a 124 tonne (273,400lb) powerplant generator and its associated weight spreading cradle, a total payload weight of 132.4 tonnes (291,940lb), which was established in1993. The main features include nose and tail cargo doors, 24 wheel undercarriage allowing operations from semi prepared strips, the ability to kneel to allow easier front loading, and fly by wire control system.

Designed by O.K.Antonov ASTC from the outset as a heavy strategic airlifter for the USSR Air Force, thereafter upgraded and converted into the An-124-100, a civil - certified commercial long-range freighter. Widely used for the carriage of outsize and very heavy pieces of air cargo which no other aircraft can accommodate.
These include; space launcher/booster components, satellites, helicopters, construction engineering equipment, industrial machines as well as wheeled and tracked vehicles. The An-124-100 is a unique aircraft in a class of its own. This reigning champion is capable of airlifting the most awkward, sensitive and fragile shipments in a controlled environment.

An-74, technical DATA available. Also have available reconstruction plane An-22 "Antey", amount 6 pieces. The period of refurbishing is approx12-18 months once buyer has a downpayment.Scheme of the payment: 50% - a downpayment, in 6 months after begin repair - 25%, in 12 months - 20%, 5% - before signing the act acceptance-transfers. The planes in Russia. Repair them possible in Russia or on Ukraine. The cost one plane after full repair - US$38 million. SOLD


MI-26  The general Type & biggest helicopter in the world - the Heavy military-transport helicopter Firm - ОКБ him. M.L.mile Year of the beginning of designing - 1972.  Crew - 5.    No of passengers - 80. The size of the helicopter is Length, 40.02 metres;  Height, 8.15 metres & Diameter of the main screw, m - 32.0.   Diameter of the second screw, m - 7.61.  

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