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For sale we have three Mi26 Helicopters for sale

all base in Europe. All three helicopters are civil registered and therefore have no limitations for such use.




Due to NEW Russian factory rules on procuring aircraft parts/helicopters in Russia we need an LOI from your company wanting spares/aircraft before we proceed with offers & prices.

This is now demanded by all Russian manufacturers.

The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed?

2/. That they or the parts are not destined to any terrorist org?

3/. Who/country will issue End user Certificate?



Above Mi126 for sale based in the EU

General characteristics

  •  Crew: Five– 2 pilots, 1 navigator, 1 flight engineer, 1 flight technician •  Capacity:
•  90 troops or 60 stretchers   •  20,000 kg cargo (44,090 lb)
•  Length: 40.025 m (131 ft 3¾ in) (rotors turning)   •  Rotor diameter: 32.00 m (105 ft 0 in)
  •  Height: 8.145 m (26 ft 8¾ in) •  Disc area: 804.25 m2 (8,656.8 ft²)
•  Empty weight: 28,200 kg (62,170 lb) •  Loaded weight: 49,600 kg (109,350 lb)
  •  Max. takeoff weight: 56,000 kg (123,450 lb)   •  Powerplant: 2 × Lotarev D-136 turboshafts, 8,500 kW (11,399 shp) each



  •  Maximum speed: 295 km/h (159 kt, 183 mph) •  Cruise speed: 255 km/h (137 kt, 158 mph)
•  Range: 1,920 km (1,036 nmi, 1,190 mi) (with auxiliary tanks) •  Service ceiling: 4,600 m (15,100 ft)
Price: $US 15.5 million dollars [ See pic above ]



MI-26  The general Type & biggest helicopter in the world - the Heavy military-transport helicopter Firm - ОКБ him. M.L.mile Year of the beginning of designing - 1972.  Crew - 5.    No of passengers - 80. The size of the helicopter is Length, 40.02 metres;  Height, 8.15 metres & Diameter of the main screw, m - 32.0.   Diameter of the second screw, m - 7.61.  

Weight of the helicopter: The maximal take-off weight, kg - 56000 Weight empty, kg - 28600 Carrying capacity, kg - 20000 Power-plant  2 ТВД Д-136 capacity, h.p. - 11400 

Firm - Progress Летные the data The maximal speed, km/h - 295 Cruiser speed, km/h - 255 Practical ceiling, m - 6500 Static ceiling, m - 1800 The maximal range of flight, km - 800  Перегоночная range of flight, km - 2000


Mi-26T multipurpose, wide-fuselage transport helicopter is designed for transportation of passengers, materiel and large-size loads weighting up to 20 tons in cargo cabin and on external sling. The Mi-26T helicopter was certified in Russia in accordance with Airworthiness Regulations (NLGV-2), developed on the basis of FAR-29, USA, Regulations. The helicopter is designed for autonomous basing, does not require special ladders, engine and gearbox cowlings in open position are ladders. The helicopter's auxiliary power unit provides engines' autonomous starting, power supply of mechanisms during loading/unloading works, airborne equipment test, air conditioning of crew cabin, cargo cabin heating and ventilation on ground when loading/unloading of self-propelled materiel. Power plant has systems of main rotor RPM automatic maintaining and engines' power synchronization. When one of the engines is failed, the power of another engine increases to maximum what provides possibility of safe landing with full load. The engines are fitted with dust protection devices, which provide protection of gas-air duct from dust and dirt.
The crew cabin is pressurized, equipped with air conditioning system, comfortable, has excellent outside view, the cabin layout and flight-navigation equipment complex provide implementation of various flights in respect of difficulty and duration.

The only helicopter in the world to sport 8 rotors, the Mil Mi 26 T supposedly gives a far smoother rider than other helicopters. Here the 8 rotors, each with an individual length of 16 meters are seen gently swishing by as the machine returns for its next load.
The small jet engine below the cockpit, which provides power to the helicopters' avionics even when the main motors are silent, begins operation with roughly the same amount of noise as a small Bell Jetranger helicopter.
A few seconds later the main engines power up and the rotors slowly pick up speed. The petrol tanker which has just pumped 5600l of fuel into the tanks of the helicopter beats a hasty retreat from the dust storm kicked up by the 90km/h 'breeze' which the rotors send towards the ground.

• The Mi-26T can perform day-and-night flights in normal and adverse weather conditions.
• The MI-26 can carry a load of 20 metric tons - ten times as much as the maximum load of an
Mi-8, the standard UN helicopter in operation in this emergency
• The MI-26 can lift containers whith a weigh up to 30 tons
Mi-26T helicopter main performance
Engine D-136 Power, hp 2 x 11 400
Takeoff mass, kg: • normal49 600 • maximum 56 000 Empty weight, kg 28 600
Speed, km/h • maximum 300 • cruising 260
Load lifting capacity, kg • in cargo cabin 20 000 • on external sling 20 000
Ceiling, m: • hovering (OGE) (not less)=1520 • service (not less) =4600 (6100)
Flight range, km: • without extra fuel tanks= 800 • when fully refueled with 4 extra fuel tanks= 2040
Cargo cabin overall dimensions, m: • length= 12,10 • width= 3,29 • height = 3,17
Passengers: 85

Flying Controls
Hydraulically powered cyclic and collective pitch controls actuated by small parallel jacks, with redundant autopilot and stability augmentation system inputs. Fly-by-wire system flight tested
Eight-blade constant-chord main rotor; flapping and drag hinges, droop stops and hydraulic drag dampers; no elastomeric bearings or hinges; each blade has one-piece tubular steel spar and 26 GFRP aerofoil shape full-chord pockets, honeycomb filled, with ribs and stiffeners and nonremovable titanium leading-edge abrasion strip; blades have moderate twist, taper in thickness toward tip, and are attached to small forged titanium head of unconventional design; each has ground-adjustable trailing-edge tab; five-blade constant-chord tail rotor, starboard side, has GFRP blades, forged titanium head; conventional transmission, with tail rotor shaft inside cabin roof; all-metal riveted semi-monocoque fuselage with clamshell rear doors; flattened tailboom undersurface; engine bay of titanium for fire protection; all-metal tail surfaces; swept vertical stabiliser/tail rotor support profiled to produce sideways lift; ground-adjustable variable incidence horizontal stabiliser.

Landing Gear
Non-retractable tricycle type; twin wheels on each unit; steerable nosewheels, tyre size 900-300; mainwheel tyres size 1,120-450. Retractable tailskid at end of tailboom to permit unrestricted approach to rear cargo doors. Length of main legs adjusted hydraulically to facilitate loading through rear doors and to permit landing on varying surfaces. Device on main gear indicates take-off weight to flight engineer at lift-off, on panel on shelf to rear of his seat.

Power Plant
Two 8,500 kW (11,399 shp) ZMKB Progress D-136 free-turbine turboshafts, side by side above cabin, forward of main rotor driveshaft. Air intakes fitted with particle separators to prevent foreign object ingestion, and have both electrical and bleed air anti-icing systems. Above and behind is central oil cooler intake. VR-26 fan-cooled main transmission, rated at 14,914 kW (20,000 shp), with air intake above rear of engine cowlings. System for synchronising output of engines and maintaining constant rotor rpm; if one engine fails, output of other is increased to maximum power automatically. Independent fuel system for each engine; fuel in eight underfloor rubber tanks, feeding into two header tanks above engines, which permit gravity feed for a period in emergencies; maximum standard internal fuel capacity 12,000 litres (3,170 US gallons; 2,640 Imp gallons); provision for four auxiliary tanks. Mi-26TS normal capacity is 13,020 litres (3,440 US gallons; 2,864 Imp gallons). Two large panels on each side of main rotor mast fairing, aft of engine exhaust outlet, hinge downward as work platforms.

Crew of four on flight deck: pilot (on port side) and co-pilot side by side, tip-up seat between pilots, and seats for flight engineer (port) and navigator (starboard) to rear. Four-seat passenger compartment aft of flight deck. Loads in hold include two airborne infantry combat vehicles and a standard 20,000 kg (44,090 lb) ISO container; about 20 tip-up seats along each sidewall of hold; maximum military seating for 80 combat-equipped troops; alternative provisions for 60 stretcher patients and four/five attendants. Heated windscreen, with wipers; four large blistered
side windows on flight deck; forward pair swing open slightly outward and rearward. Downward-hinged doors, with integral airstairs, at front of hold on port side, and each side of hold aft of main landing gear units. Hold loaded via downward-hinged lower door, with integral folding ramp, and two clamshell upper doors forming rear wall of hold when closed; doors opened and closed hydraulically, with back-up hand pump for emergency use. Two LG-1500
electric hoists on overhead rails, each with capacity of 2,500 kg (5,511 lb), enable loads to be transported along cabin; winch for hauling loads, capacity 500 kg (1,100 lb); roller conveyor in floor and load lashing points throughout hold. Flight deck fully air conditioned.

Two main and one emergency hydraulic systems, operating pressure 157 and 206 bars (2,276 and 2,987 lb/sq in). Electrical system three-phase 200/115 V 400 Hz; single-phase 115 V 400 Hz; three-phase, 36 V 400 Hz; single-phase 36 V 400 Hz; DC 27 V. TA-8V 119 kW (160 hp). APU under flight deck, with intake louvres (forming fuselage skin when closed) and exhaust on starboard side, for engine starting and to supply hydraulic, electrical and air conditioning systems on ground. Electrically heated leading-edge of main and tail rotor blades for anti-icing. Only flight deck pressurised.

All items necessary for day and night operations in all weathers are standard. Radar: Groza 7A813 weather radar in hinged (to starboard) nosecone. Flight: Integrated PKV-26-1 flight/nav system and automatic flight control system, Doppler, map display, HSI, and automatic hover system. Optional GPS.

Self-defence: Military versions can have IR jammers and suppressors, IR decoy dispensers and colour-coded identification flare system.

Hatch for load sling in bottom of fuselage, in line with main rotor shaft; sling cable attached to internal winching gear. Closed-circuit TV cameras to observe slung payloads.

Dimensions, External

Main rotor diameter 32.00 m (105 ft 0 in) Tail rotor diameter 7.61 m (24 ft 11Ѕ in)
Length: overall, rotors turning 40.025 m (131 ft 3Ѕ in) nose to turning tail rotor 35.91 m (117 ft 9Ѕ in)
fuselage, excl tail rotor 33.745 m (110 ft 8Ѕ in) Height: to top of rotor head 8.145 m (26 ft 8Ѕ in)
to top of fin 7.45 m (24 ft 5ј in) tail rotor turning 11.60 m (38 ft 0Ѕ in)
Width overall (outsides of mainwheels) 6.15 m (20 ft 2ј in) Tailplane span 6.02 m (19 ft 9 in)
Wheel track: c/l shock-absorbers 5.00 m (16 ft 4Ѕ in) outer wheels 5.75 m (18 ft 10Ѕin)
Wheelbase 8.95 m (29 ft 4Ѕ in)  

Dimensions, Internal

Freight hold: Length: excl ramp 12.08 m (39 ft 7Ѕ in) ramp trailed 15.00 m (49 ft 2Ѕ in)
Max width 3.23 m (10 ft 7ј in) Height 2.98-3.17 m (9 ft 9ј in-10 ft 4Ѕ in)
Floor area: excl ramp 39.3 m2 (423 sq ft) ramp trailed 49.2 m2 (530 sq ft)
Volume: excl ramp 121.0 m3 (4,273 cu ft) ramp trailed 135.9 m3 (4,799 cu ft)


Main rotor disc 804.25 m2 (8,656.8 sq ft) Tail rotor disc 45.48 m2 (489.54 sq ft)


Weights and Loadings

Weight empty 28,200 kg (62,170 lb) Max payload, internal or external 20,000 kg (44,090 lb)
Normal T-O weight: except Mi-26TS 49,600 kg (109,350 lb) Mi-26TS 49,650 kg (109,455 lb) Max T-O weight 56,000 kg (123,450 lb)
Max disc loading: Mi-26TS 69.6 kg/m2 (14.26 lb/sq ft) Transmission loading at max T-O weight and power:
Mi-26TS 3.76 kg/kW (6.17 lb/shp)







Due to NEW Russian factory rules on procuring aircraft parts/helicopters in Russia we need an LOI from your company wanting spares/aircraft before we proceed with offers & prices. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING

This is now demanded by all Russian manufacturers.

The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed? AS WE WILL CHECK.

2/. That the SAID HELICOPTER'S OR parts are not destined to any terrorist org?

3/. Who/ which country will issue End user Certificate? [ No reply if you not send to us]?

4/. Your requirements-total numbers, spares, upgrades, etc wanted

5/. Approx budget setting: most buyers of these helicopters will know what they want & their approx budget?

4/. If we can supply we will require a holding deposit before information is given out. This is refunded if the sale is completed

5/. No exceptions so if you cannot comply please do not write to us.



Paris Air Show 2016 Le Bourget, France


International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation “GIDROAVIASALON - 2016”«GIDROAVIASALON 2016» in Sept, in Gelendzhik, Russia.


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