ATP- cooperates with many helicopter factories  in Russia, and abroad. We  coordinate with foreign aviation companies and businessmen.  We can offer you the Russian helicopters Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV (Mi-17), Mi-34, Mi-26, Ka-32, Ka-26.You can buy from us both new helicopters and helicopters after restoration. We can also assemble  helicopters you order.

We sell used and new Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you or you collect.  All NEW helicopter sales we invite you to visit our manufacturing  helicopter factory. We can execute your order for you either in Ulan-Ude or in Kazan. For this purpose you will need to inform us how many persons will be in your delegation. Those wishing to make purchases must send copies of their passports for travel abroad as all factories are military installations. This takes approx 2 weeks to seek approval then you are allowed to view and discuss your buy. Once we send you prospective lists you must come to inspect as options are only opened one to 2 weeks due to demand.

We can deliver to you via heavy lift plane to your country. We accept applications for repairs and sales of your helicopters.


The MI-34c has been certified in accordance with International airworthiness FAR-27 & has three Certificates of the IAC Aviation register. 1/. Mi-34C Helicopter Type Cert No 72-34C  2/. M-14B26B Engine cert No 71A & 3/. Noise Cert No 56. 


Commercial air transport of passengers & cargo Assistance to Police, special purposes
Territorial patrolling Training pilots & sport & business men


The Mi34C is a 4 seater one pilot & 3 passengers or 2 crew x 2 passengers with dual controls. Has seating for four. Mi34C VAZ can have a placement stretcher in rear cabin instead of seats. This helicopter is capable of withstanding threefold overload & autorotation OK. The Mi34C is the first helicopter designed in a former eastern bloc country that can loop and roll.  The Mi-34S is equipped with the ’Black Box’ flight recorder. It has skids and single rotor system with 4 main blades and tail rotor.x2 made of composite modern materials. Main rotor has torsion shafts hydraulic & elastomic dampers. Mi34C - One 240kW (320hp) VOKBM M14V26 nine cylinder radial piston engine driving a four blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor. Mi34 VAZ - Two 200kW (265hp) VAZ430 twin chamber rotary engines.  Main rotor diameter 10.01m (32ft 10in), length rotors turning 11.42m (37ft 6in), fuselage length 8.75m (28ft 9in), height overall 2.75m (9ft 0in). Main rotor disc area 78.5m2 (845sq ft).


The flight navigation is on the instrument panel & centre control pedestral provide flying the helicopter, solvoing navigation tasks & also voice C-W communications with ground radio stations, other airborne radio stations as well as intercommunications with crew & passengers. These are: ARP 29 gyro horizen; YC350K airspeed indicator; BM-15B altimeter; BAP 30mk rate-of-climb indicator; K-13K magnetic compass; A-4 acceelcrometer; OIY-9 interphone; A-037 radio atimeter; APK-22 automatic direction finder; 1 compass system; VHF radio; flight recorder data; Engine units & systems indicator.


Cruise speed 170km/h and flight altitude 500m at engine takeoff power of 325hp being 420km. Max flight range at take off power of 370hp with additional fuel tanks of 80 litres installed is 560kms. Mi34C - Max speed 225km/h (121kt), max cruising speed 180km/h (97kt), normal cruising speed 160km/h (86kt). Service ceiling 16,400ft. Hovering ceiling 4920ft. Range with max fuel 420km (226nm), with a 245kg (540lb) payload 360km (194nm). Endurance at cruising speed 2hr 26min. Mi34 VAZ - Max level speed 210km/h (113kt), normal cruising speed 185km/h (100kt). Range with 400kg (880lb) payload and reserves 300km (160nm), range with max internal fuel 480km (260nm), range with auxiliary fuel 980km (530nm). Mi34 - Empty 950kg (2094lb), max takeoff 1450kg (3196lb). Mi34 VAZ - Max takeoff 1960kg (4320lb). Max takeoff mass 1450kgs; helicopter empty mass 1010kg; Rate of climb 90km/h; Time to climb 1000m =3.1min; rate of descent= up to 7m/s. Max altitude 5000m.


Can operate anywhere and on pads 20 x 20m helicopter parking area is 11.5m x 11.5m. Can operate in temperatures of  -35degreec C + 45degrees C. Inspection carried out every 50 hours and scheduled maintenance every 100, 200, & 400 hours. Calender service life is 25 years and assigned helicopter life 5000 hours. Assigned engine life 2500 hours & of componants 3000 hours. Min cost of 1 hour flight approx $US134.


We provide the following: Communications systems to your requirements; night and day tracking systems; any alterations to cabin you need; painting to specs; training of pilots, maintenance and repair and final delivery and assembly if wanted in your country. We can quote you any extras once you view in Russia.


Aviation gas 6-91/115, 100LL ;  Auto gas A-92, An-92, An-93 An-95; gasoline grade to USA standards: ASTM-D 4814. Gasoline grade to European standards EN228  MC-20 Aero Shell Oil 100.


As used for traffic safety; air support to Police and search & rescue plus  arresting; National Park forestry and difficult terrains. Has excellent vision for daytime surveillance 50-300 m and night infra red & loudspeaker systems. It is equipped with:

 IR TV camera Kt 205;.night vision glasses; gyro stabilized field glasses; Heat vision 445G; Motorola M-100 or CM-200 radio set; headlight; horn and loudspeaker; cramp for static-line fastening. We install to your specific assignment any extra requirements.


Can fit dual controls. This helicopter has reciprocating engine with high acceleration allowing to increase thrust of the main rotor 4-5 times quicker than the thrust of a normal turboshaft engine and prevents pilot error. The 4 blades of the main rotor allow higher stability and control of the helicopter during manouvoers, good control at vertical overloads & great stability in autorotation mode. The helicopter may fly with its tail forward at speeds of 130km/h and perform turns to the right and left at speeds of 120mk/h rotate around the axis of the main rotor at an angular velocity of 120 degrees. The hard outer shell provides high reliability during steep turns, abrupt takeoffs & landings at vertical overloads within the range of up to 3gs.


We can install VIP interior including toned glass; better sound proofing; optional communication equipment & other special purpose equipment you may want including your own personal colour scheme


Mi-34 helicopters can be used and equipped with programmed tech complex systems designed for aviation patrolling of gas and oil pipelines; TL transmission lines; forests roads; highways & territory plus surveying. We can install TV; heat vision, electromagnetic, gamma-spectrometric shooting as well as probing of surface and chemical analysis for gas pipelines. This helicopter is fast and very manouverable in the most difficult circumstances & ideal for all pipline; gas; mining companies throughout the world. Can assist with full parts backup anywhere in the world.

Mi-34 helicopters can be assembled from heavy lift Antanov ready for operation in 15-20min & has to be one of the best small exec/versatile helicopters in the world. It compares favourable with the Hughes 500 &  Bell Jet rangers & is totally reliable.



The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed?

2/. That they or the parts are not destined to any terrorist org or 3rd country to Ukraine?

3/. Who/country will issue End user Certificate?

4/. Your requirements-total numbers, spares, upgrades, etc wanted

5/. PLEASE NOTE: Approx budget setting: most buyers of these helicopters will know what they want & their approx budget? This will be based on TTSN/ & Out-of-phase components. This is now important to receive a reply on requests for helicopters.

6/. If we can supply we will require a holding deposit before FULL information is given out. This is refunded if the sale is complete

7/. WE NO LONGER SUPPLY US or UK companies with HELI PARTS designated to these countries including some EU countries & all countries who have participated in sanctions against Russia.

8/. Wanting PARTS for helicopters please use spread sheet with part number; item; how many; etc. including the serial numbers of the helicopters. No action unless we have a proper parts setup & model of helicopter. We no longer sell for military applications




MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky


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