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Ex Urkraine---- One of these new start-up companies was Aerocopter.Founded 17th December 1999 by I.V. Polituchyi A.N.Zapishny and A.I. Polituchy, the Aerocopter design team based in Poltava had been chosen as winners of a competition initiated by another existing company called Aviaimpex of Kiev, to co-develop and later manufacture a light helicopter. The group found the strength to carry on under the leadership of Slava Sherbak, a talented and very skilful designer and so in Alexander’s memory the new helicopter would bear his nick-name “Sanka”. Zapishniy’s idea of a two seat helicopter of truss structure was taken up and the design team has not looked back since. The Aerocopter design office is equipped with modern computing systems including Auto CAD, NASTRAN,
Mechanical Desktop, Fluent, X-foil and other integrated packages. The helicopter has been designed using Computer
Aided Design (CAD), showing every detail. The use of this system coupled with the state of the art machine- Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines in the machine shop, is where nearly all of the components are manufactured.

These CNC machines, comprised of solid Lathes and Milling machines that cut out the component from a solid piece of raw material. There were still several
skilled artisans working traditional (Non CNC) machines turning out components too. Although costly to set up initially , this CAD and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) manufacturing strategy has paid dividends down the line by shortening the design-to-production time considerably, whilst able to maintain very small tolerances and yield a high quality of finish during production runs. The machining of components from solid metal billet is more expensive than casting, but due to better raw-material grain-structure
control, is generally stronger than castings for a given size. Aerocopter use in house manufactured Titanium bolts instead of the more familiar “AN” bolts in most applications, for its strength, light weight and anti-corrosion.

The AK1-3 received its APU - 27 (FAR - 27) Ukrainian Type-Certificate on 30th June 2006. In Ukraine type certification can be obtained for an aircraft including itsinstalled engine, unlike in most western countries where the engine has to be independently certified. The AK1-3 is powered by a non-certified, normally aspirated Japanese manufactured Subaru EJ-2.5 L motor car engine. Aercopter is currently working together with its Japanese partners to have the engine modified and branded specifically for Aerocopter. We are also working to obtain type certification in Europe and the USA. The AK1-3 has been designed to be easily transported by road trailer if required, even with a small car. The three main rotor blades can be removed or installed in 10 minutes with two persons. During transporting, the main rotor blades must be stored in a purpose made holder for protection. With the AK1-3 running on unleaded petrol, which is available almost everywhere and also substantially cheaper than Avgas, this makes for a very convenient and mobile flying platform...

Perfect for aerial photo operations, or just taking it away on holiday with you...An enviable ability and freedom to go anywhere unmatched by the best 4 X 4’s. There nothing quite like, flying and arriving on that magic carpet...that is an AK1-3 helicopter!





Main rotor diameter 6.84 m (22ft 5.5”)
Number of rotor blades 3 – composite material with -9.5° non liner twist
Rotor head type Bearing-less design using laminated steel torsion bars
Rotor tip speed 205 m/sec. (672 ft/sec)
Blade chord 0.17 m (6.7”)
Blade profile NACA 63012/63015 Rectangular shape
Disc area 36.745 ml (399.48 ftl)
Tail rotor diameter 1.28 m (4’ 2.4”)
Blade number 2
Blade chord 0.115 m (4.5”)
Blade profile NACA 63012
Blade tip speed 186.3 m/s (611ft/sec)
Engine type & make Piston, Fuel-injected, EJ-25 Subaru 2457cc
Layout Flat-four cylinder OHC 4 valves per cylinder
Engine power 115kw (156 hp)
Full power duty limitation Continuous
General dimensions All bolts sizes on airframe and engine are metric
Cabin width 1.722 m (5’ 7.8”)
Skid width 8.096 m (26’ 6.6”) tip of front rotor to tip of tail rotor
Total overall length 1.936 m (6’ 4.2”)
Height of rotor head above ground 2.270 m (7’ 5.4”)
Tail fin area 0.267 ml
Horizontal stabilizer area 0.15 ml
Gross weight (Passenger mode) 650 kg (1431 LB)
Dry weight 395 kg (869LB)
Empty weight (Oils, coolant, reserve fuel) 410 kg (902LB)
Fuel tank capacity 72L (19.1 US gallons) (53 kg)
Fuel type 95 octane unleaded petrol
Useful load @ 650 kg gross weight 240 kg (528 LB)
Maximum level speed 650 kg @ SL 180 kmh (112mph) (97knts)
Cruising speed 650 kg @ 75% power 157 kmh (97mph) (85knts)
Vne 650 kg @ SL 180 kmh (112mph) (97knts)
Vne @ SL (Doors removed) 150 kmh (93mph) (81knots)
Max rate of climb at 630 kg @ SL 9 m/s (1770 ft/min)
Service ceiling @ 650 kg 3000 m (9,850 ft)
Hover ceiling in-ground-effect @ 650kg 2200 m (7,000 ft)
Hover ceiling out of ground effect @ 650kg 1550 m (5,100 ft)
Min rate of decent in autorotation @ 650kg 9 m/s (1800ft/min) @ 85kmh (53mph) (46 knts)
Max endurance @ 45 knots 3.2 hours
Max range @ 65 knots (Best range speed) 350 km (200 SM)
Max range @ 85 knot cruise speed 270 km (160 SM)
Gross weight 740 Kg (1630 LB)
Useful load @ 740 kg gross weight 367 kg (808 LB)
Maximum level speed 740 kg @ SL 135 kmh (84 mph) (73 knots)




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depending on the customer or Government preference. We work directly on behalf of KHP & can organize not only conversions at lower prices than you can get elsewhere, but also secure enlistment in KHP`s production schedule to meet your schedules.

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MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky



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