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The NZ inventor who tried to get a license to export his helicopters and was stopped. In Feb 2011 he was jailed for one month for withholding the designs of his company's unmanned military stealth helicopter.Trevor Vicemar Rogers' company TGR Helicorp Ltd went into receivership in February 2008 not fault of his just a system that is what NZ has become. Now when is NZ going to wake up. The government is short of money, they need to fill the coffers and they are losing kiwis to Australia in droves. The Foreign Affairs dept say this could be used as a cruise missile?? so would not grant him a license. They could make airframes or helicopters for meutral purposes for surveillance instead but when someone has an invention that can be used for not only practical purposes but also for saving climbers etc he is jailed for simply not disclosing his own private information by a Court for one month---not disclosing his secrets of this prototype ? The reason being he is in receivership owing money



The $5 million Snark helicopter, 8m long, was said to be the world's first diesel helicopter, satellite-controlled with full stealth capabilities, and automatic weapons system including rocket launchers and is now in receivership. But for the fact he did not disclose all his workings of this invention and do you blame him the Judge Woodhouse has jailed him for contempt of court. Wow! wish we had the funds to back this guy. Trevor Vicemar Roger's company manufacturing un-manned military helicopters in East Tamaki, TGR Helicorp Ltd, has vacated the factory since receivers David Levin and Barry Jordan (PPB McCallum Petterson Ltd) were appointed last month. Made of high-tech composite materials, with a diesel helicopter engine and rotor blades designed especially for maximum performance in thin air, was to be based at Namche Bazar, a village sitting at 3440m in Nepal's Khumbu subregion. Rogers has said future wars would be fought with the machines and this is true as even the USA now uses guided aircraft and missles.

Mr Rogers was frustrated at the red tape he had to go through to export his military helicopters from New Zealand, and became impatient with Wellington-based agencies & Foreign affairs. Heres a guy who can help NZ yet he can't even get a license to export helicopters even it appears the Wasp??.

Rogers was an NZ MP for the Otara and Howick electorates between 1990-1996 for the NZ National and then left to join the Conservative Party. Mr Rogers formed TGR Helicorp Ltd in 1997 and launched an innovative, unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) called the Snark, at the 2005 Paris Air Show.

This is sad for NZ and a chance to export. Good luck Trevor in your endeavours overseas as NZ has missed out on a golden opportunity. Perhaps we can help?



The Snark is designed to recycles its exhaust gases and consequently emits very little heat, making targeting the Snark with a heat-seeking missile very difficult. The company is enhancing this stealth aspect with specially developed rotor blades to reduce noise. The Snark can’t be heard more than 250 yards away. Can also carry a payload of 680kg in firepower or in surveillance equipment. describes the Snark as the "meanest" unmanned combat aerial vehicle. It is constructed of carbon fibre and kevlar, is light and fast with speed up to 280 km/h. It is also extremely quiet and virtually invisible to radar or infrared detetection as it recycles its exhaust gases, the site writes. Snark – an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle of immense capability that demonstrates just how far the breed has come in such a short period of time. Constructed mainly of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar, the Snark is light and fast (280 km/h), quiet (special rotor blades make it extremely quiet ), virtually invisible to radar or infrared detetection (it recycles its exhaust gases and emits little heat) and can carry a payload of 680kg, offering the ability to pack both massive firepower (enough to sink a ship) and surveillance equipment (such as high res infrared cameras with a magnification of 7500). But wait, there’s more, and this is the clincher. The Snark is the first UAV that runs on diesel fuel

For more info check

NZ Inventor of the Stealth Snark helicopter gets no backing by NZ govt. NZ is a country thats green and needs new ideas to export to the world. Manufacturing is slowly being lost to Thailand & China & if they made other itemns like airframes or even munitions then they could many people back into employment. However the government stance is not to assist where munitions will kill unlike most other western countries who make weapons and sell on the world market. People like Trevor will now seek funding to make this machine and others in other parts of the world and maybe in Thailand under BOI??? assistance. NZ does not make any munitions at all & it seems their Foreign Affairs does not like the idea of making stealth helicopters that can not only bring badly needed funding into NZ but also offer NZders jobs they desperately need and a future. Unlike Thailand and Asia NZ has sold itself to overseas interests and now their property prices are some of the most expensive in the Western world.

If hes reading this article maybe we can help! but check this website out:


Glasgow City Council’s Strathclyde Pension Fund had shares amounting to £19.6 million in Lockheed Martin and Boeing – two of the biggest arms manufacturers on the planet. It pays 70,000 Scottish pensioners.

Lockheed Martin, one of the Strathclyde Pension Fund's leading benefactors, produces military aircraft, armored ground vehicles, missiles, unmanned systems for air and naval systems. It exports arms to states across the globe, including Israel and Bahrain. Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace firm, and the largest producer of military aircraft and commercial jetliners in the world. Its aircraft have been deployed in military campaigns in war-torn states such as Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.Other leading arms firms invested in by the fund include Safran (£17.2 million), Honeywell (£16.4 million), United Technologies (£7.1 million) and Raytheon (£2.3 million).Safran specializes in aerospace equipment, as well as defense and security-related weaponry and technology. It manufactures drone technology, air-land systems, biometric identification systems and more.

Britain’s arms trade relations with Israel are extremely lucrative. Since 2010, British authorities have presided over the sale of £42 million worth of military produce to the Middle Eastern state. 

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