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We can supply all parts for MIG-21 & MIG-23 and most other aircraft.
We also have in stock Blade sets for Mi-8MTV Helicopters


Due to NEW Russian factory rules on procuring aircraft parts/helicopters in Russia we need an LOI from your company wanting spares/aircraft before we proceed with offers & prices.

This is now demanded by all Russian manufacturers.

The LOI [ Letter of Intent ] must specify :

1/. Who your Company/website is with stamped/signed?

2/. That they or the parts are not destined to any terrorist org?

3/. Who/country will issue End user Certificate?


TV3-117 engines available for sale:

2x TV3-117Vะœะ:
YOM1988 TSN 800h &944h
Repaired in 2014, Tag by USGA
Stock Moscow
asking price $US 525, 000.00ea 

7x TV3-117VM ser02
Repaired cond,different YOM & TSN
Asking price $US 630, 000.00

10x TB3-117-3
AR conserved cond, need to go through rep shop.
in standard packaging forms (the passport) originals
Asking price for AR unit is $US 125, 000.00

10x TV3-117V 
AR conserved cond, need to go through rep shop.
in standard packaging forms (the passport) originals
Asking price for AR unit is $US 125 000.00

Refer: AK 269


We can deliver anywhere in the world on an Antanov AN -124. 


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MAKS is an international airshow held at Zhukovsky International Airport,

the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky


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