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ATP-- cooperates with many helicopter factories  in Russia, and abroad. We  coordinate with foreign aviation companies and businessmen.  We can offer you the BRAND NEW 2015 Mi-8MSB helicopters cheaper than the Mi17. We also sell the Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV (Mi-17), Mi-34, Mi-26, Ka-32, Ka-26.You can buy from us these NEW new Mi-8MSB helicopters and helicopters after restoration. We can also assemble  helicopters you order.

We sell used and new Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you or you collect.  All NEW helicopter sales we invite you to visit our manufacturing  helicopter factory. We can execute your order for you either in Ulan-Ude or in Kazan. We can deliver to you via heavy lift plane to your country. We accept applications for repairs and sales of your helicopters.

We sell used and new Russian helicopters & deliver direct to you or you collect.  For this purpose you will need to inform us how many persons will be in your delegation. Those wishing to make new purchases must send copies of their passports for travel abroad as all factories are military installations. This takes approx 2 weeks to seek approval then you are allowed to view and discuss your buy.

We can deliver to you via heavy lift plane to your country. We accept applications for repairs and sales of your helicopters.



The Mi-8 is  the most famous of Russian helicopters, and around 12,000 Mi-8's were built. It is one of the most successful helicopters of the Soviet air industry.24 June 2005 1ill marked the forty four years since the first prototype V-8 flew  and  exported to over 60 countries. It has outlived its maker Mikhail Leontievich Mil (1909-1970). The Mi-8 is a turbine-engined derived from the Mi-4 'Hound' for civil & military applications and first flew in 1961 in its 'Hip A' prototype form with a four-blade main rotor powered by a 2,012 kW ( 2,700shp) Soloviev turboshaft. It was replaced by the 'Hip-B' prototype with a five blade main rotor and two Isotov TV2-117 turboshafts. The first production model was the 'Hip-C' that introduced Doppler navigation and provision for heavy armament used in the defence roles. After the first prototype, the second had two TV2-117 turboshafts (1962) and a new five blade main rotor (installed in 1963) and finally came the start of the series production in 1965 first only at Kazan and five years later in Ulan-Ude. The Mi-8 is an excellent assault and utility transport helicopter and, is still built in its upgraded Mi-17 form with an uprated powerplant of two 1,454 kW ( 1950 shp ) TV3-117MT turboshafts. Russia's armed forces stopped ordering the  Mi-8 in 1990 and the production became dependent on foreign customers.  Modification from Kazan saw the Mi-17MD feature: meteo-radar, an integrated system of radio-communication and navigation, GPS, Nightvision, HDD etc. The Ulan-Ude factory yearly output is still far from that of the  1980's when 30 helicopters were produced monthly.

Specifications Powerplant: two 1,270 kW (1,703 shp) Isotov TV2-117A turboshafts Dimensions:length 25.24 m ( 82ft 9.5in); height 5.65m ( 18ft 6.5 in ); main rotor diameter 29.29m ( 69 ft 10.5 in ) Weights:take-off ('clean') 11,100 kg (24,470 lb ); MTOW 12,000 kg ( 26,455 lb ) Performance: max level speed at 1,000 m (3,280 ft ) 260 km/h ( 161 mph ); service ceiling 4,500 m ( 14, 760 ft ) Armament: this is carried on two outriggers extending from the fuselage sides, and comprises four launchers each carrying 32.55mm ( 2.17 in) rockets.More than 12,000 Mi-8 (NATO codename Hip) multi-purpose helicopters have been produced, with more than 2,800 exported, and they are operational with over 50 air forces worldwide. The Mi-8 can carry up to 36(Mi-8MTV-5) troops, weapons (Mi-8MTV) such as UB-16,UB-32,Falanga Anti-tank missiles, used in combat for the first time in the Middle east during 1973-74 by Syria & the Mi-8MTs were used in Afghanistan, along with Mi-17's. They have also been used in  Angola, Chad, Mozambique, and Nicaragua and between Iraq and Iran, Ethiopia and Somalia, India and Pakistan, Peru and Ecuador, and in former Yugoslavia.

At the present time, as a result of constant perfection of a design, the Mi-8 Helicopter possesses good characteristics, fine operational qualities, high reliability proven with long years of work under various climatic conditions.

On the basis of helicopter Mi-8 (МГА) models "Tourist", the "Interior", a convertible variant have been created. The helicopter equipped in a variant "Tourist", allows to deliver in any place group of people in comfortable conditions. It is provided due to use of soft armchairs and systems of clearing of vibration. The variant "Interior" enables to carry out business meetings and negotiations during flight.

The most numerous of the Mi-8 series is the Mi-8T ,transport-assault version powered with two TV2-117 turboshafts which can transport 24 fully equipped soldiers or equivalent of.

The convertible variant of the helicopter allows us to convert the interior from transporter into a passenger vehicle. Thus it is possible to transport about 26 person on folding armchairs. The cargo variant with the sizes of a cabin 5,34 х 2,34 х 1,8 m allows to place in it various cargoes in weights up to 3000 kg or can be equipped additionally for transportation with stretchers & up to 12 seriously ill patients or wounded people.



The Mi-8T military-transport helicopter is configured with a conventional pod and boom, with a tail rotor and non-retractable tricycle nosewheel landing gear. The five-bladed rotor is made from aluminium alloy. The cockpit accommodates three crew: commander, navigator and flight mechanic. The cockpit and the main cabin are heated and air conditioning is optional. An oxygen system is provided for the crew and for casualties in the ambulance and rescue variants of the helicopter.

The survivability features of the Mi-8 include crew cabin armour plating, explosive-resistant foam filling in the fuel tanks, a fire-fighting system and duplicated and standby hydraulic and power systems and main control circuits. De-icing systems are installed


The helicopter's landing-transport equipment can be used to load light towed combat material and armament via winches and to rescue people from the ground or from the sea by an electrically operated hoist (200kg capacity). The cabin has cargo tie-down points on the floor. Ramps are provided for loading vehicles. The cabin can accommodate twelve litters (stretchers). The external cargo sling is rated to carry 3,000kg.


The Mi-8T helicopter is powered by two Klimov TV2-117 turboshafts engines. Deflectors are installed on the engine air intakes to prevent ingestion of dust when taking off from unprepared pads. The helicopters also have an auxiliary power unit (APU) for self-contained operations. The helicopter carries 1,870 litres of fuel in two flexible internal tanks and two external tanks. The total fuel capacity can be increased to 3,700 litres by installing up to two ferry tanks in the cabin.The new TV3-117(400shp is a more powerful motor than the TV2-117) engine & was developed in the 60's and 70's for ombat helicopters like the naval Mi-14 'Haze' and army Mi-24 'Hind', and was also installed in Mi-8 together with Mi-14s transmission and rotors thus creating an upgraded version of Mi-8 which was eventually named Mi-8MT-Modifyed Transport (for export Mi-17)  in 1981.This version soon replaced the 'first generation' of Mi-8 on production lines in Kazan and Ulan-Ude. The more powerful engines allowed an increase in maximum takeoff weight from 12.000kg to 13.000kg,and the hovering ceiling was increased from 850m to 1.760metres.The helicopter's structure had better aluminium alloy. The Mi-8MT(Mi-17) is easily distinguishable from the Mi-8T by the shorter engine nacrlles and by the rotor which is fitted on the left side of the tailfin. In 1988. the first helicopters had the new TV3-117VM engine from Kazan (& in 1990. in Ulan-Ude). This engine enabled more power and higher altitudes and was first installed in Mi-24s.


Mi-8MPS search and rescue helicopters were developed from the military transport helicopter. In rescue missions, the helicopter crew drop radio-beacons to mark the distress area and deliver rescue teams to aid and recover the casualties. The helicopter can lift ten people at a time on a sling via a PSN-10 life raft and is provided with an emergency landing device that ensures buoyancy for up to 30 minutes.

The fuselage of the Mi-8MPS incorporates specific modifications for search and rescue missions, including a larger entrance door, two starboard hatches, a raft container and external additional fuel tanks. Other equipment includes PNKV-8PS pilot/navigation system, YuR-40.1 radar system, TAPAS thermal search and rescue equipment, an airborne jib with LPG-300 winch and scoop


1/.  Mi-8 Standard Mi-8 can carry 28 passengers. 2/. Mi-8T Utility transport for internal/external freight or 24 passengers. Produced from 1965. Circular cabin windows.
3/.  Mi-8P Passenger  with rectangular windows. 4/. Mi-8 Salon VIP version can carry 11 passengers.
5/.  Mi-8MT (Mi-17) Standard TV3-117MT powered version. Used by the Russian armed forces. 6/.  Mi-8MTV-1 Civil version of an Mi-8MTV.


1/. Mi-8TV    1968-onwards. Weapon pylons for 4 UB-16 rocket packs or bombs. 2/. Mi-8VKP or Mi-8VzPU  70`s. Airborne command (control) post.
3/. Mi-8SMV Used for SAM-radar jamming, fitted with Smalta-V system. 4/. Mi-8MB  Medevac helicopter platform (1973)
5/. Mi-8TS Export version for use in hot, dusty climates. Exported to Syria. 6/. Mi-8BT Version for minesweeping. First of 26 examples built in 1974.
7/. Mi-8PP Electronic Warfare version with pole jamming system (1974) 8/. Mi-8TV Military transport with extended armament including 6 rocket packs, 4 ATGMs and 12,7mm machine gun.
9/. Mi-18 First prototype with TV3-117 engines. Has Mi-8 airframe & engines, transmissions and rotors from Mi-14 ASW helicopter. 10/. Mi-8AV Anti-tank mine laying version (1975)
11/.Mi-8AD Anti-personnel mine laying version (1978) 12/. Mi-8SP and Mi-8SPA Space crew rescue versions
13/.Mi-8TB Export version of the second Mi-8TV. Armed with 6 Malytka anti-tank missiles. 14/. Mi-8TZ Ground tanker (1977)
15/. Mi-9 (Mi-8IV)  Command post based on the Mi-8. 16/. Mi-8R (Mi-8Gr) Tactical reconnaissance version with large window in rear cabin doors.
17/. Mi-8K (Mi-8TG)  Artillery spotting version. 18/. Mi-8VD Radiation monitoring version.
19/. Mi-8KP command post. SAR operations. Has Saygak communications suite 20/. Mi-8MTB (Mi-17-1VA) Rescue/Medic version (1978)
22/. Mi-8MTN Used for space crews Search And Rescue (1979) 23/. Mi-8MTD Navstar SAR version that later became the Mi-8MN and Mi-8MTT for space crew rescue, and the Mi-8MA Arktika for polar operations.
24/.Mi-8PPA Radar jamming version with Akatsiya system; six cruciform dipole antennas at each side of rear fuselage. 25/. Mi-8MTV Hot climate/high altitude equivalent of the Mi-8MT, powered by TV3-117VM engines. Produced by Kazan in several sub-versions.
26/. Mi-8MD (Mi-17S) Military VIP version of Mi-8MT 27/. Mi-8MTA Tactical reconnaissance version.
28/. Mi-8MTF Photo reconnaissance version. 29/. Mi-8MTS ans Mi-8MTT Radiation monitoring.

Mi-8AMT (Mi-171)  Mi-8MTV-3 made at at Ulan0Ude  Mi-172  Export version of the Mi 8MTV-3 built to certified requirements of India. Fitted with Series 2 engines, GPS, DME, ILS, VOR, weather radar, full de-icing, air conditioning  Mi-8AMTSh (Mi-171Sh)  Armed derivative of the Mi-8AMT incorporating weapon systems of the Mi-24 `Hind`(AT-6, At-9) ATGMs and Igla (SA-18) anti-aircraft missiles.   Mi-8MTV-5 (Mi-17V-5) Current production version. Similar to MTV-3 but with airframe modifications.  Mi-8MTKO (Mi-17N)  Night version with gyro-stabilized GOES-321 observation turret, GPS receiver, `glass` cockpit and   crew use night-vision goggles.  Mi-8MTI (Mi-13), Mi-8MTPI, Mi-8MTSh, Mi-8MTPSh, Mi-8MTD, Mi-8MTP, Mi-8MTPB, Mi-8MTR, Mi-8MTU, Mi-8MTYa, Mi-9MT-1S (export: Mi-17p, Mi-17PG and Mi-17PI) These are all designations used by Russia`s armed forces for Electronic Warfare versions of the Mi-8MT.  Mi-8MTV-2: Military sub-version with armored flight deck, fuselage side weapon racks and flexibly mounted machine gun in the nose. Mi-17-1V is the export equivalent of both the Mi-8MTV-1 and MTV-2. Mi-19  Command post based on Mi-8MT (Mi-17). Mi-19R  Special version used by the commanding officers of tactical rocket units. Mi-8TG  Fitted with TV-117TG turboshaft engines adapted for liquid methane fuel, standard aircraft fuel and any mixture of the two. It is world`s first methane powered helicopter (1987) Mi-8AT  Current production transport version. Fitted with TV2-117AG engines.




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