Phnom Penh. Has a  population of around 2 million. Religion: The official religion is Theravada Buddhism, as is also practiced in Thailand, Burma, Laos and Sri Lanka. About 90% of Khmers are of this religion. The country also has minority religions of about half a million Muslims, and 60,000 Christians. Local Time: is 7 Hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The capital has changed a lot with many new buildings, good roads etc and the airport is modern and easy with fast foods etc. It is transforming very fast with a wealthy section that one can only ask where does all the money come from when you see the number of people doing nothing. Everything is cash so how taxation exists must be a headache. However there are many poor people as well as the rich. Most if not everything comes in from China or Thailand.



The Riel. Denominations are Riel 50,000; 20,000; 10,000; 5,000; 1,000; 500; 200; 100. Foreign currencies are easily changed at a hotel, at the airport, or at a Bureau de Change money changers who are at the markets. You can use Thai baht and US dollars are the currency of the day There are many money chagers around so check the exchange rates but take Thai baht or US$ prefereably small denominations before you go then you have a good supply. Check your change all the time and make sure your US$ are not torn or marked as then you cannot onsell them. You can also use part riel and part $US to pay for anything.


There are no coin operated phones in Cambodia (Cambodian currency has no coins) but who needs it when you have many Internet cafes and hotels with internet and sype to call home. In Phnom Penh, though, there are cardphones situated throughout the city, and the cards to use in them are available at many outlets. There are also several mobile phone systems & vendors in Phone boxes use mobile phones now.You can buy simms etc and mobiles are cheap to buy with many vendors selling phones as well as simms all over the place.



While there are certainly an increased of cars in Phnom Penh, the favored mode of transportation is still by motorbike or cyclo. The cyclo provides visitors with a way to see the city at a leisurely pace. A trip to the city is approx 10-15 minutes and charges in a tuktuk are US$7 but you can negotiate, They are safe but hold on to your possessions and bags as it has been known for foreigners to lose bags from passer byers on tuktuks. It is however a friendly country and you will find the Cambodians and even the vendors are much friendlier than Thais and don't press you by their hard sales pitches. You can rent motorcycles and dirt bikes at many places but the Cambodian roads are crazy but they do not speed like in Thailand so one can manouvre around cars, bikes and everyone is conscious of this as to have an accident will cost.

Rail transport is not available to most parts of the country. Travel by rail is only possible to Battambang province. Apart from the international airport in Phnom Penh, there are eight provincial airports. River travel is becoming popular along the Tonle Sap river, Tonle Basak river, and of course the Mekong river. Catch the ferry from Siam Reap to Phnom Penh for $20 and takes up to 6-7 hours. Travel to some parts of Cambodia is restricted but the road to Sihanoukville is excellent and takes 4 hours. Prior to venturing out on their own tourists are advised to contact the information counter at the Ministry of Tourism or at the Pochentong International Airport. Bangkok to Had Lek / Koh Kong border crossing Bus from Bangkok to Trat (~170 baht). Van from Trat to Had Lek (100 baht). Departs every 30 minutes. Buy visa and walk into Cambodia. Watch out for touts and drivers over the border. By ferry, take a motodup into Koh Kong City or to the ferry dock (50 baht or shared taxi. 200 baht for private taxi). Buses go everywhere as do the planes so its easy to get transport tom every part of Cambodia now.

On the riverfront

On arrival:

Tourists entering Cambodia go through Pochentong Airport, Phnom Penh  or the border by road. If a previous booking has been made at a downtown hotel, arrangements will most likely have been made for an airport pick-up. If travelers are making their own way into the city, a taxi (non-metered variety) will take only 10-15 minutes. The cost should be around US$ 4- 7. Watch out for touts and pick pockets and passengers on motorcycles who will go alongside a tuk tuk and steal your bag. It happened to a friend of ours this year in March and the Police were not interested. Carry your passport at all times & copies and remember if you lose anything the cops will want a bribe and still not do anything. If you don't have an Embassy and lose your possessions you are in trouble. Since Sam Rainsey left Cambodia Feb 2005 in a hurry; it is safe but caution prevails everywhere.


Rice and Fish, together with a tempting array of herbs, sauces and spices are typical Khmer cuisine but basically the food is terrible. Curries and soups with beef, pork, poultry - and always seafood - can be bought from any street vendor for a very small outlay but watch the hygiene? There is no problem about finding western style places to eat in Phno be m Penh and food used totwice as dear as Thailand and not as nice but now its cheaper and much better with more selections than 10 years ago. In fact chinese meals and cheap and you can get a good breakfast for $1.50 -$2.50. Theres even a buffet oppoist the Royal Star Hotel for breakfast. Many Khmer restaurants have the 2 tier system-- price for you and one for them?? Hygiene has a lot to be desired here and with bad roads and rubbish everywhere Cambodia has a long way to go but believe me its gotton better than 10 years ago as in 2011.  The best things to eat are $1 baguettes and French breads which are far better than in Thailand and gtheres many fast foods now and 24 hour Mini Marts opened. You can buy liquour at the mini marts and use any currency eg. Thai, US$ & Riel..

Opening hours:
Government offices - Hours of business are 07:30 to 11:30 and again from 14:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays.  General offices - privately run companies are usually open for business from 07:30 to 20:00 every days. Banks - open from 08:00 to 15:30, Mondays to Fridays. Closed on public holidays. 
Market - open from early morning to late evening; they do not close on Sundays or public holidays. Theres  ATM machines ANZ Royal Bank ATM's accept Visa credit cards. Canadia Bank ATM's accept bank debit cards holding a Cirrus/Maestro logo. Make sure all your US$ have no creases or rips as you won't be able to get rid of them. You can use Baht near Thailand and in Siam Reap so save your dollars for Phnom Penh.

Electricity -

All electric appliances use 220 volts. Tips for travelers: Visitors to Cambodia should realize that it is not safe to travel freely all over the country. The tourist information desk at Pochentong Airport and the information desk at the Ministry of Tourism, or reputable tour companies will give tourists advice on where it is safe to travel in Cambodia. Provided that advice is given, visitors will find no problems. The Cambodian people offer a warm welcome, and the natural and architectural wonders to be found make a visit to Cambodia an experience never to be forgotten but be careful as some will try to fleece you.


The music of Cambodia performed on traditional instruments plays an important part in the lives of the people, and accompanies with dance, rituals and ceremonies. Arts and Crafts can be found in intricate stone and woodcarvings, Cambodia hand woven silk, and their silversmiths expertise dates from the 11th century.  Shopping and Bargaining: Visitors should remember to be relaxed during the bargaining ritual, and to enjoy themselves. If they are not frustrated when they are not understood very well they will come away with a cheap and interesting souvenir.
Accommodations: Lots of Guesthouses &  hotels handle the yearly influx of a half million visitors of all faiths from all continents. Prices for accommodation are moderate, but those seeking luxury will find five star and some five star deluxe hotels in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Tourist guides: Highly professional government licensed tourist guides are available to help visitors to get the maximum benefit from sightseeing. These experienced multilingual guides accompany by organized bus tours or hired cars are offered by tour companies or private rental car companies. Visitors are welcome by 163 travel  agencies and offered guides speaking English, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese. However most Hotels have cars available with drivers to show you around. 

Motorcycle Hire: $3 a day for a Honda Dream but make sure you lock it up. $6 for a 250cc dirt bike & gas is 500 riel a litre. Keep away from Noradom Blvd as its a no go for bikes & lots of blue uniform Police who will fine you up to $20 for beer money?? Yes they even say it but settle for 5000 riel or $5.  

POLICE & CRIME: Police earn $16 a month?? You also see soldiers & guards who still carry AK47s around and crime does exist but its a lot better than 10 years ago and getting better all the time as the infrastructures get better. If you lose your wallet don't think they will investigate as you will have to pay for them to do that. Always carry your passport and make sure you have copies in your bag. If you lose your passport forget telling the Police as they will want a bribe and still do nothing so make sure you have the Embassy numbers in your pocketbook. However we believe there is a Tourist Police so perhaps life has changed a little but ask any of the riverfront hotels and guesthouse restaurants that are foreign owned and they will help you. Theres ATMs and Banks everywhere now so just have as much money as you need when travelling around but the Cambodians are very freindly & don't hassle you as much as Thais do.

INTERNET: Cheap and its everywhere. In many Hotels its free and internet cafes charge $1 an hour. Theres wifi everywhere and no worries if you have your laptop.In Cambodia to have Internet in your home costs a mere $19 a month. Compared to NZ where satellite internet stings you for $120 a month & you have to pay for downloads, Cambodia internet is quick and fast. Even Thailand do not as yet allow free internet in many places and oversharge but the west is worse??? There is also free wifi computers at the departure lounge for free everything

DOING BUSINESS: Forget it unless you are game or don't mind bribing the police each month. Basically you can then do anything you want and open as long as you want. You can open a bar and obtain a genuine license for $US500 then forget the tax and away you go. No food or liquour license like Thailand & they do have supermarkets and all night shops same as in Thailand. The Vietnamese invasion effectively gave Vietnam a foothold in Cambodia so Vietnamese Nationals only need ID cards to come over and a lot have filled the vaccuum of those Cambodians who lost there lives to Pol Pot and his bunch. Again we see the Vietnamese are in no hurry to share their talent with the Khemer and as for the Thais you will not see Thai restaurants springing up who will explooit the place as the Cambodians have had problems with Thailand in the past so Thais are not exploiting openly any more. This is a good sign as the Thais would take over everything from property to business as they do in other countries. But for a foreigner with a good Cambodian guide there is an opening to do business but just remember the US$ goes a long way in Cambodia so pick the right business that you want to do. We found in 2011 when we visited that even giving more money for items bought they would mention the fact whereas a Thai wouldn't or overcharge a foreigner so from our experience we felt the Cambodians are much nicer to deal with than Thais who are over obsessed with money.


For Machinery etc like truck parts and machinery parts the Cambodians are good at stripping things and No 70 road which one takes to the airport from the river is abundant with truck and machinery parts. Like in Thailand there is no uniformity of where one department is from another but the city is easy to get around and theres plenty of motorbike taxies and bikes to hire.  


Yes. There is a Thai Embassy again in Phnom Penh but you get a visa on arrival and its a place where many foreigners come to get their visa then head back to Thailand. The visa-on-arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport cost $US20 for a tourist visa and $25 for a business long stay visa so make sure you have $US on you when you arrive. As you come off the plane you hand your passport into one counter then go to the next counter where they will give you back your passport with visa stamp and you pay the $US charge. You then continue to the Immigration and they will finally stamp you thru then you can get your luggage and exit. Make sure you have a passport photo with you when you get the visa. Airasia has a daily run from Bangkok 3.20pm and a return is at 5.20pm once a day as well as Bangkok Airways. If you book with Airasia at the airport then they will include your departure fee of $US20 so this aves you the hassle of having the $20 needed if you have to do.Like anything you can book on the internet now.

You can also get the visa at any crossing and or at the Poipet crossing to the west with Thailand. Have a spare passport photo to avoid undue delays and a small additional charge. Otherwise the fee is in US dollars for a tourist visa which can be extended for a further 30 days for an additional fee without leaving the country. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from your departure date. Living in Cambodia is a lot easier for a foreigner than in Thailand and cheaper. The food is excellent as is the infrastructure and its easy to get around. The problem will be for most foreigners is what to do but one can get a long visa without having to go out all the time like Thailand


Cambodians & the Chinese/ Vietnam population are rich and you will see the many hugh homes that line the streets in various areas in the city. Of course there are still the NGOs like UNICEF with their flash offices and overpaid staff who seem to do very little to stimulate the economy in favour of their own pockets and the army are all into business which is usually the norm in such countries. Bit the Cambodians are a lot more friendlier than Thais and do not hard press you to buy as in Thailand. Cambodia has come a long way since 10 years ago as you will see the huge homes with high gates and fences adorn boulevards. Theres a big gap between rich and poor as the tax system is pretty useless and those in the army and high places dominate the business world. Over the years the UN and US Governments and others have poured millions of $$$$ into officicials pockets and still do just like many countries whose GDP is minimal??? so corruption in ven Cambodia is no different than Thailand or laos.


You must try the baguettes. You will see stalls everywhere but check out the ones with pate; cucumber, onions, tomatoes and they are delicious

Bangkok to Siem Reap via Aranyaprathet/Poipet border crossing

466km, 9-12 hour trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap.  4-5 hour bus or train ride from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet (‘Aran’),then a short tuk-tuk ride 6 km to the border crossing. Cambodian visas available. From Poipet on the Cambodian side, 3-8 hour bus or taxi to Siem Reap. From Poipet through Sisophon to Siem Reapyou can take: tourist bus, pickup , or  shared/private taxi. Tourist Bus:varies & watch out for touts taking you to a bus then extracting money and running while the driver isn't there. Buses are slow. 4-8 hours. Pickup: 30 baht (back) - 100 baht (inside, 2 seats) to Sisophon. Change vehicles in Sisophon. 50 baht (in the back) - 200 baht (inside, 2 seats) to Siem Reap. 3-5 hours. Taxi: 150-200 baht per seat in a shared taxi. 900- 1200 baht for the whole car. 3-4 hours. This is the easiest, fastest, most expensive option.


PLACES TO STAY: This has not been updated and some hotels may not be there anymore

Walkabout Hotel is a popular foreigners Hotel but is run down a lot now and the bar is open 24 hours but they have the Blue Tongue Hotel next door which is Ok if you want to stay in inner city although they have no travel etc here but its a stepping stone for one to stay for a night then go to the Riverfront to one of the many Hotels like the. River Star Hotel right on the river front is a nice Hotel very friendly and make sure you get a balcony room overlooking the Mekong around $27-30 a night. This Hotel have young friendly staff and the room are nice for the budget traveller with great views overlooking the Mekong River..

Tai Seng Hotel
 56-58 Preah Monivong Blvd Tai Seng Hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Phnom Penh, in the Monivong Boulevard, only 15 minutes away from Poechentong International Airport. Within walking distance of the Central Market, Orphanage, as well as major commercial banks and international embassies, our unique location enables our guests the convenient access to both entertainment and business activities.  Friendly, comfortable, luxurious and memorable one.
Tai Seng Hotel is fully air-conditioned, with spacious rooms, a modern restaurant serving Asian and Western meals and a conference room. All rooms are furnished with a colour television with satellite channels, an IDD telephone, a refrigerator and suite facilities. We have well-trained, multilingual staffs to provide high quality services, including free airport pick-ups, sales of tickets, flight re-confirmation, laundry room, safe deposit boxes and taxi & minibus services, to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Room rates are included 20% Tax and service charges $US8 but check on the internet for good deals. For oiur monet stay on the riverfront as many Hotels and Guesthouses here and easy to get around


Phnom Penh is a good start point but stay on the river front. Theres many Hotels to choose from and many goof food places with Smiloe 7/11 type all night shops. Make sure you eat the baguettes which are sold all day and are great at 1200 rel. As at April 2011 $1 = 4000 reil. So for a whole baguette with filling is about 5500 reil but they are nice. Keep off the main streets and try to eat away from the river front if you can as foreign foods are a little more expensive. Explore and you will find some good roadside restaurants and noodle places now.2 days in Phnom Phenh is OK. A tul tuk you can hire for $US6 an hour they normally want $US7-8 so use this as a guide. For all day pay $US30 and they will wait for you wherever you wish to go. Try a massage as they are cheaper than Thailand and also $US3-4 for a foot massage 1/2 hour to full 1 hour massge $US8.


is better than the Central Market and prices are also cheaper. Check the silks, copy Columbia backpacks and bags which are much cheaper than Thailand. Buy in Cambodia all your travel bags. Central Market is not as good as the Russian Market so make this a stop on your list.

The killing fields where the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge occurred and the museum, Royal Palace and Museum all want ebtry fees of $US3. A sight for sores eyes and a bad tales that occurred you will now see Cambodia in a differnet light.


Book on the internet your flight to Siam Reap

We are located on a nice quiet street in the Wat Bo road area, takes only 15 minutes drive from the Siem Reap Airport and 10 minutes drive to the temple complex... There are many good restaurants many Internet caf้, shops and entertainment facilities near to us, We offer free pick up from the bus stop, boat pier and air port by private vehicle. SEE MAP HERE Address: Nฐ 738, Wat Bo Road, behind Mom’s Guesthouse, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Tel & Fax: (+855) 63 965 474 Mobile Phone: (+855) 12 416 591 Mobile Phone: (+855) 12 626 406 E-Mail: Website: Sim Kamsan
H/P: (855-12) 98 58 42 E-mail: Website:

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CAMBODIA (Kingdom of Cambodia)
Phnom Penh: Royal Thai Embassy
No. 4, Boulevard Monivong,
Sangkat Srass Chork, Khan Daun Penh,
Phnom Penh
Tel : (855 23) 363869-70   Fax : (855 23) 810860
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
โดมเดช บุนนาค 
Residence: No.36, Street 532, Beung Keng Kong,
Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh.
Tel. (855 23) 362555 361555 Fax: (855 23) 361555

Travel hints: 

Overland from Poipet to Siem Reap costs 25,000 riels (250 baht) for an air con seat in the front & 20,000 roels (200 baht) for a back seat. The trip takes 6-7 hours from the Thai border to Siem Reap & the road is crap [ See Story ]. From Sa Kaew, an overland tour starts from 8000 baht for a 3 day trip. Call Phloi Siam Tour at 01-455-9970 or 037-223-477. Admission to Khmer temples is $US20 for one day, $40 for 3 days & $60 for 1 week. Tickets are not required for Phnom Krom, West Baray. Tickets are purchased at the main entrance to Angkor Wat, 7km from town. Motorcycle taxis are everywhere & a full day to Khmer temples is about $6 per day. The motorcyclists will wait for you but check the big 3: the Banyan forest temple, Uncle Tom then Angkor Wat and you really have seen them then. We did it in less than a day. Remember lots of beggars are there and food is expensive but plenty of stalls for bottled water and drinks etc.

When crossing the border from Thailand, touts for vans to Sihanoukville will approach you, claiming their van is about to leave. Vans only leave when full, regardless of tout’s claims 5 - 7 hours. 600 baht. Faster on a motorcycle if you have but roads not that good in the wet season May onwards.

Koh Kong to/from Sihanoukville by ferry  ferries run daily in both directions between Sihanoukville and Koh Kong. Takes 3 1/2 - 4 hours. US$12-$15 for foreigners. (Tickets are cheaper at guesthouses than at the ferry). From Sihanoukville to Koh Kong: The speedboat departs 12:00noon daily from the ‘Port of Passenger Ship’, near the Port of Sihanoukville, just off Hun Sen Beach Dr. 1km from Phe Rd. Tell your motodup driver ‘Koh Kong’ and he will know that you mean the Koh Kong ferry dock. The boat makes three stops. Get off at the second stop (Rak Long). The ferry arrives in Koh Kong at 4PM and the border closes 5PM so be quick.



Top: Grand Hotel d'Angkor 855-63-963-888 email: costs start at $310    Neak Pean 855-63-380-07 email: offers rooms for $25-30. Lots of Guest houses for $5-10.


Go to the [  Fisherman's Den Bar  ] and see "Kiwi Brian"  the proprietor. Munddul 1 Sangkat 2 Khan Mittapheap, Sihanoukville Tel: 034 933-997. If you want to know whats happening over here then Brian can help you from accommodation to fishing expeditions to you name it. Brian is from ex Bull Ring Fame from Pattaya, Soi Yodsak and a decent guy.  He arranges mini bus tours to Hat Lek and back into Thailand for $US20 and the Thai army are now doing this road up which is a lot better than the Aranyaprathet to Siam Reap road. The new bridge over the Koh Kong River has been finished  thanks to the Japanese but you still have to go over 4 rivers by ferry which is a good break from sitting in the mini bus for the 5-6 hour drive.

Scuba Nation is Cambodia's premier diving provider, safely satisfying the scuba diver needs. As the first PADI Dive Center in Cambodia, Scuba Nation has accomodated over 2500 beginning and experienced divers from over 32 countries. Scuba Nation is proud to offer Cambodia's only purpose built, liveaboard Dive Boat. We offer daily diving trips and dive courses from beginner to instructor levels and teach in English, French, German and Dutch.We are absolutely certain you will enjoy your diving experience with us. Scuba Nation has no hidden fees and everything you need to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience is provided. Gerard & Vicky Scuba Nation Cambodia. Scuba Nation Diving Centre PADI S-6638 Main office: No 20,St 278 (Behind Lucky Supermarket) Phnom Penh , Cambodia Phone:+855 (012) 715785 Branch office: Weather Station Hill (near Mash Melting Pot) Sihanoukville Phone: +855 (0)12 604680 E-mail :  Website :

Eco Adventures South East Asia (EcoSea), Fred,  Samadera Market Town Center, Sihanoukville Cambodia PADI Resort Dive Boat operator with PADI scuba classes for only $US250 Dive trips and snorkelling adventures daliy. Email: 


Khmer Rouge period, as well as information relating to Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad Cambodia files   archive of the Khmer people, legal aid, press  Cambodia Web  information about Cambodia, its history,  Angkor Wat, culture and traditions, tourism Cambodian History and socio-economic info Including Killing Fields info. Cambodian Webring  Index of  personal & official sites. World Factbook                 Current Local Weather Forecast          Embassy Page                 

Festivals & Holidays 
January or February Chinese and Vietnamese New Year celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese minorities, but many shops close. The celebration is determined by the lunar calendar so the date may change. 
January Commemoration Day: last sermon of the Buddha; date is determined by the lunar calendar. 
January 7 National holiday: The Fall of the Khmer Rouge in 1979. 
March 8 National holiday: Women's Day  with parades. 
April Chaul Chhnam; traditional Cambodian New Year, same as Songkran in Thailand; last for three? maybe 7 days during which Cambodians throw water; date determined by the lunar calendar. 
April Visak Bauchea; commemoration of the birth and first Buddha sermon. Date determined by the lunar calendar. 
April 17 Independence Day; national holiday in commemoration of the fall of the Lon Nol dictatorship on April 17, 1975. 
May 1 Labour Day:National holiday 
June 19 Memorial Day founding of the revolutionary forces of Cambodia in 1951; parades in Phnom Penh. 
June 28 Memorial Day of the founding of the Revolutionary People's Party of Cambodia in 1951; parades and celebrations in Phnom Penh. 
July Beginning of the Buddhist Lent; the exact date depends on the lunar calendar. The day is preferred by Cambodian and Buddhist men of neighbouring countries to enter a monastery, most Buddhist men will enter the Monkhood for 3 months during their life. 
September The day of the final celebrations of the Buddhist Lent; exact date determined by the lunar calendar. 
September Prachum Ben; a kind of Cambodian All-Saints-Day in commemoration of the dead and ancestors; exact date determined by the lunar calendar. 
October and November Water Festival celebrates the turn of the Tonle Sap river current. This river connects lake Tonle Sap with the Mekong. For most of the time the river flows from lake Tonle Sap into the Mekong. However, during the rainy season from about June to October the Mekong carries a high water level, and in response the Tonle Sap river flows in reverse direction, from the Mekong back into lake Tonle Sap. This causes lake Tonle Sap to swell to over twice its regular size. At the end of the rainy season, when the water level of the Mekong drops again, the current reverts and the water added to lake Tonle Sap during the rainy season flows back into the Mekong. 


Bon Thai is a managing director at Angkor World Adventure in Cambodia , and Sales-Marketing at a 3-Star hotel in Siem Reap Angkor (Golden Orange Hotel), Hotel-booking arrangement if you or your company , your guests , friends , Family , staff who want to visit Cambodia like  Phnom Penh , Sihanouk Ville , BattamBang and Especially have feeling to visit temples in Siem Reap . My arrangement for package-trip cheaper if comparing with other Tour-companies in my city. Siem Reap as I have known everything which relates with hotel, transport, Day-trip, tour-guide and on. We arrange the visa extension, boat ticket, bus Ticket, air Ticket as well.
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City River Hotel combines traditional Khmer Hospitality and style in a modern, comfortable, boutique environment.A warm welcome await you when you arrive at City River and from that moment you will know that you have made the right choice. Centrally located in a tropical setting overlooking the scenic Siem Reap River and within easy reach of Siem Reap city centre, the international airport and the magnificence of the Angkor Temples, City River Hotel is your home away from home whilst visiting Siem Reap.P. O. Box 93171
#0511, Steung Siem Reap Street, Wat Bo, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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#01713 , Group 14 , Chongkasuo Village , Slorkram Commune , Siem Reap Angkor ,
Kingdom of Cambodia Mobile Phone 85512 75 29 37 / 85511 57 00 15 / 85516 800 567 )
Tel  &  Fax       855 63 965 769 eMail

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My hotel website

Cheapest visa run to the Cambodian border from Pattaya

Get a Songtheo taxi from Pattaya to Sukhumvit Road/Pattaya Klang (5 Baht). Every few minutes a blue bus stops. Go to Rayong, change to a bus to Chantaburi, change again go toTrat (non-air 30 Baht, slow). From Trat by Minibus to the Cambodian Border (100 Baht). The whole trip to the border is less than 300 Baht/one way.
If you haven't got a visa for Cambodia, you can get one at the Border (1 picture, 1 application form, 20 $ for the Visa and $US5 "beermoney). Don't go back the same day, because the guards ask for an additional 300-500 Baht 'permit fee'. Take a 'moto taxi' at the Cambodian side to Koh Kong (50 Baht). Guesthouses in Koh Kong: 'Otto' Fan room 150 Baht but its a bit of a dump? (nice restaurant ) - 'Cheap Charley' is 60-80 Baht for a fan room, very friendly owner.
Nightlife: 'Chicken farm' (10-20 Baht moto taxi). Few Houses with tables - enjoy a beer (Lao, Singha $US1), lots of Vietnamese girls (100 Baht), if you're a newbie they start with 200 Baht or more.

Do you want to stay in Thailand longer? This tour gets 30days stamp at Cambodia border without Thai Visa, included 2,200B! with full option. Express VIP SERVICE! and VIP bus!! PATTAYA to CAMBODIA in a day.
Depart from TESCO LOTUS at South Pattaya RD. by overpass at 6.00am everyday.


EXPORTS to and from Bangkok to Cambodia:

We now provide daily transport for you and  your garments and goods from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet or even to Phnom Penh. Also daily transport leaving Pratunam in Bangkok. If you want goods delivered ask us at Asia Trading Post. 

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