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Thailand Exporters

Welcome to the finest Coffee beans available in Thailand from  our own coffee trees in the highlands. November season we have our own Brand of coffee and looking for buyers worldwide: agents wanted. Coffee producers, coffee suppliers, coffee exporters, coffee manufacturers, coffee roasted and shipped to your country direct from us the supplier.



Write direct to us for coffee supplies as we sell Arabic and Expresso Coffee beans world wide. buy the best coffee beans in the world. We sell DIRECT TO YOU

  We can supply you with ground or roasted or green beans in our sealed packs.


Attention to good farming and processing techniques has helped us grow an Arabica coffee in the highlands of Thailand. Our coffee is grown at high altitudes and we are exporters of this coffee.

CABANA Arabica coffee and we are looking for distributors of our coffee labled and packed in November 2010 season ready for Xmas



The green coffee beans have no flavour or aroma when they are picked late in the year. The flavour and aroma that we enjoy in our cup of coffee is created by roasting the beans and we can make to what your country enjoys (the roasting that is). The way to roast is as follows and this process we do. Green coffee beans are heated 180ºC and 240ºC for 8 - 15  minutes,  depending on the degree of roast required. The longer the coffee is roasted the darker it becomes. During the roasting process moisture is evaporated and the bean "pops" like popcorn. A chemical reaction takes place: starches are converted into sugar, proteins are broken down and the whole cellular structure of the bean is altered. The heating process precipitates the release of coffee oil, or what is called "caffeol", which is the essence of coffee.

This essence of coffee is in our cup. The flavour however can be damaged by moisture, light and especially by oxygen. Roasting is a skill and art but we do it to perfection. Too much heat and the beans are roasted too dark and too much caffeol is burnt; not enough and the caffeol is not precipitated.The higher the roast, the more uniform the resulting flavour. The different kinds of roast include light or low, medium and dark or high.

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