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Welcome to the finest Coffee beans available in Thailand from  our own coffee trees in the highlands.We have our own Brand of coffee and looking for buyers worldwide: agents wanted. Coffee producers, coffee suppliers, coffee exporters, coffee manufacturers, coffee roasted and shipped to your country direct from us the supplier.




Write direct to us for coffee supplies as we sell Arabic Coffee beans world wide. We sell coffee We can supply you with ground Coffee or roasted coffee or green bean coffee.CABANA Arabica coffee and we are looking for distributors of our coffee labeled and packed ready for Xmas




GOLDEN CABANA Coffee is a single-origin, premium Arabica. It is certified organic, forest canopy grown, hand picked, fresh water processed, sun dried, hand sorted and freshly roasted to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup of GOLDEN CABANA Coffee. Naturally low in caffeine, it has a complex and flavourful profile which is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and roasting methods.Many bulk sellers use Robusta or a mixture of both Arabica and Robusta but we prefer to use the slow and high altitude Arabica blend of coffee beans and although they take longer to mature the aroma is excellent and far superior than Robusta. Arabica beans grow best at very high altitudes and are more expensive to buy.



Extraction of our coffee
First, we pre-wash our cherries in a tank of fresh spring water where all our ripe cherries will sink to the bottom and any unripe cherries will float to the top and be removed. Second, we remove the skin and pulp by putting our cherries through a pulping machine. Third, our beans are fermented in water for 48 hours to remove the mucilage layer and allow a series of chemical reactions to occur which enhance our coffee's aromatic and flavour qualities. Finally, we thoroughly hand wash our beans with fresh flowing spring water to remove all traces of the mucilage and prepare the beans for drying. All the mucilage and fermented byproducts will be recycled as fertilizer for the coffee plants.


Drying Process
We evenly spread our parchment-covered beans on patios to naturally sun dry over the next seven to eight days.  During this time we continuously hand rake and re-spread our beans to ensure they fully dry. In the evenings we pile up and cover the beans to protect them from moisture. Once our beans are dried to an 11% moisture level they are warehoused until we need them for roasting.

Hulling & Sorting

This final stage of processing is done just prior to roasting. Our coffee beans are removed from the final parchment layer with the use of a hulling machine. The coffee beans are initially sorted and graded by shaking the beans through different sized sieves and then hand selected to ensure only the finest grade beans are roasted.


Chaff is the silver skin of the coffee bean released during roasting. While some coffees are put though an additional polishing step during processing to reduce the amount of attached silver skin, most unroasted coffee beans have a significant amount of the fine paper-like substance still attached which must be removed during roasting. As coffee beans are roasted, they expand to almost twice there original size. The dried out silver skin ruptures and is either burned away or carried away by the roast air. The dark color of coffee is directly related to the caramelization of the sucrose in coffee.  Therefore, to maximize sweetness you want to minimize the carmelization of sucrose, yet you do not want to roast too lightly or bitter tasting compounds will not thermally degrade. We recommend a roasting chamber temperature somewhere between 205-215°C.  



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