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Welcome to the finest Coffee beans available in Thailand from  our own coffee trees in the highlands. November we have our own Brand of coffee and looking for buyers worldwide: agents wanted. Coffee producers, coffee suppliers, coffee exporters, coffee manufacturers, coffee roasted and shipped to your country direct from us the supplier.


COFFEE from thailand exported worldwide :


Write direct to us for coffee supplies as we sell Arabic Coffee beans world wide. We sell coffee We can supply you with ground Coffee or roasted coffee or green bean coffee.CABANA Arabica coffee and we are looking for distributors of our coffee labled and packed ready for Xmas


Dear Valued Customer,
First of all , We highly appreciate for your sincere support our service. We are pleased to offer you as below;
Size FOB Price
1 Lb/Package , 2 Lb/Package , 5 Lb/Package P.O.A
Remark : Organic , Arabica 100% , Moistness +- 11%

Terms and Conditions
A) Term of Payment : T/T 100% in Advance for airfreight shipment
T/T 50% in Advance and balance after show B/L for seafreight
B) Shipment Term : FOB Bangkok
C) Validity : .................
D) Sample : Available (Freight Paid in advance)

Please be informed your question maximum weight for FCL20 and FCL40' is
25 Metric Ton.
Loading available for green coffee bean in 50 KGS/Sack can be load
between 17 -18 Metric Ton


Coffee belongs to the botanical family Rubiaceae, which has some 500 genera and over 6,000 species. Coffea arabica was first described by Linnaeus in 1753. The best known varieties are 'Typica' and 'Bourbon' but from these many different strains and cultivars have been developed, eg Jamaican Blue Mountain. The average Arabica plant is a large bush with dark-green oval leaves. It is genetically different from other coffee species, having four sets of chromosomes rather than two. The fruits are oval and mature in 7 to 9 months; they usually contain two flat seeds (the coffee beans) - when only one bean develops it is called a peaberry.

GOLDEN CABANA Coffee is a single-origin, premium Arabica. It is certified organic, forest canopy grown, hand picked, fresh water processed, sun dried, hand sorted and freshly roasted to ensure the highest possible quality for each cup of GOLDEN CABANA Coffee. Naturally low in caffeine, it has a complex and flavourful profile which is enhanced and released through detailed cultivating, processing and roasting methods.



GOLDEN CABANA Coffee is naturally cultivated and processed in Northern Thailand.  Rich fertile soil, high elevations and ample rainfall make OUR GROWING REGION one of the premium coffee growing regions of the world.  We naturally cultivate a variety of Arabica plants in high altitudesin the North of Thailand and Laos. The fallen leaves from our various fruit and nut trees create nutritious mulch for our coffee plants, providing a subtle fruit and nutty taste to our coffee. The shade and high altitudes slow the growth of our coffee cherries, creating a more complex, dense and intensely flavoured bean that coffee lovers like and are familiar with.


Our cherry flowers begin to bloom in February and the cherry fruit is ready for harvesting from November to March. We hand picking only our ripe cherries ensures minimal damage to our plants and that only our best cherries are processed ready for roasting Arabica coffee.

When roasting, the coffee beans should be exposed to temperatures significantly above 400F, otherwise the beans will roast too slowly and may not reach temperatures necessary for full flavor development. Coffees roasted at temperatures below pyrolysis will taste baked. After roasting, if the coffee beans are not cooled quickly, heat from pyrolysis will bake, or even burn, the coffee.



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