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CHIANGMAI EASYNFUN transport options





If you come to Chiangmai and wish to rent A CONDO OR APARTMENT THEN YOU HAVE MANY CHOICES. One of the most popular places is near Central Dept on Huay Kaew Road. Here you have everything from Tops supermarket to food court to being close to the moat and Ram Hospital.

We cater for those foreigners wishing to come to Chiangmai for Dental care, opticals and knee and ortho surgery, as well as excellent tours right into Myanmar and after care service. We have our own veichles and Thai English speaking guides. We are creating a new section called easynfun in Chiangmai and we have excellent staff and foreign specialists to assist as well as TAT certified to make your stay enjoyable. You can rent a bike to get around but its easy to get to and from using a tuktuk or songtaew or if coming for dental, ops etc we have vehicles to take you and accompany upou to wherever. You can choose which hospital to go to and if using own services we will assist you in your choice and plan your itinery. We use only the best optical, dental services and ops Dr Charnakarn orthopoedic services.We have air conditioned cars and or taxi services at our disposal and for your comfort.When coming to Chiangmai we can meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation Not only that you are in close proximity to Central Dept Fashions with Tops Super market, swimming pool, food court all within a short walking distance and not forgetting being in the Nimmanhemin Road area of fine coffee lounges, internt cafes etc.



Internet is excellent in Chiangmai and 3BB is a company that offers one of the best internet services. We can assist any foreigners wishing to come to Chiangmai and advise on where to go, what one needs or just plain old advice. We are foreigners who know Chiangmai and lived here over 20 years. For real high speed internet cost is around 650baht a month and Internet is very good here in Chiangmai.



The choice is yours: Rents start around 6000 baht per month not including internet, water, power etc although sometimes this can be inclusive. These servcies are not that dear. So for 6000baht you get a small studio fully furnished and ready for you. In the Soi [street] are washing machine hire for 20-30baht or you can allow the cleaning shop wash/dry for you at minimum rates.





Srithana Condo2 very popular with foreigners. Excellent and safe & Srithana Condo1 is cheaper with smaller apartment rooms but again popular with foreigners.. Just email us for info.


Kasikornbank at MAYA dept store on the corner of Huay Kaew Road and Super highway is excellent open 7 days a week and recommended to all foreigners coming to Thailand and Chiangmai. On the weekends it opens at 11am until 7pm. It is also very good with Foreign Remittance Certs for buying a condo and again if you need help then we can assist you. We will have a section on buying a condo in our easynfun section of Chiangmai . CHIANGMAI EASYNFUNChiangmai is still the mecca of the north of Thailand.

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