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CHIANGMAI healing, ops and medical problems




Chiangmai has approx 400 clinics and over 12 hospitals to choose from and all specilist Doctor do their time at the prestigeous USA hospitals like John Hopkins.. Most Doctors like dentists own their own clinics as well which may run separate to the hospitals. Specialists in their fields allow patients to choose which hospital they wish to have their operation and recovery as they vary but the best ones ar RAM, Lanna, Bangkok Hospital and you can check all these on the internet.


An MRI scan for a USA friend in Nov 2016 in Chiangmai costs- plus exam = total US $360 = hate to think what USA charges would be HE SAID. The results took approx 3 days. .This was for a bone tumor or bone eating infection = infection may be worse. An MRI takes approx 40 minutes and one cannot move during this time.

Clinics and pharmacies abound everywhere in Chiangmai and the pricefor drugs are all relevant. Be aware some foreigners have attempted to post and sell prescription drugs via internet sales and this is illegal. A company must be the holder of a pharmaceutical license to sell any type of pills in Thailand and any foreigners coming to Thailand for ops or ailments need to go through the services of a Doctor NOT us for their prescriptions. We will assist to choose the hospital we feel is suitable for your needs or you can find yourself.

This patiet used a Dr. Gerson regimen for the week = jacking up his pH over 7.5 = baking soda and honey - said to be a cancer killer. Dr.Gerson took 17 near dead folks from Docs who ran out of fixes - they were all GAURANTEED dead in 30 days.  ALL walked out in less than 30 days - ONE died after 2 years = ALL cancer was cleared. the one who died died from the lung damage from cancer - not cancer itself. . Gerson said if our pH is 7.35-7.45 THERE WILL BE NO DISEASE

Pain killer gel, anti-inflammatory = no cortisone.  REPARIL GEL N  big tube for 300Bt = DAMN GOOD STUFF - instant pain remover - apply and wait a minute. Can't believe it.


NZ male aged 66 not even told after waiting 4 months by the speciialist or Palmerston North hospital in NZ that they could not operate under NZ ACC which meant the patient had to go on a general Hospital waiting list which could be 1 year or so. No dates were given nor tentativer time given.. He was told prior it would be a 4 week wait by a South African Doctor specialist as he was on ACC from a work related accident.When the patient rang the specialist clinic 4 months later they told him didnt the hospital give him the news??? so much for lack of communication. They completely ignored him & the hospital never contacted him.

He decided to come to Chiangmai to see Dr Charnakarn of Rajayev Hospital. Appointment at his clinic at 5.30pm had a wait of 5minutes then consultation. X rays followed and further consultation all taking 1/2 hour total at a cost of 600 baht= $NZ30. Miniscus missing/torn and patient was bone on bone & needed a full knee replacement. In NZ meantime the hospital has to meet to decide what number in the waiting list you will be which could be 5 months to 5 years. it may take a year or months to just see a specialist then one may have to pay which is a rip off if not covered by ACC [ Accident compensation in NZ ]. So now one has to decide whether its better to have the op in Thailand at a cost of approx 200,000baht. But what is good is that Dr Charnakarn of Rajayev Hospital said one can have the op and any hospital in Chiangmai and he will do it.

Dr Charnakarn's clininc is over the bridge from Rajavej Hospital and around the corner on the right. Surgery hours are 5.30pm -8pm.


We provide assistance to patients: translate, arrange
Arrange all transport and comfort zone for patients
Make sure you have everything you need
Recovery assistance according to your needs
Internet and liase with family overseas daily reports
Full costings and Hospital recovery to suit your budget


You can read more on this website on costs etc.



Chiangmai is still the mecca of the north of Thailand. For tourist information for 2016 Nov.

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