We are DFT (Dept of Foreign Trade)

affiliated for Germany and can get COs fromDFT for all exports if we are the buyer for you


For all foreigners using our services we can act as buying agents for you; source anything in Thailand for you and do the packing and shipping. We now have our packing facilities in Bangkok and we access our own FCL containers. AS AT 2016 WE HAVE 195x 40ft Shipping CONTAINERS FOR SALE WHICH ARE 40FT FCL & we are the only Company who have these containers for sale. You buy one you own it and you see them on our portal or [ Home ]

It is vitally important to have someone oversee all your consignments and we can do this and guide you. If when importing into your country and you have Customs problems we can help solve them and we are quick to help. No other agents can do this as they must go through a shipping company and this takes days whereas our affilitaions allows us quick access. Min sourcing is 1cbm OR 45KGS on AIRFREIGHT OR UPS but the more you send the cheaper you will get. We advise all garment wholesalers and retailers to send pics of what they have bought and where they have bought with garments so invoices and shops addresses and telephone numbers are very important as we can follow up on any mistakes for you.

Our staff are professionals and if you buy an item for 200baht chances are we can get cheaper for you. The idea is send your pics and we can then buy close to what you want. Pictures are important for our staff as we know many outlets and our Thai staff can get better deals far cheaper than any foreigner can get. We do NOT add this cost on to you unlike other agents in Bangkok as we want your ongoing business but the beauty about working with us--you save time and expense. We also have good references and specialize in SHIPPING, EXPORTS, BUYING AND WHOLESALE ONLY.

We are also based in Chiangmai and can access any manufacturers for customers from tiles to furniture; ceramics and thai handicrafts whatever overseas companies want.

Remember we are also DFT ( Dept of Foreign Trade) affiliated for Germany and can get COs (certificate of Origin) from DFT for all exports if we are the buyer for you.

Our companies are fully registered in Thailand:

SEAsia Trading Post Co Ltd;

KPS International Trade Co Ltd;

Speed cargo Co Ltd.


Yes we even buy on your behalf. Our charges are 5- 10% commission on products across the board if we buy for you but we can find the factories and offer a better buying rate then you can find yourself so the commission can canel out if say you are buying. Remember time and money you save using our services. We also QC all products and make sure you get on time & any wrongs in your shipment we make right plus we do all the paperwork at our depot for you. We do not use other Shipping companies as we are a shipping company so this saves you money other sourcing agents will charge on top. You can buy some garments cheaper yourself in Thailand which is fine by us as that saves you costs. Using our services we work direct with factories and our Thai buyers can get value for money prices on other garments better than a foreigner can get so buying in bulk is what we do best. see and so we make sure what you order is what you get and that if you have a problem we will solve for you.

Qu: HOW WE WORK: We export for any foreign client and charge 5-15 baht on the stock items only but remember we can get cheaper than you purchased so that makes a difference. If you buy yourself and allow us to send we only charge a packing fee which is normal for you. If we have the wrong items we charge to replace for you only & lets face it what you pay here is a lot cheaper than you think. All shipping is across the board and we find the cheapest effective shipping rate for all customers; oversee each shipment; packing; transport, customs etc.. This saves you time expenses coming to Bangkok. We also source any other products and have Thai team who find for you. If wanting to come to Bangkok to meet us we require you to sign contract form with us if you wish to utilize our excellent services. We cannot show you factories eg clothing factories unless you are buying in the 10s of 1000s and we will support those who use our services. We are not a stepping stone of information to show people factory shops and do charge for this service if not wanting to use our services.

OUR CUSTOMER BASE: Check out our customers: Our biggest German customer buys FCL loads per 3 month period from us just in T Shirt and have been our customers for over 6 years now. We also ship to Canada, NZ, Bulgaria & South America and UK to Russia so allow us to be your agent playing safe yet we are fast to source and send to you.

We work for XTREMESTREET WEAR in Brisbane Australia & are buyers for this Australian company. See the success they have made on the Australian Garment market and check one of their many vans below[ Xtremestreetwear ] These are our biggest garment customers and we can be your agent as well. It costs you nothing but we QC and run everything for you in Thailand without you being here. We can offer you more than you think with all our in house services.

Qu: HAVING YOUR DESIGNS MADE: We no longer accept samples to make on behalf of customers unless for T shirts. ONLY on receipt of 3000 baht for our time to have made & if you are serious. We make part refund once we have firm orders. If you have own labels you must pay for the block first if under 600pcs for T shirts --over 600 pcs the block is free per design.  Each colour for T shirts is 300baht up front payment. Samples are not made in one week and the factories charge one off prices which are higher than normal just like a tailor. Samples made one off will be based higher for the work involved SO PLEASE if you want to start your own label we only assist those who want bulk, are serious and understand what one must do. To have your own tags made min in 500 doz and again need sizes, colours, what material and design- again pics or sketches needed and lease time 1 week.  

Qu: FACTORIES: We no longer assist those who want us to take them to factories. All major factories require large volumes and are not interested in small volumes therefore orders over 1x 40ft FCL loads and you must be an established company. All our catalogues are on our website and we are Internet based wholesale only no retail so do not ask us where the factories are as we cannot take anyone. In Thailand large factories you must have invitation and volumes are normally 5-10000 pcs above plus they only detail with companies. Most small factories will not show customers their factories due to machine copying & processes being copied.

Qu: FACTORIES & Buying Garments: We work on behalf of Thailand Garment companies and market for them. All products we list come direct from the factories. Yes you can buy some lines cheaper if you know where to buy and come to Thailand yourself but our aim is to supply those who cannot come here with good prices, good backup and knowing what they buy is what they get. Basically we make sure what you order is what you get. We also back up with full money back guarantee if you are not happy with any items we send and as said we do all the documents you may need. Our commissions are on the garment prices but this allows convenience to buyers wishing to purchase products via us. We also can get a better deal than you; we add free samples of what you like & can plus we save you the hassle of coming to Thailand.

Qu: SAMPLES AND CATALOGUES: We no longer SEND catalogues as prices change often and styles. Everything is on our website and we try to update often. Samples are based on our rates. Some samples we do not send & T shirts are based 4pcs @ 4000 baht including shipping. If it sounds too high then don't ask us as we are not a retail shop. If we know you wish samples and are genuine to purchase we will rebate you on your next order for sure. All designs of what we sell are on the website. We do allow Western Union & all payment via TT to our account + 500 baht clearance fee. NO Credit cards as paypal take 3 weeks and the costs to USA then to Thailand are around $US250. If you want DHL then we can quote you and TT must be paid before we send.

Qu: BUY YOURSELF AND LET US SHIP AND PACK FOR YOU: We assist you as our Shipping Company is based in Pratunam on Soi 15 Petchaburi. Its easy and quicl as all our airfreight can be prebooked for you and out within 1-2 days. Check out the way to do this and have the shops send on your behalf to us [ Buying & Packing ]

Qu: HAVING CLOTHING SAMPLES MADE: Please noteWE ARE NOT A SPECIALIST garment maker. We will only make if bulk orders eg T shirts etc. We can make big sizes up to 6XXL but note min order is 100 pcs. We can send a sample once we are paid a retainer to cover sample cost and postage. LABELS WE ONLY MAKE IF CLIENTS BUY THRU US.

Qu: IF WE BUY YOU SHIP: We will deliver to your shipper if you do not use our shipping services. However we only deliver and do not prepare paper work apart from Packing list of what we deliver. It is in your interest to check your shipper as some in Bangkok are not registered and there is no comeback on us. It may be you are offered a cheaper shipping quote but this does not mean you will get your goods at that price. Beware of jubious shipping companies and sourcing agents in Thailand as some offer you the wordl but do not have FEQs like we do. Also we are one of the oldest Interent companies established with credentials.

Qu: T SHIRTS: We have manufactured the hottest Collection of T shirts on the Thailand market. Check catalogues. All sizes sold worldwide  these are our latest T shirts range. up to XL sizes with SP 6XL. We ONLY MAKE TO ORDER--NO STOCK LISTS ARE AVAILABLE due to people changing so factories will not supply small numbers so do not ask us for stock lists as too many hassles in the past with clients changing & factories having to take back after recount. Payments by TT transfer airfreight min 45kgs airfreight ASSORTED TSHIRTS approx 200 T shirts = 45 kgs min airfreight min is 10 per size. 550 - 800pcs =1cbm seafreight depending on sizes purchased from us.If our shipping costs are too high and you want delivered to your shipping agent we will send to that agent.

Qu: PROFORMA INVOICES: We always send out a Proforma Invoice which will tell you all the shipping and transactions costs. These invoices if air freight we do reserve the right to add the costs of changed air freight per kg rates as and when they change. As some of our exports may take 1-2 months to make and pack please note this change. AT THE MOMENT AIR FREIGHT RATES CHANGES VERY WEEK

Qu: CAN YOU SUGGEST BUT NOT ARRANGE HOTEL Yes we can SUGGEST for you to stay in a Hotel according to your budget which is close to everything yet peaceful and off the street. Safe and secure. For Garment buyers we recommend:

BOOK Best budget Hotels in Bangkok for all

garment buyers

FOUR SEASONS HOTEL Soi 19 Petchaburi Rd  Fax: (662)653-8678; PRATUNAM PARK Hotel email:  40/1 Petchaburi Soi 15.
Benz Residence Soi 17 Petchaburi - Tel (662) 6537100-8,  6537612-25 = 500 baht per night: cheap TEN STARS INN Soi 17 Petchaburi Rd  email: 
PERA HOTEL in Soi 11 Petchaburi Rd is another option @ 750baht per night. FIRST HOTEL on Petchaburi Rd bewteen Soi 11 and Soi 13 @ 1500 baht -2000baht a night.
BAI YOK HOTEL Next to Bai Yok 2 Tower is the Khurana Inn. 1284baht per night to 1605 baht. or email: Tel: 022080517-9 or Fax (662)208-0009 which is a new Inn. (Pakistan,Malaysian, Chinese Indian foods). nice and clean

First House Hotel on Soi 19 right in Pratunam market behind Bai Yok 1. 1700baht per night. or email:

Tel 022540300 & Fax: 022543101

White Palace Hotel one of the best not far from our Pratunam depot has buffet breakfast, wireless internet in your room and is safe right in the middle of Pratunam and our recommendation to stay here

BoBae Hotels try the Prince Palace Hotel Bo Bae Tower Damrongrak Road, Klong Mahanak, Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, Thailand Tel. (662) 628-1111 Fax. (662) 628-1000 The hotel premise comprises 4 towers occupies the 11th to 32nd floor of the Bobae Tower. The lower floors of Bobae Tower contains more than 1000 shops forming a world class wholesale fashion center

Right in the middle of Pratunam market.



We only send samples once we receive payment. You choose way to send and options are UPS. Fedex, Economy airmail via the P.O. All samples are sent once TT is paid into our Bank without exception. Please send full address & especially Zipcode for Courier UPS etc.


You must have a DFT Certificate of Origin to Germany or you will not be able to import your goods. You cannot use Chamber of Commerce so if you need help we can assist you but we must buy from the appropriate affiliated DFT factories. We are experienced in this. If you airfreight all your garments will be sent back same with sea freight. This is to stop copies from China coming into germany. Mnay other EU countries need a CE form.


Yes we can oversee any furniture as Chiangmai is the golden heart of the furniture teak making as well as for ornamentals, ceramics, and handicrafts. You can access the factories yourself and allow us to QC and ship ONLY. This is fine. We can also assist in ongoing direct with the factories to make sure what you order is what you receive


1/. Certified Thailand Exporter License holders. (Thai Customs cardholder).

2/. We assist and promote one of the best Law Offices in Chiangmai: so please if you have a problem contact us  & or our Bangkok Law Office

3/. Registered member of the Dept of Foreign Trade Bangkok and Chiangmai 

4/. Wood factory in Chiangmai

5/. Real Estate: Check which will be revamped as at November 2016


Yes our company is fully licensed and a 3m baht registered capital Thai Company, Registered in Thailand. We also are registered exporters and if you wish to know more please call upon your local Royal Thai Embassy to certify our affiliations. We must abide by the rules set by the Thailand Customs as we are Registered customs Card holders as well as registered with the Thailand Foreign Affairs Dept Chiangmai Thailand & EAN Thai Federation of Industries.  We are an 10 year old established company in Thailand now,& under new management.


As our company is fully licensed in Thailand we must abide by the rules set by the Thailand Customs.


No. You have no comeback for return of monies & you purchase at your own risk. Entirely up to you but many Internet Thai websites are not tax paying Thai Companies. Some internet websites in Thailand are brokerage fronts who are not true manufacturers with Thai Limited Companies. Please ask them for their status before paying monies over. It is illegal for foreigners in Thailand to use Internet websites as this is deemed work as well as income. If you pay and not receive your goods you have no guarantee to receive a refund or goods so only use licensed Companies for all purchases. If in doubt ask your nearest Royal Thai Embassy-Trade Dept or Commerce dept & Chamber of commerce in your country.


We insure or you can arrange this with your consignments your end. There is a $150 limitation on seafreight cargo but we will send CIF= cost /insurance/freight costs or FOB= free on board. Insurance is levied @ 1.5% of freight cargo value. We always send tracking number of your shipment so you can follow. If we do not abide by our policies you have every right to file a complaint to your nearest Royal Thailand Embassy. It is not in our interests as we lose more than you.  It is up to you to notify us if any discrepancies as well as any refunds with 3 months otherwise we reserve the right to keep.


No. But again if you lose don't blame us! as we just told you.


We insure or you can arrange this with your consignments your end. Most goods FCL if packed right do not need to be covered but again over to you. look at 1.5-1.5% of the value of when insuring your goods and breakables. eg a motorcycle that you want insured for 80,000baht will cost approx 350baht insurance.


Please note some items may have quotas so find this out in your country first. Quota payments which must be made in Thailand before sending. All mail DHL, Fedex etc is now opened and copied items of clothing are now not allowed to be sent out in breach of copyright infringements. 


All freight forwarders offer on spot quotations which will vary if any changes to government fees or other unforseen circumstances. This includes the airlines for air freight but we are told at least 2 weeks ahead on any price increase. Again we reserve the right to change quotations with these added expenses as and when they occur. We now have the ability to book our containers direct off the shipping lines for our customers. In USA now each additional item in a FCL the price for that FCL increases.


All freight airfreight you can call an agent in your country to clear or you go yourself once we send you the documents via email. Its easy and saves you costs as some Western countries charge a straight $500 fee for just doing the clearing. For seafreight this will depend on how big your shipment is and if wood products and crates then you need Agriculture clearance as well as wharf fees, Clearing costs and customs fees on top. It varies enormously so ask in your country at Customs as well as a shipping agents for clearing costs.


Is not cheap so again ask an agent in your country for full costs. Sometimes in say NZ they charge $2.79 per km just to deleiver so if you can pick up yourself or ask a transport company to do cheaper then that will save costs.


All freight DOCUMENTS we handle ourselves and our staff are very quick and we are experienced in every situation that may come up. This is importnat. Watch out for sourcing agents who want fee then once sent to you there is no after service help unless you pay. Using us we do not charge you. Please note TT Bank charges in both your country & Thailand can change overnight and quotes using proforma invoices are only valid for 2 weeks and liable to change due to airline charges. Once Proforma Invoice is issued it is up to you to pay via TT the included charges then we can send you the shipment.


All freight once payment TT is cleared in our Thailand Bank. If you are not happy you can have your own agent send for you or another agent. We are happy to send your shipment to that agent. Charges are 500 baht min depending on CBM sizes & it is your responsibility once sent.


All our staff are from New Zealand --Pacific Oceanaia; Ghana --Africa, Middel East, Thailand, UK.

Qu: CREDIT REFERENCES:If you are worried about our credit please note we are members of various Thailand Business Associations and we credit ourselves that we stand by our Business exports and payments or money back guarantee. We are partners in a Thailand Law Office / Real Estate / Publishing / export-trade businesses and we can furnish references of exporters and reputable shipping companies who use our services & us theres.  All first time exporters our terms are solely TT transfers. Other references are Amex cardholders since 1982 & now Bangkok Bank Visa Card holders.

Qu: SHIPPING & PACKING SERVICES: We have our own shipping now. Our Depot for packing and fumigation is in Soi 62 Sukhumvit. All quotes are workdwide for LCL to containers. We also clear customs for impoters and handle all logistics around Thailand. For all garment exports our packing is at Pratunam only for garments. Our turn arounds are quick and we can airfreight within 2 days of your goods coming to our depot. We handle everything from cars, bike to cothing and personal and we also can get Customs clearance on anything including Buddhas and art works.

Qu: SHIPPING PICKING UP GARMENTS: We have our own trucks and can pick up garments anywhere in Bangkok or your own personals for sending home. We also have our own transport services from Pattaya to bangkok and visa versa


Because we offer what no other advertising company does as well we refer you to other sites. FREE trade ads as well as Value for money or your money refunded if no prospective clients are sent to you. Our site is simple & to the point.  We assist exporters/ importers & servicing companies & individuals wishing to promote their products to the world. As all ads belong to their respective advertisers we are not responsible for misleading ads etc. However we are trying to make sure spamming and ads in bad taste are not portrayed on our website.

If you have a problem or require further information please email 


1/. Asia Trading Post takes no responsibility for ads placed by advertisers. Ads are the sole ownership of advertisers. 2/. Asia Trading Post will not accept any ads that are in bad taste, pornographic advertising, get rich quick ads or anything discriminatory, illegal or copyright. 3/. All advertising must be Trade related unless using the jobline/ but ,sell & lease options.  4/. Asia Trading Post has the right to delete as and when they think ad times expire. 5/. Asia Trading Post will determine solely which ads are Trade related and will delete any ads they feel are not in line with this policy eg. single items like cars, houses etc must be posted to the local online Trader News but not land developments. Please ask if you are not sure. 6/. Asia Trading Post will ensue that all advertisers receive maximum exposure for their paid ads or their money will be refunded for Gold & Diamond only Advertising Plans. All paid advertisers will receive maximum support by us as well as up to date information monthly. 7/. Asia Trading Post takes no responsibility what so ever for ads that are sent to us by individuals other than the advertiser and we are endeavouring to try to control false ads.. 8/. Asia Trading Post Co Ltd reserves the right to change quotations any time in line with government or shipping cost rises. This also means if quotations are sent out we reserve the right to change the quotation accordingly to cover the increases in costs given. 8/.

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We thank you for your time and Happy Trading from us all!!

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