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Bangkok Bank -Bangkok Bank is Thailand's largest commercial bank & a favourite bank for expats.. Bangkok Metropolitan Bank-
Bank of Ayudhya is a public company & commercial bank Bank of Thailand- this is the Thai Central Bank. 273 Samsen Road, Bangkhumprom, Bangkok 10200
Tel: (662) 283-5353; Fax: (662) 280-0449, 280-0626
The Government Savings is a Thai Bank Government-owned rural development bank Industrial Finance Corporation ofIFCT is a publicly-listed development bank in Thailand


Krung Thai Bank-Krung Thai is the second-largest bank in Thailand. Nakornthon Bank owned by the UK's Standard Chartered Bank PLC.
Siam City Bank Siam Commercial Bank swift code is SICOTHBK
KasikornBank is the third largest commercial bank in Thailand. Swift code is TFBSTHBK Thai Military Bank
The Industrial Finance Corporation
1770 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok 10500 Tel: (662) 253-7111, 253-9666; Fax: (662) 253-9677, 254-8098
Export-Import Bank of Thailand
Boon Pong Tower, 1193 Phahonyothin Road, Bangkok 10400 Tel: (662) 271-3700, 278-0047; Fax: (662) 271-3204 
Central Bank of Thailand
Export - Import Bank of Thailand
Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
Government Savings Bank
Citibank Thailand
Bank of Ayudhya PCL
Krung Thai Bank
Siam City Bank
Bank of Asia PCL
Nakornthon Bank
DBS Thai Danu Bank

How can I obtain a Merchant Account in Thailand?
In order to obtain a MOTO (mail order telephone order account) in Thailand you will have to apply with your local bank.  Unfortunately at this point most branches are not able to provide useful information.  Try Standard Charter ??

To be applicable for a Merchant Account you will have to have a registered company in Thailand, a work permit (if your are a foreigner), a clean bank record and a copy of all company papers. In addition the bank will ask for a deposit. Bank commission charges vary from 3.5 - 5%. Application of the Merchant account is usually completed within 4-6 weeks. You can find useful information at the following. Please click on: [ Merchant Bank InfoBANKS & CREDIT CARDS: Normally they require a foreigner to have 100,000 baht in a separate bank account to be eligible and you must have a non immigrant visa, work permit and company papers.  All banks require several forms of identification (i.e. passport, letter from immigration?, birth certificate, current credit cards, etc.) and may want company papers. Ask your  bank first before you arrive in Thailand. You may need a  work permit otherwise you can only open a “Saving Account”. 

Thai banks provide a wide range of services & hours are generally from 0900-1530, Monday through Friday, except on public and bank holidays. However all have ATM machines.

Credit Cards are accepted everywhere and ATMs are also everywhere. Never leave your cards in Guesthouse safety deposit boxes. They may be zapped then returned. Watch that they do not zap them twice. be wary of jewelry shops advertising last day sales etc.
If you need a credit card for say exporting and having money remitted from overseas you can now open a Credit (ELECTRON) card. You cannot use the card for obtaining monies in debit but you can have clients send you money especially as many buyers want to pay by credit card. 


1/.American Express IBM Bldg., 388 Pahonyothin Road Tel: 273-0033. After 
hours Tel: 02 273-0044,  02 273-0022.
2/. Diners Club 12th Floor, Silom Complex, 191 Silom Road Tel: 02 238-3660. 
3/. Master Card For lost or stolen cards. Tel: 314-275-6690. Collect call to 
USA. (24 hours)
4/. Visa Card Local banks and some foreign banks issue Visa cards. For lost or 
stolen cards, Tel: 02 256-7326. 
5/. Citibank Card lost or stolen cards. Tel. 1588 (4 digits only)


When opening a Cheque Company Bank account the Bangkok Bank requires the following especially a cheque account:  1/. Passport, visa etc & copies;  2/. Original company papers under 1month old. You must redo at the Commercial Registration company cost 200 baht approx. 3/. Letter from Directors saying you can open the account and also who will be the signatory on the cheques & any conditions. 4/.Work permit 5/. House registration & also ID & House of Registration of Thai director. NORMAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT:Criteria differs between banks but the norm is: 1/. Passport at Kasaikorn Bank or Bangkok Bank  is all one needs but other banks may want  2/. Immigration paper stating where you live & require a bank account 3/.Copies of passport, visa 4/. House registration or lease copy where you live. 

Although some banks ask for a work permit many long termers do not have this so they normally waiver the requirements and as at 2006 most banks will allow you to open savings accounts with just your passport. Ask for a PLUS facility ATM card or with Bangkok Bank the BEST1st Card so you can have a debit card and then enjoy booking airfares on the net etc as well as using the card to transact PLUS facilities using your ATM in another country to access your Thai Savings account . 

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