IF ITS FUN AND GAMES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEN BANGKOK has it all. One of the few places where theres actually more girls than guys( depending on where you go of course) and where they even have pick-up joints for men ( yeah thats rights). Guess you didn't realize or is it that the West has gone virile????  Take a look at what we have for you an for heavens sakes come to Bangkok and see for yourself.



Bangkok's  bars and Go-Go's close around 3pm but there are the odd places you can still go to. You have a choice of  Patpong and the Silom area, but the better places are around Sukhumvit Rd, some of which stay open later than 4.00am.In the evening and up until about 3.00am there are several places to frequent. In Nana Plaza the disco girlie bars stay open till 3am with no cover charge but if you want to take a girl out you must pay the bar fine of 400-500 baht then negotiate with the girl which will set you back a further 1000 baht or?  However everything is negotiable but agree first otherwise you might be relieved of more cash. Girls are normally OK as the owners won't tolerate them fleecing the foreigners. They don't like the publicity & they certainly don't want the bad stigma that of being reported in the "Bangkok Post" -business is business as they say so unlike Khao San Rd they do well enough to discourage so called "fleecing".


Gullivers Pub and Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 75. Free ADSL internet. No expense spared in this huge Pub. Done with loads of Neons and an old car above the Bar this is a must to see and rink in. The food is Ok as well and oipen all day every day. Great meeting place and has nice quiet areas and large TV screen. A must to see.


Beer Garden Sukhumvit Soi 7.  Great meeting place for us expats with a large circle egg shaped bar & Ok for visitors. Loads of girls in the afternoon with more coming in at night. Indeed no shortage of women here. There's a few other bars in this Soi (street) with a new food & beer bar area opposite. The food's Ok. Owned by a Thai but was exGerman? if you want to play pool then head across the road. Lots of girls hang around the street & theres a couple of good little bars there is Thai food in the alley behind.  All around this part of Sukhumvit there's just loads of girls hanging around and more surprisingly when the daylight turns to darkness. However it starts in the morning at the Beer Garden & a definite start to Bangkok. Watch out they might be friendly but they want 1000 - 2000 baht. but then thats Ok compared to back home eh!!!


The Thermae Soi 15 Sukhumvit, bar-girls are everywhere. The most popular pick up joint is The Thermae Coffee Shop, a basement bar area in Ruam Chit Plaza, where literally hundreds of girls congregate from 11pm onwards. Go there late as there's plenty of other places to go and see before you head here.  It's worth seeing everyone around a big hall and it rarely closes before 4.00am-- ideal if you are really desperate but it's amazing who you see there. Many girls are either unemployed, or moonlight to help their mothers & grandparents back in Essan but the place fills with girls who stop by after leaving their other places of fun; namely the go go's and bars.


Nana Hotel & Angels disco in Sukhumvit Soi 4, opposite Nana Plaza. This has been a popular after hours meeting place for along time now and it still gets really packed. No entrance charge the disco has loud music & lots of girls.Outside on the street theres a bar wher all day the girls hang about. A lot of foreigners stay in the Nana Hotel which is OK at 900 baht a night. There's loads of girls here & it's not that far to your room. The Hotel is an OK place to stay at & booked out during the November-March rush.


Rainbow 2000 is on the first floor of the building directly opposite the Raja Hotel  just 500 metres down Soi 4 on the same side of the road as Angels. More of a disco than Angels, Rainbow gets very full around the early hours. When I say that  1am to 2 am is starting to crank up. Like most Thai joints the music is full on but the service is Ok. Worth a look if new to town.


Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza are the strip joint places where the drinks are a little on the high side yet the entrance fee is normally free. You can ask the waitresses if you desire the company of the fairer sex & the girls have a number from which you select. Ok but the night but it can be dear. When you go into one joint you will notice they get worse as you head along to the back one  especially in Nana. The small amphitheatre has more go go bars upstairs but after awhile it all looks the same.


Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel:  has a joint called Spasso's in the basement.   Meals are OK & girls are forever present. Don't be fooled though, these are the same girls that you see dancing in GoGo bars, but theres prices have just increased somewhat.






 Silom area try 

Bobby's Arms, (British) 25 years in Bangkok in 2000!  inside the multi storey car park on Patpong  Good food, imported Guinness, with assorted canned imported ales. Musicians entertain Friday and Saturday nights.114/1-4 Patpong 2, Carpark 1st Floor, Silom, Bangkok, 10500. Tel: 02 233 6828.


O'Reilley's another Irish pub past Patpong Rd looking towards Robinson Department Store,MacDonalds  on Silom Rd


Delaney's  the first Irish Pub in Bangkok and like Delaney's in Pattaya on 2nd Rd delaneys@ptty.loxinfo.co.th  they are classey with draft Carlsberg, Guinness and draft Killkenny, a little expensive due to imports, but  they both have a few ales on tap. Some good food irsih stew @ 330 baht; full breakfast in Pattaya for 95 baht. pricey but this is Bangkok. Typical Irish the boys in Pattaya all contribute to the local community causes with the PSC (Pattaya Sports Club).


The Bulls Head  On Sukhumvit Rd towards The Emporium on Soi 33/1.  A popular with  the expat community with great meals and a nice atmosphere..


Golden Bar Soi 4 on Sukhumvit Rd this is partt of the Nana Hotel and popular for new arrivals and you can sit in outdoor aircons watching the scene across the road at Nana Plaza where all the strips joints are. Thers also a few outisde bvars on the Plaza side that are thriving after lunchtime till the early hours of 1am??? if the new Minister for the Interior Chalerm has his say???

Big Dogs 1/5 Sukhumvit Soi 4. No phone numbers. Open daily, 10am-midnight by the Nana Entrance. .


Dynasty Hotel Soi 4 5/4-5 Soi Nanatai, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 THAILAND. Phone: (66) 2656 8100-8106 Fax: (66) 2255 4111, (66) 2656 8107 E-mail: front@dynastyinn.com has a bar out the front and a good Hotel for the yanks, Brits etc ownd by a US man. Has ahd a new face lift and a little bit better than before


Chequers Bar & Restaurant , Soi 4 on Sukhumvit Rd. Past Nana Plaza & Dynasty and at the end of the block. Owned by an Englishman Nick , and it is the "official" Thailand HQ for The Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club. Kilkenny in cans, imported English food and they everything from breakfasts to Uk sports etc. Been around a long time and popular. http://www.chequersbangkok.com For ten years Chequers has been the favoured watering hole of expats living in Bangkok . With good food and a convivial atmosphere Chequers is the place to hang out in. Chequers food has a reputation second to none in the soi 4 area and what ever your taste,  be it home made shepherds pie, Thai green curry or a roast at the week ends check out Chequers first. Open 9am till 1am daily


Finnegan's Bar Another new bar opened approximately half way down Soi Nana just by the Family Mart. Opposite the street from Raja Hotel car park is the Irish bar Finnegan's. Its a small bar but done up in good Irish fashion & becoming quite popular. Has the ole Guiness Beer.


Hillary Bar 19 Sukhumvit Soi 4, but theres another bar past the Raja Hotel on the right 02-656-7125. Open daily 10am-1am. www.hillarybar.com Hillary bar is equipped with four pool tables, a central bar with plenty of girls on the side. ideal if you want to play pool but the drinks are around 70-100baht each. Thats Ok though as its the talent you want to talk to if at all you can get over the noise of the music. They do have bands now and again


Hanrahans Irish Pub 12/1 Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Nana Tai), 02-255-0644. Open daily 9-1am.
Another Irish pub thats been done up in true fashion with upstairs and downstairs and outside! Decked out in the Irish colors and well worth a drink or 2. One of the classier Pubs in the Nana 4 Soi.

Further down Sukhumvit road

Bourbon Street A USA New Orleans Bar just like the real Bourbon St down there. OK food & economy hotel rooms! Sukhumvit Soi 22/Washington Square. Most taxi drivers will know this as Washington Square, although the Washington Theatre is now a gay cabaret show! 

Larry's Bar & Grill  in Sukhumvit Soi 22. It features the only "beach" in Bangkok. Diving trips daily with adjoining dive shop. There's a sign in the window that says "Warm Beer, Lousy Food, Slow Service, and Cold Women" Give it a blast.

Henry J Bean's American Bar & Grill. 2 joints in Bangkok, 1 in Pattaya. At the Amari Airport Hotel and The Amari Watergate on Petburi Road near  Pantip Plaza. 

Half Moon Street: at the left/rear of Times Square shopping Mall, opposite Sukhumvit Soi 17 and Robinson Department Store. Enter via Times Square. Various beers including canned Boddington's. Inexpensive food, both Thai and European. A live band plays.

The Huntsman Pub  basement  of the Landmark Hotel shopping plaza. Some girls hang about there & they have bands; Filipino. The food and prices are Ok too but worth a look.

The Barbican  Thaniya Road near Thaniya Plaza. Parallel with Patpong 1 & 2, near Robinson Department Store on Silom Road. Look for The Barbican about half-way up on the right. Unusual decor, and theme, Draft Guinness, and large portions of decent food.  A live (almost) DJ playing "salsa" music


Bangkok's the place for the famous Thai Massage ??

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