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Gold is still high 2016. In 2011 gold had hit a high $1700US an ounce as the US $ is not a good currency no more and people realize gold is it. If we look at the ratio between the amount of credit and the amount of gold that's out there, - then we can see that gold represents approximately one tenth of that value. Because we're currently heading toward a real crisis situation which will happen in 2017 after the USA election, we're starting to see a flight towards things of value, a flight to gold & silver. So the price of gold is going to have to go ten times higher in order to keep pace with all of the paper money in circulation.
 So even if you get in now, the price is still going to increase tenfold?  Yes, ten times higher. The price of gold, which is now at 500 euros ( 24,592.1 THB) , will be somewhere between 4500 ( 221,329 THB) and 5000 euros ( 245,921 THB) in 2016.
If you're smart, you'll purchase half in silver and half in gold.

Don’t  buy gold certificates at the bank because banks can fail & if you have a safety deposit they will lock the bank if they fail so forget that idea. Keep the gold yourself or dig a hole and stick it in the ground or your safe in the wall?  It may sound absurd, but if worst comes to worst - and we've experienced it before in the depression and also during the war - then gold and silver are the only currencies that you'll be able to buy food with or that you'll be able to survive off of. Paper money will be useless. Buy silver coins not numismatic but maples and USA eagles. Keep away from Silver bullion bars over 10oz as may be hard to exchange for barter. Remember its better to have $5-$10 notes as against $100 bills if you want to bvuy bread etc esp if the seller has no change??


 Monetary systems have collapsed 220 times throughout history. So it's not crazy to think that it might happen one more time. Living in big cities is not preferable due to problems of riots or the supermarkets running out and as we saw with the Bangkok 2015 floods all essentials like soap and toothpast, toilet paper ran out in 3 days in Chiangmai due to people buying to speculate & hoard?

You should live close to farmland anyway so that you can provide for food and your own subsistence. Time of crisis will come after the dollar has collapsed? When the ATM's are no longer accessible & when the banks close their doors. It's already happened once in Argentina. In USA they must borrow $US2b per day just to keep the lights on??? Putting it in a nutshell the USA is broke and they have only themselves and the capitalist Central Bank system that has caused this crises. But they have learn't nothing--Obama needs to cut spending and stop the borrowing but he is too scared or is it too late for the USA. Better they join Britain, Germany and France to take what Libya has??? oil money to pay their bills yet 13 years in Afghanistan & they still cannot beat the taliban who only has light weapons nor did they beat China 60 years ago in Korea? .


We're now in a period of time in which things can change very quickly & the US has really stitched themselves by greed.  2017 we'll have to take into account the possibility that banks or the banking sector could shut down as WW3 looms and the crash will come about as countries like Japan, ECB are already in negative interest & the USA FED doesn't know what to do next. The government will step right in of course but watch your pension funds collapse for those living off them. Hedge funds investors will panicking and want their funds out? At that point you'll be dependent on the government for your income, just like we saw right after the Second World War, food lines, no banks no nothing etc.


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-Why 2017? We had the biggest bubble - the baby boomers that spent the most. The peak of the baby boom was between 1958 and 1962. That is the wave that is now heading in the direction of retirement age all their late 50s and early 60s & the market crash has stalled the once on-course retirement plans of hundreds of thousands of investors. By 2017 this largest wave will already be in decline. That also means that stock markets in the West will collapse. That has implications for businesses that are dependent on consumption, because consumption will naturally decrease. Then we'll probably find ourselves in a heavily deflationary situation. On the one hand prices will fall because businesses will still have to provide goods to the public if they can sustain. On the other hand monetary inflation, which the government attends to will increase. Raw materials and vital necessities will then become more expensive and all hell will ensue as people realize their funds are useless.


Forget finance companies & hyped ideas to invest money. If you are starting a business then make sure you can exit it quickly if needed. Over regulated economies are killing effective production in West countries.


Gold, silver, as well as savings in the bank are the way to go but be ready to pull your money out and in time. See what happened in Greece, Malta & people left their money in the Bank. Spread your $$ in a few banks not one. Wait until everything is about to collapse & pull out.


What to do? buy a piece of cheap economical land FREEHOLD, a place where you & your family can grow your own vegetables and have alternative sources of energy like wind and solar on your own property. Solar with rectifier for 240 volt then you have power for cooking and lights. If you cannot afford then go for a smaller 12 volt,

Then you'll be less dependent than you would be if you lived in a big city and were dependent on someone else for your energy, for your shopping, for your garbage pick-up, etc. If there is a collpase then the workers will not get paid and the utility systems will collapse anycase. In the countryside you're less dependent, you don't need cars and pay the bills you would pay in cities but best of all you have dedendency & food. Thats of course if you can do all this. Those who already own land are the lucky ones; those who don't will burn up what they have saved very quickly. Stock up on food, vegetable seeds, clean water, toilet paper, purification supplies, medical supplies, seeds, matches, lighters, toothpaste & items for barter etc. The depression will leave people anxious and in despair over what the future might hold for them. Get a year’s supply of batteries for a portable TV and radios.
Most people who are in debt have few options eg in the USA alone 2m people go bankrupt per year due to their inability to pay medical fees. A further 6.5 m people will lose their homes now so where does that leave them??? Try to conserve your assets now. You don't need to worry about increasing your assets; conserving your assets is good enough. The money that you have from your house or from your investments can serve as an escape route but if you think it will not happen you'd better think again as the writing is already on the wall written & conducted by George Bush.

Central banks are the ones responsible for creating this system thanks to their "fiat currency system" ( the fiat currency system that we have now is based on trust, trust in terms of paper money, trust in the government who really never can tell a situation will happen. We believe in them as we have no choice so now you can see whats happening ). Since the introduction of the Euro, monetary inflation has been exceeded 10% per year. A lot of people don't know it, but monetary inflation is the real, true inflation so think about your future. Monetary inflation is printing money & thats why we are talking about bilions now not millions. Credit expansion is based on the promise to pay money back. The Central Banks give money to Banks and Financial houses on credit. These Banks lend money to people hoping that it gets paid back because those banks are obliged to pay back the central bank. The central bank approves the credit that the banks lend to individuals and companies. If people are no longer able to pay it back because they've gotten so deep into debt, then the banking sector can't meet its obligations to the central bank either. But in this case Banks were lending up to100% with no equity or no veting of the borrower. The market crash has stalled the once on-course retirement plans of hundreds of thousands of investors & the losers are the borrowers --people who now cannot pay back the banks. But the situation is the world will get worse and people need to not just use one bank but spread their money around as lenders now ant their money back. Just watch other countries??? and you will then realize take your money out of the banks and invest in gold.

Our motto buy SOME gold & silver while its low & maintain assets you have. Most of all don't borrow & keep control of your funds??? The United States will see a period of hyperinflation. At this point in time it is reasonable to expect Gold will rise but all commodities will dramaticly increase in dollar denominated price. I say not only buy Gold, but buy silver as in 2016 its now OK. And while you are at it load up on can dry meat, rice and other non perishable food items. In a fiat money system, where money is not backed by a physical commodity (i.e.: gold). The only thing that gives the money value is its relative scarcity and the faith placed in it by the people that use it. Thanks to the Federal Reserve there is no scarcity of money for the time being who can't strop printing money in the hope the economy will recover. Gold, and many other precious metals such as silver are tremendously underinflated right now. Just try to go out and buy the actual gold coins. You are going to pay a premium over the spot price. The value of the stock doesn’t reflect the value of the metal itself. The stock price doesn’t mean anything. You couldnt’ lose with metals right now. Gold is a must in any portfolio. It is a hedge against the US Dollar, Oil and crisis. There are many critics of gold but as a long term investment it has its merits. In the world of Peak Oil gold will respond. If the dollar starts a reversal gold will perform

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