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Run by expats in Chiangmai Thailand

             Chiangmai Social Golfers Club   



Chiangmai has some excellent Golf courses which normally are booked during the weekends and range from 9 to 18 holes. The green and caddy fees vary from place to place. Golf clubs and electric cars can be rented and all courses have caddies. There are 4 driving ranges which charge from between 30 baht (1-1.20 US$) for a tray of 50-60 balls. Transport is available to take you to any Golf course & this is where we come into it.





The front runners above: Tay [ Marks wife]; Jim from Australia one

of the originals & Garry Walker [Australia] who still holds up the Club


1. Chiangmai Golf Driving range. Airport Rd Intersection, Tel 282-838, 283-160 fax (053) 201-607                      2. Chiangmai Green Valley Country Club. 18 holes. Green fees: 1,600 baht, Golf package (18 holes): 2,300 baht, Caddie fee: 250 baht, Golf cart: 600 baht. 183/2 Chotana Rd. Tel:(00-66)53 298249  Fax: (053) 297386 website:
3. Lanna Golf Club: - Green fees: weekday: 1,500 baht per 27 holes, 1,000 baht per 18 holes and 500 baht for 9 holes. 4. Gymkhana Club. 9 holes. Chiangmai-Lumphun Rd.  Tel:(00-66)53 247-352  fax:(053) 247-352
5. Royal Chiangmai Golf Club. 18 holes.169 Moo 5 Km 26. Chiangmai-Phrao Rd (Mae Jo/Phrao Rd) Green fees (18 holes): 2,400 baht, Caddie fee: 300 baht, Golf cart: 800 baht, Tel: 849-301/9, Fax: 471-742 email:

6. Alpine Golf Resort was called  Chiang Mai-Lamphun Golf Club and Heritage Resort) Club. 9 holes. Chiangmai-Lumphun Rd.  Tel:(00-66)53 247-352 Green fee: 2,500 baht.

7. Gassan Marina Golf Club: 18 holes.-Lumphun  Tel:(00-66)53 266 700-1 2400 baht fees, caddy 200 baht, club hire 600 baht email: 8. Mae Jo Golf Club:. 9 holes open every day. Green fees: 2,500 baht, caddie: 300 baht, golf cart (18 holes/1 cart per 1 person)
9. Chiang Mai Highlands Golf & Spa: Non-member: 3,000 baht (18 holes), Caddie fee: 300 baht, Golf cart: 600 baht, Club hire: 1,000-1,500 baht,, website:

10. Hang Dong Golf Course: 15kms out new course offers value for money and golfers, good food and well priced beer, too. Green fees: weekday (include caddy): 340 baht, weekend (include caddy): 360 baht, Golf cart: 400 baht; tel: (053) 426 201. 


CHIANGMAI EXPAT GOLFERS CLUB STARTED IN 2002:Mark & Tama's wife Sally inspecting the Green Valley Club to ask them for Club appearance fees??? back in the old days SPECIAL THANKS:

Lastly I must commend Ric Cameron for all he did as he is and still remains one of the most honest guys I have ever worked and been acquainted with. It was Ric who kept the club alive in spite of him overworked with the Visas but of course today 2013 we now have many new members and committee who keep the name going.

The plan is to head back to Chiangmai for the 2014------- 10 year anniversary--just hope its not during Songkran???????? We will update this page for all those interested.

You can read more on Garry Walkers [Aus] website [ ] JOIN A GREAT CREW OF EXPATS AND GOLF FAIRING GUYS AND GIRLS. These expats are the best and they have been around for many years and still hold up the tradition of the Chiangmai Social Golfers Club for all---have fun, play, drink, get exercise & join the team. Let us take you to the best Golf courses like the original Gymkhana Club: Green Valley and Royal Chiangmai +++ which are totally superb golf courses. There are now over 10 Golf Courses in the Chiangmai Province OUR GOLFERS TOURS:

CHIANGMAI GOLFERS PACKAGE we offered back then 2002????

: Chiang Mai. From 1 day to - 4 day / 3night - 3 rounds of golf. ARRIVAL DAY: We pick you up and take you to your Hotel to settle in or play a round of golf in the afternoon. Day 2: Golf in the morning at  Royal Chiangmai Golf Course or if you are jet lagged then play on the easy Gymkhana Club in Chiangmai to get the feeling back in the hands. A-la-carte at Royal Chiangmai during the week otherwise its a shower and changed & to one of our special restaurants with optional kantoke concert evening & then a nightclub that we have planned for you or buying at the night bazaar. Day 3: Choice of golf again at the fabulous green valley Golf Course. An early start then time for either a Massage & luncheon buffet available at green Valley after which a  FREE afternoon to go shopping at either the shopping of your choice. Or you can choose a day trip to the border/ hill tribes etc & see the mighty Mekong River which includes lunch. Day 4: Another game of golf & after visit the elephants, snakes & orchard farms then its a night on the town with kantoke Thai Traditional meal & show. Chance for last minute buying at the night bazaar. Transport is arranged. Loads of options here & if you purchase we arrange shipping for you. After December please write to us for our new prices. We WERE TAT certified by the Thailand Tourism Authority: No 023-0533. Yes Tama had a TAT license for tourism so we were always covered in the event someone told on us for running visa runs etc??



    Chiangmai -Lumphun Golf Course Chiangmai        Chiangmai -Lumphun Golf Course Chiangmai
   Waterford  Golf Course ChiangRai      Royal Chiangmai  Golf Course Chiangmai
   Royal Chiangmai  Golf Course Chiangmai--Hotel    Chiangmai -Lumphun Golf Course Chiangmai
   Chiangmai -Lumphun Golf Course Chiangmai     Chiangmai -Lumphun Golf Course Chiangmai-Hotel
   Santiburi Golf Course ChiangRai         Santiburi Golf Course ChiangRai


BASED ON SINGLE PERSON: Full costs approx 9,500 baht for 3 days of Golf but if more than 1 person we discount so make up a team of 4 or more and write to us as the more that come the cheaper it is: Green Valley was 3500 baht for one day at which includes transport, Golf fees, club hire, shoes, chair, Cart, transport for the day & buffet luncheon & shopping at the factories you want to see. Includes snacks, water & soft drinks. Hotel not included. Royal Chiangmai budget around 3000 baht a day. Includes transport full Golf hire and fees plus Cart. A-la carte meal snacks & shopping of your choice & Transport. Hotel not included. If you want to stay at Royal Chiangmai for a night then they do have a good special which we can book for you or  [ take a look ]. ChiangMai- Lumphun with full hire and fees plus Cart for 2 people look at a price of 3300 baht per day per each including transfers snacks and drinks & a-la-carte meal at the Chiangmai-Lumphun course. Hotel not included.
Below is the old setup from 2002 which started the Chiangmai Golfers Club in the small Aussie Cafe run by Mark Ellenden, Ric Cameron from Aus and Tama Ruru from NZ and joined later by Jim from Australia. As it got off the ground it moved from the Aussie Cafe to Phil Williams Restaurant in the old city on Ratchamanka Rd . We started with Visa runs to Mae Sai then to get expats and visitors to join in recreational Golf and it worked well. Hats off to Ric Cameron and Mark for taking control as we started with hiring a Van then Ric bought a VW combi with TV etc for a few months and Tama did the advertising in the Chiangmai Trader News. We all put in to make this work and it did work with the team. The VW was slow up the hills and ended up giving it back to the Thai owner who luckily was a good friend of ours and refunded the money--not the best wagon to use on the Mae Sai run. Ric then went ahead and bought a good Toyota Hiace then after a time had Tic a Thai man drive the visa runs and take over the driving for Ric. It was a lot of fun in those days but the Van also had problems as Tic drove over a hill on the way to Mae Sai one day and drove into the back of a car stationary in the middle of the road--not his fault but the dopey driver parking in the middle of the road? The odd other problem like exhaust etc we managed to get the Club rolling & it was Ric who took over the reins and made it work. Ric however was really into his Visa Runs as this took most of his time & it the Golf was really Mark's.
It was also hilarious at times with balls going in all sorts of directions including one day when Mark Ellenden managed to lob a ball into a shop outside the Gymkhana club knocking over 2 glasses on the counter?? Then we had a few golfers who managed to lose more balls than I can name. Ron Tyre from the Uk had the odd trouble with hitting the divits rather than the ball but plenty of antics as we were all "new" playing golf in the 40 degree temps at times that made even the toughest foreign temperatures rise???.The mix of nationalities made it even more comical but of course this was a Social Club and thats part of the fun. Lucky there were pit stops at various holes along the way and one could buy a beer to cool off but everyone had their moments and of course after the games it got even merrier. This is the beauty about living in the "land of smiles" as we did just that after each game. Mark and Tay eventually returned to Darwin. The Aussie Cafe changed hands to Ray Symonds from West Aus a non golfer and Ric went back to Brisbane for work & others got into hearing visa runs and did the same. Tama headed back to the farm in NZ but we still keep in touch. In the meantime the Club changed its name to the Chiangmai Social Golfers Club as many thought we were a golf course & not to be confused. Ric is the only original left who frequents back and forth as Tama spends more time in Bangkok & NZ now but I believe Mark and Tay were heading back maybe to Buriram where Tay lives and a new franchise to the Chiangmai club might start up with Mark again as he was a good organiser??


Roger Mack USA and in front Ron Tyre from the UK. Ron used to get around in a sidecar with his wife in an armchair?? only in the land of smiles



ChiangMai's newest Hotel or we will book you into the Westin Hotel, Empress Hotel, Rydges Tapae Hotel   (ChiangMai's premier Hotel). Daily breakfast 4 rounds of weekday golf,  caddy or Cart & Golf plus all transfers by air-con.  Buffet Luncheon at the Green Valley Golf Club or a-la-carte at Royal Chiangmai. Plus we provide you with the best that ChiangMai can offer you like shopping, night clubbing or sightseeing if you have your wife and children who want to see the sights of Thailand and or Chiangmai or go on a buying spree. We know the best places to go & buy as we own the Chiangmai Trader News, Chiangmai's premium monthly Trader's news for tourists and business people. We are also foreign/Thai owned and cater for every foreigner's whims however big or small.  Whats more you are looked after by our own guides & even arranging golf lessons. Day hire for our minibus with fuel /driver 1500 baht a day & with guide & driver 2000 baht but if you have a group it gets even cheaper. We do not charge individual rates so as a party you save using our Minibus; includes snacks, refreshments etc. --- Hire is: 7am to 10pm but we can run till midnight for the late stayers.




Valid with min 4 people in a group. Rates are in Thai baht (43baht =$US1) & inclusive of Govt taxes & services charges. We are conducting 1,2,3,5,7, day packages of Golf in ChiangMai with alternates for other courses if wanted which include accommodation. These were the rates back in 2002 and History but if you wish to join the club go to the blog You can read more on Garry's website [ ]


Above package may change according to availability but  includes: 1/. Accommodation with daily breakfast. Please select your Hotel. 2/. Weekday Golf with green fees, caddy fees at either Chiangmai Green valley Country Club, Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort & Chiangmai-Lumphun Golf Club. 3/. 20% discount at Angsana Spa & a la carte menu. 4/. Transfers from airport-hotel - airport & between golf courses 5/. If less than 4 persons we can quote a price for you. Just email us for the latest info in our Golf Tours.



Hotel, golf and trekking packages that suit your pocket! Ask us as we can still tailor make a package for you & recommend any Hotel we feel will suit you.  



For more info please  [ e-mail us





PLEASE NOTE SOME OF THESE LINKS HAVE BEEN OUTDATED & NO LONGER CURRENT: We will be working on establishing new links to help Golfers coming to Chiangmai AS AT MAY 2013 and wishing to join the Club of expats.




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