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We in Thailand have the right tools and marketing experience to make the right website for you. The cost is 20,000 baht which includes domain name; hosting for 1 year and 10 pages which includes form automated.

Domain Name paid up for 1 year Hosting Service on USA hosting
Web Site Construction you choose colours etc Navigation from Index page to all others
Page Design you choose HTML or PHP Coding
Text & Keywords that we make. You send text on email to us Logos, banners, flash and Graphics pictures
Your email auto returns direct to you & form your text Links created & Search submission to google, Yahoo and MSN
  1. We provide an original header moving flash graphic based on your scanned logo or trademark and modified to suit, or we will design one from scratch if you don't yet have one.
  2. You supply the text and we can do the rest for you
  3. Pictures to go on every page just enhances your website and we can do this
  4. We add tables and links on every page which meets google requirements & easy navigation.
  5. We can make a map for your website of your office site and how to get to you.
  6. Foms any size any text so you get info while you sleep
  7. We upload everything then ast the end we give you all passwords and software to use for you to take over
  8. Marketing packages to suite every application.
  9. We link you into asiatradingonline and provide your website on disk for security
  10. FREE ongoing consultation for 1 year after we finish & templates if you want to take over.

       Additional feature
        - Flash animation 5,000 baht
        - More 2 language charge 50% of first language.
        - A Banners 800 baht
        - Back office(administrator section) 5,000-10,000 baht
        - Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 5,000- 20,000baht
        - Payment(paypal) 2,000 baht
        - Forum 2,000 baht

All webiste are different so let us quote you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services;

Search engine optimization is the process of making ones website content more search engine friendly to attract traffic by ranking higher. SEO is marketing by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search for, to help match those visitors with sites offering what they are interested in finding. The major search engines are Google yahoo and MSN. They handle 92% of all Search Engine Traffic.

We can optimize your website with the latest methodology LSI to get the maximum exposure in the search engines? We will rank your website in the search engines. We follow White Hat SEO techniques to get your website rank high in the Search Engines on Tade & industry specific keywords to get your business better hits.

Our SEO Package includes;

1. Analyse & Recommend. 2. On-page Optimization.
3. Off-page Optimization. 4. Social Media Optimization.
4. Industrial & Trade Media Optimization. 5. Advanced Optimization.

We also offer custom made packages both for Website Design, Development & SEO services.

We guarantee High Rankings in Search Engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo on the 1st rating pages

Professional marketing your website takes 3 months & 1 month to

review processes EXTRA COST See more info below


NOT GETTING THE HITS YOU WANT then ask us as we are experienced marketing specialists in Thailand who can optimize your website to generate not only more hits but also more customers. Are you a Trading website and not sure what and how to capture your target markets then we can assist you with out marekting plans to suit. For the sum as low as 50,000 baht we will guarantee to increase your website exposure or 80% of your money back. We make sure you get more business generated on your website within our 4 month marketing period.

We also have plans to market your website for 6 months & 12 month periods. Let us manage your website for you in Thailand. Its cheaper than the west and we have the marketing skills to assist all businesses

How does this work:

1/. We optimize your website to see what hits you presently receive & what market segments you require

2/. This means we redo your website and change your existing website to suit your applications on you behalf as necessary.

3/. We have the tools & SOFTWARE to increase your exposure to customers

4/. Our marketing staff will increase your search engine ratings in the areas of your business segment.

5/. Google adsense added so you already start earning monthly cheques & you will get your money back in months.

6/. Recommendations to you to increase hits & we Add more pages as are necessary.

7/. Automate forms and feedback direct to you.

8/. Make appropriate banners and link models for linking to other sites; selling yourself.

9/. At the end of 4 months you will see the difference or we refund 80% of your money.

10/. Why 4 months? it takes 3 months to work on any website to increase your pages; to increase your market segments and to optimize your hits! a waiting period of 1 month makes 4 months. Remember there are over 29 billion pages on the net now with 3 million new sites per month but we have the experience to get you to the place where you want to be.


On acceptance of our plan to you we accept payment via TT to our Company Bank Account + VAT 7% for your tax.


We offer marketing discount of 10% if we market for you.


80% refund if we cannot change the working status of your website to increase your hits.


[ Model Websites ]


Cost is from 6000 baht per month. We copy and market your product lines for min 1 year period. All hits come via us direct to you. You maintain your website. We market yoru website using our websites we own.

Stand alone website with own url & domain name /hosting service. Hey we can help you solve all your IT and website problems for a fraction of the price.


Do you want that special website for yourself or Corporate look then ask us as we now have the Thai Team that can construct a website just for you. All we need is the information you want including what the theme is and then let us do the work for you. Our rates are the cheapest in the world and we can do anything you want from animation to special effects using the latest techniques to capture the ideas you need to sell or promote your products and or services. We can create interactive web sites to whatever degree you want. These web sites use databases to remember customers, products, orders, and whatever else your web site will need. We  create those extra special web pages for your staff to manage the web site making it easier for you. Our programming is totally reliable & our services are cheaper than any western countries.


We offer Thailand domain names cheaper than most so compare our prices, our reliability and buy your website domain name URL off us. We are the cheapest domain name registration in Thailand and can offer you full support for all your website solutions.

Get your domain name or hosting service now. Get a Domain name now. THE CHEAPEST WEBSITE DOMAIN NAMES IN THAILAND ON :  



We are offering 2 top web names for sale here in Chiangmai Thailand. Both have been a success and the owner wants to move South to the sea and retire.

[ Check other domains for sale ]

MORE DOT COM NAMES FOR SALE : If you wish to sell please write to us and we will list for free. Selling commission =9% of sale price.

Whether you want to buy a domain name or, Asia Trading Post is for you.The below domain names are for sale with database
OFFERS over $100,000US

[ Check other domains for sale ]


bulletProgramming in PHP, Perl, Java, and JavaScript plus animated websites
bulletMySQL and Oracle databases
bulletSecure servers and password-protected pages when needed
bulletVeriSign credit card processing if wanted
bulletPayPal integration for low-cost payments
bulletAny features like guestbooks, cgi forms and shopping carts
bulletMulti media and interactive.

Our services also include:

bulletWebsite Design, Development and Construction
bulletWebsite Management and Maintenance
bulletWeb site Hosting
bulletDomain Name Registration with ICNN approval
bulletSearch Engine Registrations

Please email us:  We can offer you the following:

1[ Introduction page ] full of java and fireworks 2. [ Text ] not only the right words but the right listings for you.
3. [ Graphics ] without which you won't have that affect on your target market. 4. [ Animation ] to create the unbelievable
5. [ Photos ] which will only but enhance your website. 6. [ Scripts ] for customer forms, shopping carts etc.



1/. Website promotion for FREE 2/. Wesite submission to the best for FREE
3/. How to get the most out of your website. 4/. FREE ongoing help when you have problems.

FREE quotations on all website work! We specialize in assisting foreign 

Companies at under half the costs to produce in the West.

Our web Maintenance and Web Renovation - $US 8 per hour so let us jazz up your website, make sure the links work, add what you will need like graphics & the right text and submit the right metatext to meet your target markets. Most pages take us 2-3 hours max unless we customize your own particular logos.

Extra Pages -$US15-20 per page using your templates

Form Pages - $US 20 with any info you want

HTML Cleanup - $US10 per page

Custom Graphic Design - Photoshop work, logo development - $US 8 per hour

Interactive Mutimedia CDs- sample CDs for your samples -$US10 per hour and we will reproduce for you and send min 100 CDs with your Company logo on the cover of each CD.

FREE quotations on all website work! We specialize in assisting foreign 

Companies at under half the costs to produce in the West.



For further details please write to us including company profile

and see if we can assist you to promote your goods and or services world wide.


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N.B. Complete law services via our NEW Thai Lawyer partner . (re: Alien Business Law: NEC Announcement 281 Cat A prohibited to foreigners). However under the terms of our  Company License Asia Trading Post (Co Ltd)  provide : 1. Cat 34 lawyer services  &2.  Cat 35.consultancy services.

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