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Getting the most out of your website you must have the following:



A good clean website that opens quickly W3C Compliant (X)HTML
Able to support browsers and different versions ? (e.g. IE, Firefox, Opera) Your pages load quickly?
Nice looking of text with background &easy to read? Must have screen resolutions (e.g. 800 x 600, 1024 x 768) no horizontal scrolling?
Navigation links that are clear & easy to follow? Main navigation in same place on each page?
Most important pages in the main navigation? Anchor text only (e.g. no javascript menu)?
For larger sites, have a textfield search? Have clear are images? Are they relevant?
Make sure you can find homepage Able to find phone number email or form?
Basic actions few clicks as possible to get to main point? Good colours, fonts and text sizes throughout the site?
Headline tags present on pages (A1, A2 etc)? Good content & rich with relevant keyphrases?
URL, TITLE tags fairly uniform on every page External links able to get reciprocate links with potential link partners

Now if you have all this then youre ready to get good

hits & search engine




1/. When getting a website made make sure you control the name & hosting service you use.
2/. Don’t get FREE hosting. If you cannot afford $5 a month then you shouldn’t be on the net and google don’t like free websites or for that matter yahoo.
3/. Get what you pay for & don’t let some dipstick try to run your website. He only wants your money?
4/. Don’t spend money on paid website links that do not correspond to you like paid links. They are a waste of money and actually can be detrimental in your losing hits as these are plain scams for whoever wants you to list.
5/. Remember Google and Yahoo are the only machines to get into. We know this and it works for us as they now pay Asia Trading Post for IT solutions in Thailand ---hows that guys.
6/. If you want advise then follow our train of thought?
7/. Remember theres millions of other websites wanting your space??? & more to come each second.
8/. Our favourite free email offering 2gb space is :

9/. Dont forget if you get email spam forward to and send it. It all helps to get rid of these Nigerian scams, Lottery & Bank account scams in our world

Hey take care, have fun and make plenty of doleros for your families. Send us feedback if this fits the bill in your situation as we are here to help you.

Chok dee & have a great time on the net,
Asia Trading Post

Stand alone website with own url & domain name /hosting service. Hey we can help you solve all your IT and website problems for a fraction of the price.


Do you want that special website for yourself or Corporate look then ask us as we now have the Thai Team that can construct a website just for you. All we need is the information you want including what the theme is and then let us do the work for you. Our rates are the cheapest in the world and we can do anything you want from animation to special effects using the latest techniques to capture the ideas you need to sell or promote your products and or services. We can create interactive web sites to whatever degree you want. These web sites use databases to remember customers, products, orders, and whatever else your web site will need. We  create those extra special web pages for your staff to manage the web site making it easier for you. Our programming is totally reliable & our services are cheaper than any western countries.


We offer Thailand domain names cheaper than most so compare our prices, our reliability and buy your website domain name URL off us. We are the cheapest domain name registration in Thailand and can offer you full support for all your website solutions.

Get your domain name or hosting service now. Get a Domain name now. THE CHEAPEST WEBSITE DOMAIN NAMES IN THAILAND ON :  



bulletProgramming in PHP, Perl, Java, and JavaScript plus animated websites
bulletMySQL and Oracle databases
bulletSecure servers and password-protected pages when needed
bulletVeriSign credit card processing if wanted
bulletPayPal integration for low-cost payments
bulletAny features like guestbooks, cgi forms and shopping carts
bulletMulti media and interactive.

Our services also include:

bulletWebsite Design, Development and Construction
bulletWebsite Management and Maintenance
bulletWeb site Hosting
bulletDomain Name Registration with ICNN approval
bulletSearch Engine Registrations

Please email us:  We can offer you the following:

1[ Introduction page ] full of java and fireworks 2. [ Text ] not only the right words but the right listings for you.
3. [ Graphics ] without which you won't have that affect on your target market. 4. [ Animation ] to create the unbelievable
5. [ Photos ] which will only but enhance your website. 6. [ Scripts ] for customer forms, shopping carts etc.

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1/. Website promotion for FREE 2/. Wesite submission to the best for FREE
3/. How to get the most out of your website. 4/. FREE ongoing help when you have problems.

FREE quotations on all website work! We specialize in assisting foreign 

Companies at under half the costs to produce in the West.

Our web Maintenance and Web Renovation - $US 8 per hour so let us jazz up your website, make sure the links work, add what you will need like graphics & the right text and submit the right metatext to meet your target markets. Most pages take us 2-3 hours max unless we customize your own particular logos.

Extra Pages -$US15-20 per page using your templates

Form Pages - $US 20 with any info you want

HTML Cleanup - $US10 per page

Custom Graphic Design - Photoshop work, logo development - $US 8 per hour

Interactive Mutimedia CDs- sample CDs for your samples -$US10 per hour and we will reproduce for you and send min 100 CDs with your Company logo on the cover of each CD.

FREE quotations on all website work! We specialize in assisting foreign 

Companies at under half the costs to produce in the West.



For further details please write to us including company profile

and see if we can assist you to promote your goods and or services world wide.


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[ Check a domain name ] for you.  [ Website samples we have made

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