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Get your domain name or hosting service now. Get a Domain name now. THE CHEAPEST WEBSITE DOMAIN NAMES IN THAILAND ON :  

We are offering 2 top web names for sale here in Chiangmai Thailand. Both have been a success and the owner wants to move South to the sea and retire.



1/.  CHIANGMAI LAW WEBSITE FOR SALE: TOP NAME EXCELLENT HITS LAWYER RETIRING: is a law related website in Chiangmai Thailand that has been in profit mode since its start some 10 years ago. The present lawyer names cannot be used unless one negotiates with them but it is an excellent great start to any foreigner whose an ex lawyer with a head start in the law business in Chiangmai or anywhere in Thailand but can be based anywhere in Thailand. It is also ideal for any foreigner wanting to start into their own business and company work permit is arranged. Its not a bar; its not a dumb deal --its an opportunity to have a business that only makes money and is internet based with the best dot com law name in the business. Excellent hits, excellent name and a one in a life time purchase buy as its yours for life or when you wish to sell. Can assist the setup of a new company in the sale; templates, 1 year free hosting, complete domain name in your name & free banner ads to ad to the collection already onboard. This is where you work with lawyers of your own choosing or with the present ones --vet the incoming clients requests and reap the benefit of a % of the costs to what you want. This is an above board business website with the best name in the business. Remember we are selling the best web name in Chiangmai. If interested write in confidence with background resume & interest. Best listings in google with adsense google in place to pay you each month. Working with Thai lawyers of ones choice this website has an excellent name ---in fact a top saleable name in the dot com world and is priced for sale to the highest offer. We will consider condo in Bangkok as part payment if in Sukhumvit/ Pratunam area. Refer LAWDOTCOM1

2/. REAL ESTATE WITH ULTIMATE EXCELLENT NAME WEBSITE: yet another great dot com name for sale in Thailand. Comes complete with staff with already setup database. You get a head start as this business is established and you have a DOT COM domain name thats classey, yours alone for life and free hosting service for the year. Ideal for a property developer to have another great name in Chiangmai and have a head start in the promoting of ones business. You cannot buy any more 2word dot com names today and this domain name has commanded No1 listings everywhere and one can get back on the sales of properties with ease. Can assist with Company for a foreigner and guide to the best law office for startup and also offer 1 year free advice on the ins and outs of the realty world to increase your sales as we know this business. This business is for sale on offer now for website WITH database property listings but see the cost below. Refer RealtyDOTCOM1

Remember you have 2 of the best Chiangmai business names in the business world and for a foreigner wanting his own business you cannot go wrong as the domain names are now only appreciating and you cannot any better name anymore. In fact we have been told from the USA domain names that both of these website URL names are collectors items now.  If interested write in confidence with background resume & interest.

2/. THAITRADEME & ASIATRADEME.COM WEBSITES: & are for sale. Buy both & use 1 PHP database for both.

The Fairfax publishing group continued the trend of Australia media companies pushing to acquire more of the web by purchasing New Zealand’s equivalent of eBay - Trade Me. eBay is present in NZ, but it doesn’t have the penetration that Trade Me has. The sale of TradeMe netted it’s investors a cool $670 million just for the domain name and database.

MORE DOT COM NAMES FOR SALE : If you wish to sell please write to us and we will list for free. Selling commission =9% of sale price.

Whether you want to buy a domain name or, Asia Trading Post is for you. We are selling Thailand and SE Asia based web domains and names. The below domain names are for sale with database & can be changed to suit the buyer. We look at the "quality" of the domain name being listed rather than the "quantity" of domain names listed. We sell Asia related websiteb domains only and are the only company that does.? All of our listings are "word wise" meaning that they do not include numbers, hyphens or double letters. Each domain name is a word or combination of words that actually make sense and is easy to remember but BKK is known as Bangkok for short so this is OK. These types of domain names are more valuable than just throwing together a bunch of letters, numbers or mis-spelled words.

Besides purchasing the domain name outright, SOME of the domains listed can be leased in tact with whatever database one wants per year. FREE setup, free maintenance and all emails go to you so just ask us.

2m baht
5 m BAHT
6 m BAHT
$US 100,000
$US 150,000

Because each domain name is unique,  it is most likely difficult for you to estimate the fair market value of your domain name.Your valuation of the domain name depends on its current market value and your expectation of the future price trends. Your valuation of the domain name depends on its current market value and your expectation of the future price trends and what you can do with it making you money. All our domains for sale are SE Asia related..** Cybercomb is Thai owned but universal.

Please email us:  We can offer you the following:



For further details please write to us including company profile

and see if we can assist you to promote your goods and or services world wide.

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N.B. Complete law services via our NEW Thai Lawyer partner . (re: Alien Business Law: NEC Announcement 281 Cat A prohibited to foreigners). However under the terms of our  Company License Asia Trading Post (Co Ltd)  provide : 1. Cat 34 lawyer services  &2.  Cat 35.consultancy services.

 COPYRIGHT: No parts or parts of this website may be copied, printed or circulated for publication in any form or part of without the express written permission of Asia Trading Post Co Ltd. Please also note all Thailand affected pages which include eg. law, immigration, visas can not be used unless  written permission is obtained from both 29 Tanin Co Ltd--Law Office & also Asia Trading Post Co Ltd by way of contract.  All infringements will be an infringement of privacy and our company will act accordingly. See FAQs