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VISA TO UK           

Please be careful of bad publicity about company's in Pattaya that are charging has much has 70-80,000 baht up front for a visa plus the embassy fee ask 10,000 deposit and if they fail to obtain the visa then they refund the 10,000 in full or you say try again we do not ask for any more money even if we have to do 5 times but the embassy fee has to be paid every time the company's to stear clear off are easy visa and key visa remember you have been conned. Be careful once these people have got your money you have no chance of getting it returned only further expense 




The UK Government is introducing biometric data collection

(ten-finger scans and a digital photograph for each applicant) as part of a world-wide biometric identification process, designed to protect an individual’s identity, facilitate future entry to the UK, and combat visa fraud and abuse of the UK’s immigration and asylum systems. The UK Visa Application Centre is located at 2ndFloor, Regent House, 183 Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330,
With effect from 21 June 2007 all visa applicants aged five or over, irrespective of nationality, will have to apply in person at the Visa Application Centre in Bangkok and provide their fingerscans and a digital photograph in support of their application.
All visa applicants must provide their biometric data, with the exception of:- 
  * United Nations officials holding UN travel documents who are travelling on official UN business.
  * Commonwealth and NATO armed forces personnel posted for service in the UK.
  * Holders of a certificate of entitlement confirming right of abode in the United Kingdom.
  * Children under the age of five. The application cannot be processed if an applicant refuses, or cannot provide, acceptable biometric data. Fingerscans will be collected from each applicant by using an electronic scanner. No ink, liquid orchemical will be used and the procedure will take no more than two minutes to complete. Applicants are asked to ensure that their fingertips are free from any forms of decoration, abrasions or other markings, and that any facial cuts and bruises have healed or disappeared as these may affect their ability to provide acceptable fingerscans and photographs. Digital photographs cannot be taken with applicants wearing glasses or coverings that hide the face or neck. For further information about the application process please contact our commercial partners, VFS Global: The UK Government remains committed to an Immigration system that operates in the interests of both the security and prosperity of the UK and provides a fair and convenient service for our foreign friends. The programme will increase the integrity of the immigration process by fixing the identity of visa applicants and make a crucial contribution to the fight against international terrorism and organised crime. It remains our commitment to ensure the integrity of our visa process. Any applicant submitting false documentation or other information in support of their application may be refused a visa and the matter may be referred to the local authorities.


1/. The more fluent in English the girl is, the better.
2/. The more direct and concise her answers to the various question are.
Vague, I want to be with _____ or I want to see the UK will NOT suffice.
3/. She will have an interview. Dressing as anything but the utmost proper will not fly. The best attire is a full business suit with matching extremely modest skirt and hose. Sensible shoes.
4/. Documentation of interests: "While in the UK I would very much like to see the following... (include if at all possible information pamphlets of respected institutions such as the Smithsonian). 
5/. Display as clearly and visibly as possible an interest in cultures and history.
Give a solid indication of a desire to continue life and career here in Thailand. As an example, the trip to the UK is in part related to furthering her education in Thailand or improving her career prospects. 
6/. Submit character references.
7/. If in doubt, to any degree of questions to be answered in writing, the farang should ask. Some forms and details can be quite tricky. If in doubt at the interview, ALWAYS have the girl reply, "I do not understand the question" or "Could you please rephrase the question?". 
8/. PRIM AND PROPER is the byword. NEVER hold hands or similar. Always act like a pair of business people pursuing a matter of fact clerical obligation.

9/. NEVER get emotional in any shape or form, written or verbal. If things appear to be going wrong, always ask for more detailed information or instructions. Never make assumptions. 
10/. Avoid if at all possible any mention of a personal relationship. Practice sidestepping questions like: Do you two intend to get married? with "We would have to give that some serious thought. We do have our careers to think of."

If you have had problems or have managed to get your visa we would like to hear your story. Helping us definitely helps others: email US : 


The other way of applying is for a FIANCEE VISA whereby the applicant can apply for a 90 days visa if they are going to marry an American. They can apply if they have been refused a Tourist visa and the necessary forms are available from any consulate. Should they not marry after 90 days then the applicant must leave the USA and any further applications by that same person may be deemed finished. You must do this yourself and a Thai lawyer cannot help you. Please note you must process yourself with the Consulate. Our Thai Lawyer cannot help you. Got to [ Fiancee visa ]



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