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Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries so check first as the rules have changed. [ Countries ]. In 2010 you can now get a 6 month visa by going to Cambodia for 2 days ( from Pattaya ). You can also get a multiple visa by going to Vientianne in Laos for a visa. You can get a multiple tourist visa which if you are staying in Thailand for 6 months.
It's good for 2 months and then you extend it for one month at Thai Immigration, then he go to Mae Sai out of Thailand just over the border or Poipet etc for the next 2 months & again to Thai immigration for the extra month then repeat and one more extension and one year later go back to Vientiene.


Ban Laem/Cambodia: price for ASEAN Citizen, Filipino, Laotian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, S’porean adjust to THB700.-, as the service fee at border has been increased as of 1st May 2012.

Vientiane/Laos: for the people who went in February 2012 to Vientiane/Laos and received a Double Entry,  extended the Visa by 30days at Thai Immigration and are now looking to activate the second entry, please CROSSCHECK THE ENTER BEFORE DATE on the visa.



Immigration office
in Bangkok: Building B,
Bangkok Government Center,
Chaengwattana Road (close to the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chaengwattana Road.)
Best go via taxi or you can take a bus from Mor Chit BTS to Chaengwattana Road. It's easy and cheap although the number 52.Bus 52 from Victory or the bus 166 over the expressway, as soon as it leaves the expressway get off and get a motorcyle taxi.
The office is near the MFA and before the Prachacheun turning, coming from Vibhavadi Rangsit. The Ministry of Foreign affairs is nearby
Another option is the train, a local train from Hua Lamphong to Laksi takes 40 minutes and costs 4 baht, follow that with a 10 baht motorbike taxi to the new immigration office and it's a pretty cheap trip!

Visa exemptions, or “visas on arrival”, allow tourists from certain countries who arrive at a Thai border without a visa to have permits-to-stay, normally for a period of 30 days, issued by Immigration officials.
People who enter Thailand on a ‘visa exemption’ are permitted to stay only 90 days in a six-month period,
From April 1, they count only the days the foreigner has stayed in Thailand and foreigners are now allowed to stay past the 180-day period, A 7 day extension at any Thai immigration costs 1900baht.

The number of consecutive visa exemptions allowed is no longer limited to three. Those who choose to enter on multiple visa exemptions it is up to the discretion of the Immigration officer how many days to grant the new arrival, provided it is 30 days or fewer. The 90-day rule does not affect people who have been issued a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate overseas.

Parents bringing children to Thailand to attend school, can apply for non-immigrant ED visas for their children at any Royal Thai Embassy outside Thailand. Parents can apply for a non-immigrant O visas for themselves so they can enter the country and care for their children here, and then they can apply for permits to stay at the Immigration office after entering the country. Many international schools in Thailand help parents prepare applications for permits to stay & children under 14 years old are not fined for an overstay.

[ Your options available ]

Immigration to issue 'frequent traveller' card 

A new immigration card will be introduced for use by those going in and out of Thailand by the end of this year, said Immigration Police chief, Pol Lt-Gen Chatchawan Suksomchit.Holders of the Immigration Card will include those who travel in and out of the country three to five times in a year, regardless of their nationality.The Immigration Card holders, Thai and foreign alike, will bypass normal procedures of the Immigration Police which include scanning for criminal suspects or those on the police and immigration Watch List.Instead, the Immigration Card holders will have the privileges to go through fast passage at airports, the Immigration Police chief said.The Immigration Card, which will be issued to travellers by the end of this year, at the height of the tourist season, was part of the efforts to promote tourism and investment in the country.The Immigration Police will also open Call Centre 1178 early next year to provide tourism-related information in eight languages. Besides, the Immigration Police will take part in the crackdown on the exploitation of foreign labour and flesh trade nationwide. (TNA) Oct 2nd 2008 Bangkok Post

TRAVELLING OUT OF THAILAND: the Royal Thai Embassies and the Royal Thai Consulates visa fees:

o US $60.00 for single entry
o US $150.00 for multiple entries
o US $150.00 (APEC Multiple Entries)
o US $300.00 (Three-year Non-Immigrant "B" for Business and Work)

o US $30.00 per entry

o US $25.00 per entry

If you are on a tourist visa living or staying in Thailand and travel say to Hongkong for a few days make sure when you re enter Thailand you have your onward ticket. If not you will be jailed by Immigration on entering until someone brings your exit ticket from your home showing immigration for leaving Thailand.

Please note you must leave Thailand if your Visa expires. if you use agents then you will be prosecuted. The law states one must leave themselves. Please note you can obtain a non immigrant B visa in Penang if you have the right company papers and WP3 or Tor tor 3 form from the labour office  In Mae Sai if going for a tourist one month visa you must show 10,000 baht when you come back  into Thailand. For families 40,000 baht in cash and 3 month non immigrant holders 20,000 baht you must show  to the Thai border on the way into Thailand. However dress nicely as they are only asking those they think do not have any cash but be aware of this IN CASE YOU ARE ASKED. All other border crossings they do not ask for cash. REMEMBER OVERSTAY IS NOW 500 BAHT PER DAY or pay at the airport on departure 20,000baht max. Children over 7yrs also must pay if in overstay..

Our Law Office in now registered to sign notary documents and Visas. We also can assist those wanting to transact business in China & those in Bangkok who wish to seek help with Thai partners to secure visas to their countries. We are the first Visa news Company running in Thailand and have all English speaking lawyers in Bangkok and Chiangmai.


15 day visas on arrival = Can enter Thailand for 15 days as tourists (Visa on arrival): Bhutan; China : People?s Republic of China, Cyprus : Republic of Cyprus; Czech : Czech Republic;Maldives : Republic of Maldives; Oman; Russian Federation;Kazakhstan : Republic of Kazakhstan; Poland; Taiwan; Urkraine;

0 days = Must apply for visa before travelling to Thailand as a Royal Thai Embassy in your country:Albania : People's Republic of Albania
Andorra : Principality of Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina : Argentina Republic Armenia : Republic of Armenia; Azerbaijan : Republic of Azerbaijan; Bahamas : Commonwealth of the Bahamas; Barbados; Belarus : Republic of Belarus; Bolivia : Republic of Bolivia; Botswana : Republic of Botswana; Bulgaria : Republic of Bulgaria; Burkina Faso : Republic of Burkina Faso; Burundi : Republic of Burundi; Cameroon : Federal Republic of Cameroon; Cape Verde : Republic of Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad : Republic of Chad; Colombia : Republic of Colombia; Congo : Democratic Republic of the Congo; Costa Rica : Republic of Costa Rica; Cote d'Ivoire : Republic of Cote d'Ivorie; Croatia : Republic of Croatia; Djibouti : Republic of Djibouti; Dominica : Commonwealth of Dominica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador : Republic of Ecuador; Egypt : Arab Republic of Egypt; Equatorial Guinea : Rep. of Equatorial Guinea; Estonia : Republic of Estonia; Ethiopia : The Federal Dem. Rep. of Ethiopia; Fiji : Republic of Fiji; Gabon : Gabonese Republic; Gambia : Republic of Gambia; Georgia; Guatemala : Republic of Guatemala; Guinea : Republic of Guinea; Guinea-Bissau : Republic of Guinea Bissau; Haiti : Republic of Haiti; Honduras : Republic of Honduras; Hong Kong SAR; Hungary : Republic of Hungary;Italy : Republic of Italy; Jamaica; Kazakhstan : Republic of Kazakhstan; Kiribati : Republic of Kiribati; Kenya : Republic of Kenya; Kuwait : State of Kuwait; Kyrgyz : Kyrgyz Republic; Latvia : Republic of Latvia; Lesotho : Kingdom of Lesotho; Liberia : Republic of Liberia; Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein; Macau SAR; Maldives : Republic of Maldives Mali : Republic of Mali; Malta : Republic of Malta; Mauritania : Islamic Republic of Mauritania; Mauritius; Mexico : United Mexican States; Moldova : Republic of Moldova; Monaco : Principality of Monaco; Morocco : Kingdom of Morocco; Myanmar : The Union of Myanmar;Niger; Panama : Republic of Panama; Papua New Guinea : Indep. State of; Paraguay : Republic of Paraguay; Romania; Rwanda : Republic of Rwanda; S.Christopher and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; San Marino : Republic of San Marino; Saudi Arabia : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Senegal : Republic of Senegal; Seychelles : Republic of Seychelles; Sao Tome and Principe : Dem. Rep. of; Sierra Leone : Republic of Sierra Leone;Slovak Republic; Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Somalia : Somali Democratic Republic; Suriname : Republic of Suriname; Swaziland : Kingdom of Swaziland; Tajikistan : Republic of Tajikistan; Tanzania : United Republic of Tanzania ; Togo : Republic of Togo; Tonga : Kingdom of Tonga; Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Tunisia : Republic of Tunisia; Turkmenistan; Tuvalu; Uganda : Republic of Uganda; Uruguay : Oriental Republic of Uruguay; Uzbekistan : Republic of Uzbekistan; Vanuatu : Republic of Vanuatu; Vatican City State; Venezuela : Republic of Venezuela; Western Samoa : Independent State of; Yemen : Republic of Yemen; Zambia : Republic of Zambia; Zimbabwe;

30 day visas below on arrival in Thailand = Can enter Thailand for 30 days as tourists ( see the table below)


Australia : Commonwealth of Australia
Austria : Republic of Austria
Bahrain : State of Bahrain
Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil
Brunei : Brunei Darussalam
Chile : Republic of Chile
Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark
Finland : Republic of Finland
France : French Republic a
Germany : Federal Republic of Germany
Greece : Hellenic Republic
Hong Kong SAR
Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia
Ireland : Republic of Ireland
Israel : State of Israel
Italy : Republic of Italy
Korea (South) : Republic of Korea
Kuwait : State of Kuwait
Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Macau SAR
Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands
New Zealand
Norway : Kingdom of Norway
Peru : Republic of Peru
Philippines : Republic of the Philippines
Portugal : Republic of Portugal
Qatar : State of Qatar
Singapore : Republic of Singapore
South Africa : Republic of South Africa
Spain : Kingdom of Spain
Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden
Switzerland : Swiss Confederation
Turkey : Republic of Turkey e
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland
United States of America
Vietnam - 30 days





15 = May enter Thailand for 15 days as a tourist (Visa on arrival)
30 = May enter 30 days as a tourist (max 90 days in 6 months)
0  = Must apply for a visa before travelling to Thailand at nearest Embassy.

Country   Days    
Albania : People’s Republic of Albania  
Andorra : Principality of Andorra  
Antigua and Barbuda  
Argentina : Argentina Republic   90 
Armenia : Republic of Armenia  
Australia : Commonwealth of Australia   30 
Austria : Republic of Austria   30 
Azerbaijan : Republic of Azerbaijan  
Bahamas : Commonwealth of the Bahamas  
Bahrain : State of Bahrain   30 
Belarus : Republic of Belarus  
Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium   30 
Bhutan : Kingdom of Bhutan   15 
Bolivia : Republic of Bolivia  
Botswana : Republic of Botswana  
Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil   90 
Brunei : Brunei Darussalam   30 
Bulgaria : Republic of Bulgaria  
Burkina Faso : Republic of Burkina Faso  
Burundi : Republic of Burundi  
Cameroon : Federal Republic of Cameroon  
Canada   30 
Cape Verde : Republic of Cape Verde  
Central African Republic  
Chad : Republic of Chad  
Chile : Republic of Chile   90 
China : People’s Republic of China   15 
Colombia : Republic of Colombia  
Congo : Democratic Republic of the Congo  
Costa Rica : Republic of Costa Rica  
Cote d’Ivoire : Republic of Cote d’Ivorie  
Croatia : Republic of Croatia  
Cyprus : Republic of Cyprus   15 
Czech : Czech Republic   15 
Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark   30 
Djibouti : Republic of Djibouti  
Dominica : Commonwealth of Dominica  
Dominican Republic  
Ecuador : Republic of Ecuador  
Egypt : Arab Republic of Egypt  
Equatorial Guinea : Rep. of Equatorial Guinea  
Estonia : Republic of Estonia   15 
Ethiopia : The Federal Dem. Rep. of Ethiopia  
Fiji : Republic of Fiji  
Finland : Republic of Finland   30 
France : French Republic   30 
Gabon : Gabonese Republic  
Gambia : Republic of Gambia  
Germany : Federal Republic of Germany   30 
Greece : Hellenic Republic   30 
Grenada : State of Grenada  
Guatemala : Republic of Guatemala  
Guinea : Republic of Guinea  
Guinea-Bissau : Republic of Guinea Bissau  
Haiti : Republic of Haiti  
Honduras : Republic of Honduras  
Hong Kong SAR   30 
Hungary : Republic of Hungary  
Iceland : Republic of Iceland   30 
India : Republic of India   15 
Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia   30 
Ireland : Republic of Ireland   30 
Israel : State of Israel   30 
Italy : Republic of Italy   30 
Japan   30 
Kazakhstan : Republic of Kazakhstan   15 
Kenya : Republic of Kenya  
Kiribati : Republic of Kiribati  
Korea (South) : Republic of Korea   90 
Kuwait : State of Kuwait   30 
Kyrgyz : Kyrgyz Republic  
Laos:   30 
Latvia : Republic of Latvia   15 
Lesotho : Kingdom of Lesotho  
Liberia : Republic of Liberia  
Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein   15 
Lithuania : Republic of Lithuania   15 
Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg   30 
Macau SAR   30 
Malawi : Republic of Malawi  
Malaysia   30 
Maldives : Republic of Maldives   15 
Mali : Republic of Mali  
Malta : Republic of Malta  
Mauritania : Islamic Republic of Mauritania  
Mexico : United Mexican States  
Moldova : Republic of Moldova  
Monaco : Principality of Monaco  
Morocco : Kingdom of Morocco  
Myanmar : The Union of Myanmar  
Nauru : Republic of Nauru  
Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands   30 
New Zealand   30 
Norway : Kingdom of Norway   30 
Oman : Sultanate of Oman   30 
Panama : Republic of Panama  
Papua New Guinea : Indep. State of  
Paraguay : Republic of Paraguay  
Peru : Republic of Peru   30 
Philippines : Republic of the Philippines   30 
Poland   15 
Portugal : Republic of Portugal   30 
Qatar : State of Qatar   30 
Russian Federation   15 
Rwanda : Republic of Rwanda  
S.Christopher and Nevis  
Saint Lucia  
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
San Marino : Republic of San Marino  
Saudi Arabia : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   15 
Senegal : Republic of Senegal  
Seychelles : Republic of Seychelles  
Sao Tome and Principe : Dem. Rep. of  
Sierra Leone : Republic of Sierra Leone  
Singapore : Republic of Singapore   30 
Slovakia : Slovak Republic   15 
Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia   15 
Solomon Islands  
Somalia : Somali Democratic Republic  
South Africa : Republic of South Africa   30 
Spain : Kingdom of Spain   30 
Suriname : Republic of Suriname  
Swaziland : Kingdom of Swaziland  
Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden   30 
Switzerland : Swiss Confederation   30 
Taiwan   15 
Tajikistan : Republic of Tajikistan  
Tanzania : United Republic of Tanzania  
Togo : Republic of Togo  
Tonga : Kingdom of Tonga  
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago  
Tunisia : Republic of Tunisia  
Turkey : Republic of Turkey   30 
Uganda : Republic of Uganda  
Ukraine   15 
United Arab Emirates   30 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland   30 
United States of America   30 
Uruguay : Oriental Republic of Uruguay  
Uzbekistan : Republic of Uzbekistan  
Vanuatu : Republic of Vanuatu  
Vatican City State  
Venezuela : Republic of Venezuela  
Western Samoa : Independent State of  
Vietnam   30 
Yemen : Republic of Yemen  
Zambia : Republic of Zambia  



  You need to travel to Chang Khong, Mae Sot or Nong Khai in Laos. --- PLEASE RING THE MAE SAI IMMIGRATION: (053) 731-008 OR CHIANGMAI (053) 277-510  & MAE SOT (055)563-002-4 TO CONFIRM

Law services-. Use our Thai Law Office & compare our fees. Specializing in all Law work including retired visas, work permits, company formation, limited partnerships, wills, contracts, title deed searches, conveyancy, leases, house buying, litigation, marriage services, criminal work, translations English, Thai, German. WE QUOTE LAW SERVICES ON REQUEST. 

PENANG NEW B NON IMMIGRANT 3 MONTH ONLY VISA: Letter from my company sectary stating reasons for the visa - signed by her and with company stamp; Company registation / shareholders papers; Copies of passport & work permit; All of the above stamped & signed; 2 x passport sized photos & Cost is 550 Rigit. This is not a multiple visa and to get this you need Company papers and tax receords etc

You must be 50 years old. (Must apply for a non immigrant O visa out of Thailand but once you have then you can reapply in Thailand). You must wait 60 days then apply & it takes one day. You need 800,000 Baht in the bank OR an equivalent amount of income of not less than 65,000 baht every month with proof of pension income before applying for a one year visa. If you need help ask us.
800,000baht must stay in your bank account! & they can ask anytime.

RETIREMENT VISAS: One Year  Quick and easy using our Law Office. Cost is 10,000 baht but we do have an Express 2 day service=cost 15,000baht. You need to show 800,000 baht in the Bank or pension fund with Thai Bank letter stating you have 65,000 baht coming in each month then email us to apply. You must have an existing non immigrant visa to apply & if coming to Thailand from overseas apply for a non immigrant  O visa at your Thai Embassy with proof of funds before you arrive in Thailand. You must be 50 years or over to be eligible.

RETIREMENT MARRIAGE VISAS: One Year  If married to a Thai you need 400,000 baht in the bank OR 40,000 baht per month coming in. You can go to many places now to secure a marriage visa but take bank statements; ID and marriage cert of wife etc. Singapore; Vientianne, Australia etc are the closest places. You will get a 1 year O non immigrant visa.

RESIDENCY VISAS: Our office can help you as these will be valid in December 2003. Our fee is 20,000 baht not including government fees but make sure: 1/. you have 3 years consecutive multiple non immigrant visas to be eligible with no broken record eg. extensions or overstays? 2/. if a pensioner then proof of your funds monthly coming in 3/. What you have done to assist Thai society while you have been in Thailand. 4/.Your educational qualifications 5/. Document from your country from Police to say you have no previous criminal records & certified by your Embassy here.6/. Photo of your house or property if you have? 7/. All the above to be translated into Thai

YEAR WORKING VISAS: Again these are for foreigners working on work permits. We can assist you and it takes approx 3 months from time of application. You need your company papers, tax forms, yearly audit and work permit to apply. Recommended for all those on work permits.

If your status changes eg. your Thai wife dies then you must report this within 14 days and change your visa. Please also do not work even playing in a band as you will be locked up, fined and deported. 

INVESTMENT VISAS: There is no longer an Investment visa of if you have 3m baht invested in a condo.

NON IMMIGRANT A-O OR B MULTIPLE ENTRY VISAS: please do not ask us as you must obtain these at a Royal Thai Embassy out of Thailand

  VISAS FOR THAIS GOING TO YOUR COUNTRY: Our Bangkok law Office can now assist all foreigners with securing Visas for their spouses or friends to most countries. Please email us.  Check Thai Embassy web site at:

BANK ACCOUNTS FOR TOURISTS: These are now being reassessed and tourists may not be eligible to hold a bank account & one is being told they must have a work permit and no tourist visa.

.The costs in England are: 60 pounds for a non-immigrant multiple entry. NZ is $100NZ. USA $US45. Easy places to get the UK visa is Cardiff and in Australia Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

POLICE COMPLAINTS: now have a new email address if you have a problem with Thai Police on  & P.O. Box 191, Rong Muang, Pathum Wan, 10330, Thailand.


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