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90 day limit for Tourist Visas

but go to Vientianne for a multiple Visa

Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries so check first as the rules have changed. [ Countries ]




15 days only as a tourist (Visa on arrival)
30 days as tourists (max 3 times)
0 = Apply for A new visa before coming to Thailand FROM ABROAD AND YOU WILL BE OK.


Remember if coming to Thailand for longer stays then 1 month go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country. Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries so check first as the rules have changed. [ Countries ]. In 2010 you can now get a 6 month visa by going to Cambodia for 2 days ( from Pattaya ). You can also get a multiple visa by going to Vientianne in Laos for a visa. You can get a multiple tourist visa which if you are staying in Thailand for 6 months.
It's good for 2 months and then you extend it for one month at Thai Immigration, then he go to Mae Sai out of Thailand just over the border or Poipet etc for the next 2 months & again to Thai immigration for the extra month then repeat and one more extension and one year later go back to Vientiene.

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Albania =0 days Andorra = 0 days Antigua and Barbuda =0 Argentina=0 Armenia=0 Australia =30
Austria=30 Azerbaijan=0 Bahamas=0 Bahrain=30 Barbados= 0 Belarus=0
Belgium=30 Belize= 0 Bhutan=0 Bolivia=0 Botswana=0 Brazil =30
Brunei=30 Bulgaria=30 Burundi =0 Cameroon =0 Canada= 30 Cape Verde=0
Central African Republic= 0Chad =0Chile =30 China=15 Colombia=0 Congo =0
Costa Rica=0Cote d’Ivoire=0 Croatia =0 Cyprus=15Czech =15 Denmark =30
Djibouti =0 Dominica =0 Ecuador =0 Egypt=0 Equatorial Guinea=0 Estonia=15
Ethiopia=0Fiji =0 Finland =30 France=30 Gabon=0 Gambia =0
Georgia= 0 Germany=30 Greece=30 Grenada=0 Guatemala=0 Guinea=0
Guinea-Bissau=0 Haiti=0 Honduras=0Hong Kong =30 Hungary=0 Iceland=0
India=15 Indonesia=30 Ireland =30Israel =30 Italy=30 Jamaica= 0
Japan =30 Kazakhstan=15 Kenya=0 Kiribati =0South Korea =30 Kuwait=30
Kyrgyz =0Laos= 30 Latvia=15 Lesotho=0 Liberia=0 Liechtenstein =15
Lithuania =15 Luxembourg =30 Macau=30Malawi =0 Malaysia =30 Maldives=15
Mali=0Malta =0 Mauritania =0 Mauritius =0 Mexico=0 Moldova=0
Monaco =0 Morocco=0 Myanmar=0Nauru =0 Netherlands =30 New Zealand =30
Niger= 0 Norway =30 Oman=30 Panama=0Papua New Guinea=0 Paraguay=0
Peru =30 Philippines =30Poland =15 Portugal=30Qatar = 30 Romania =0
Russia =15 Rwanda=0 S.Christopher and Nevis= 0 Saint Lucia= 0 Saint Vincent &= Grenadines 0 San Marino =0
Saudi Arabia =15 Senegal =0 Seychelles=0Sao Tome and Principe =0Sierra Leone=0 Singapore=30
Slovakia =15 Slovenia =15 Solomon Islands= 0 Somalia =0South Africa =30 Spain =30
Suriname =0 Swaziland =0 Sweden=30 Switzerland =30Taiwan =15 Tajikistan=0
Tanzania =0Togo =0Tonga =0 Trinidad and Tobago= 0 Tunisia=0 Turkey=30
Turkmenistan= 0 Uganda =0 Ukraine =15 United Arab Emirates =30 United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland =30
USA 30
Uruguay=0 Uzbekistan=0 Vanuatu =0 Vatican City = 0 Venezuela =0 Western Samoa=0
Vietnam =30 Yemen =0 Zambia=0 Zimbabwe= 0    

71 ถนนสนามบิน ตำบลสุเทพ อำเภอเมือง เชียงใหม่ 50200 โทรศัพท์ 053-201755-6 โทรสาร 053-277510 Investigation 053-201-971 Visa info: 053-201753

 MAE SAI: Immigration now are telling Tourist visa holders with more than 3 monthly stamps they must leave. When reapplying for your visa go to the Immigration at the border. It's well signed & open during lunch time although the sign says otherwise. If going by bus remember the last bus leaves Mae Sai at 3.30pm for ChiangMai. The Nachonchair Air bus also leaves for Pattaya. From Mae Sai immigration catch a Songtaew 10 baht to the border. Walk straight across & hand your passport to Myanmar with 500 baht or $US10. They give you a voucher then when you return your passport is stamped and you cross back to Thailand. No charge on the Thai side and you fill out your TM card & have your entry stamped. Just before you go into the Tachelik Immigration Office on the left over the bridge theres a good wine/liquor wholesaler so buy your French, Spanish etc wines & Gold Label Johnny Walker whiskey there on your way back. ONLY buy 2 bottles & 2 cartons of cigarettes per person & do not listen to them if they say more----the Customs watch you like hawks? & will fine you 1000 baht per extra bottle. You may need to show the following: tourists = 10,000 baht; families 40,000 baht & non immigrant visa holders 20,000 baht on reentering Thailand. Just show then put back in your bank account.Chiang Saen: you can cross the border to the casino and it costs 500 baht via boat to Myanmar. Situated 60kms from ChiangRai. They will give you a tourist visa on the other side cost is 250 baht. Open 7 days as far as we know & you do not need a visa before hand. Just arrive.  BORDER OPENChiang Khong: You need to obtain a visa before you travel to Chang Khong. Go to pm Travel next to True Blue Restaurant just up from the Top North Hotel. It takes approx 4 days for your visa to get stamped--700 baht and they have minibus 190 baht each way leaving Chiangmai 10am & returning same day at 6pm. The boat fare is 20 baht each way. Nothing much to buy over the border except laos beer --large bottles 30 baht & cans 20 baht ---really nice stuff & of course bottles of wine.  BORDER OPENMae Sot news: Mae Sot in Tak is 510 kilometres from Bangkok and Mae Hong Son 444 kilometres from there. or you can catch a bus in Chiangmai at the Arcade Bust Station. If by car from Chiangmai it takes 5 hours drive & from Bangkok about 6 hours drive so stay on HWY 1 turn right over the bridge 3 kms to the right onto HWY101-- then follow the sign to Mae Sot & HWY route 105 which is 84 kms to the border and Thai Myanmar Friendship Bridge . If coming from Bangkok turn trun left before the bridge and its well sign posted. The Transport Company (02-936-0199) operates VIP coaches on these routes from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. Fare is 650 baht one way between Bangkok and Mae Sot & then you can get a songteaw (blue [pickup truck) for 20baht. The visa at the border is 500baht when you cross or $15US and its 84kms fro m Tak to Mae Sot. BORDER OPEN & CHEAK FULL INSTRUCTIONS ON THESE PAGES [ SEE MAP ] [ SEE MAE SOT VISA RUNS ] Ranong Border news: BORDER OPEN ChiangMai:  Phuket & Mae Sai the immigration Offices are very friendly. If you are told you can only have 2 entries & then you must go somewhere else take note. If you dress nicely you will be treated as such; and remember Thai people have very clean habits which a few foreigners could learn from ie. dress like a hippy & you will be treated like one!!!!!!!!!!! You are in Thailand so show respect even if you have never been brought up that way---at least change your clothes & have a wash!!! yuk!. Some travel Offices in Chiangmai will get you the visa for 3 months eg.PP Travel (Thapae Rd) 1000 baht just for a Laos Visa;)---cost is 2000 baht for them to get the visa although we are not sure if these are ........OK? as the stamps are not from any of the 3 main foreign borders. Visa Runs:  to Mae Sai most Travel agents in Chiangmai will arrange minibus and seats available ( TAT certified 023-0533 ).Nong Khai: don't buy your visa to visit Laos from Tuk Tuks etc as you will be ripped off. At the Lao Embassy in Nong Khai you get a  2 week visa for $30. The Lao people outside the Thai visa office can take care of your visa. A 3 month tourist costs 300 baht or you can give them 1000 baht and they do everything and deliver your visa to the hotel at 1 pm next day,"which sure beats standing in line in the heat,,we stayed in a hotel that was nice king size beds and not to old dining room and hot water. Big clean room, Chalnxay or something. 600 baht per day and 1 and 1/2 blocks from visa office" From a reader--June 2002.  BORDER OPEN Penang: PENANG NEW B NON IMMIGRANT 3 MONTH ONLY VISA: Letter from my company sectary stating reasons for the visa - signed by her and with company stamp; Company registation / shareholders papers; Copies of passport & work permit
All of the above stamped & signed; 2 x passport sized photos; 550 Rigit
No double or multiple tourist visas issued. They are allowing non immigrant O visas until July 2nd 2007 then anything could happen???? [ Train timetable to Penang ] BORDER OPEN Vientiane: Tourist visas 1-2 & single/double entry "B" & "O" non immigrant visas but make sure you have the right paperwork. They are more interested in processing tourist visas now. If a B visa have your company papers. We have been told that the Thai Embassy in Laos wants to see 100,000 baht in a Thai Bank Account before they will issue you with a Tourist Visa. THIS IS NEWS EVEN TO US?? If anyone can elaborate their experiences please let us know.Poipet: Cost is 1000 baht at the Cambodian side and they will not take US$ for a visa 30 days into Cambodia.BORDER REOPENED 

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1. Company balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Gross revenue of the previous year needs to be higher then the amount of the salaries of all foreign workers earn in a full year. Net profit ideally higher then the amount of the salaries of all foreign workers earn in a full year but this is not normally the case. Certifying Authority

Your Auditor or Company accountant or officer of the Revenue Department or of the Ministry of Commerce
If the document is an original then it will be considered.

2. Copy of the Registration Certificate of the Company or Partnership and A copy of the Company's Shareholders' List
Certifying Authority or The Registrar of the Ministry of Commerce

3. A copy of the Company's PND 1 (the company's monthly personal income tax return), PND 91 (the employee's annual personal income tax certificate), PND 50 (the company's annual corporate tax return) and any other PNDs (eg PND 90 - annual personal income tax return if receiving income from other sources as well as salary and PND 51 - the company's half-yearly corporate tax return)

Certifying Authority = Revenue Department

4. A copy of the company's monthly Social Security Fund return (of contributions)

Certifying Authority = Social Security Office

B. Each time an application to extend a visa is submitted the following will also be submitted:

1. Photographs taken inside the company's offices with employees working at their work stations, and

2. Photograph(s) of the company' offices taken from outside the offices showing the number of the building and the company's sign.


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