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is Thailand's online newsletter sent to expats and foreigners living in Thailand and neighbouring countries. It is the only such visa guide to border openings and up to date info on companies, immigration laws and changes to various laws in Thailand. It is also a source of useful information on dos and don'ts if you are in business in Thailand & has a FREE helpline service, FREE law service and we send it for FREE. As of 2004 Oct we have stopped producing the Visa news

For info call (053) 277-510 ChiangMai or (053) 731-008 
Mae Sai (055)563-002-4 
Running a bar or Thai internet based website -----get a work permit.
Websites run from Thailand by foreigners are subject to scrutiny
if you are generating any income. If this fits you and you have no
work permit then watch out.

VISAS: All borders are open. Don't be fooled if you use a lawyer to procure your double or
multiple entry visa and they tell you to use Vientiane. You will not
be issued with a multiple at all. Some people are paying 20,000 baht for
the privilege or should we say con? Some lawyers? are actually notaries
& a few are ex clerks gone out on their own??? Typical price is 12,000 baht.


Word of caution if you are asked you then become 
the guarantor of that person & should he/she not have sufficient funds while 
in Thailand you will be asked to repatriate that person back to the country of origin 
& pay any outstanding debts in Thailand. You are also responsible for that person 
in Thailand. If the person incurs offences whilst here or runs out of money then 
your company will have to pay (the sponsor). You may also be asked why have you written 
so many letters and why isn't that person employed by your company?
They may even want evidence of the investigative work for your company!

COMPANY REGISTRATION: We did mention use a photocopy when displaying your
VAT cert or your Company Registration Cert on your Office wall. Make sure the original
is close by if you are inspected as by law, the original is supposed to be displayed
at all times & there is a fine if not.


I JUST MET MY DREAM GIRL!!!!!: An American bringing a Thai into the U.S. 
and Making Them A Citizen --- is responsible for them for the rest of that persons life if
he /she remains in the USA.---- 
If the Thai wife/ husband decides to go on the dole or other welfare programs--- the US will 
hunt down the sponsor & hand them a Bill. This became law about 8 months ago hence 
the difficulty getting ones girlfriend to the USA now amongst other things. A Divorce Or 
Pre-Nup won't save you so before you fall in love think of the futureyou could be 
worse off. It is now very difficult to get consent to travel to the USA by Thais
reason being many have abscondered once they arrive & the US are not happy
as once in its hard to find them!! Having money doesn't help to get the visa
ึ& they vet you case by case!!
More on: [ Visas for USA ]

THOSE CONDOS AGAIN. ---Find out what the monthly maintenance 
costs are from the managers. Get it in writing. If very few condos have been 
sold in a building with good amenities like landscaped grounds, security 
guards and a receptionist and office someone has to pay for all this, plus 
the electricity for lighting and lifts. The total cost (often inflated) has 
to be divided up among the condo owners, which can be a lot if only a few 
units have been sold. Ask for an exact statement of maintenance costs and 
how they are paid. If the project has different size condos in the same 
building, large units will pay more towards maintenance costs than small 
units.. Our reporter: Tony B.
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NEWS FOR 2001 OCTOBER ALL BORDERS ARE OPEN Mae Sai IS ALIVE AGAIN? For info call (053) 277-510 ChiangMai or (053) 731-008Mae Sai (055)563-002-4


WORK PERMITS: There is no change with work permits at the moment and all charges remain the same.      However below are the Work Permit Rules per Capital share Reg:1 work permit = Capital share Reg 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 2 work permits = 3,000,001 - 5,000,000 3 work permits = 5,000,000 - 7,000,000 4 work permits = 7,000,000 - 9,000,000 5 work permits = 9,000,000- 12,000,000 5 -12 work permits = 12,000,001 - 50,000,000 The Exceptions: If a foreigner wants a work permit & is married to a Thai he/she can have a 1 million baht share capital business. Well, thats what our Labour Office told us in writing!!! good for some I guess. Be aware than when you raise your share registration for an additional foreigner to work for you that you also require an additional 4 Thais on your  company books. It is good practise to have your own Thai workers with a simple employment contract form signed. These can be sales reps etc. If the labour Office inspects you then you have your own files. If you let your lawyer do then he/she may ask for a backhand to supply you with names. Our motto is do it properly and you will win. When you let others do,what they say today may change tomorrow & their motto will be mai pen rai, "the prices have now changed".


VISAS: All borders are open. The American & British consulates in Thailand have warned its nationals to be careful when they decide to Travel in high risk areas due to the recent events in the USA. This could intensify around the borders of Thailand depending on what degree or lines the USA Government will take. Most noticeable are the amount of Israelis in Khao San Rd & Arabian minorities in Sukhumvit?

LONG TERM RESIDENCY VISAS: We will have these guidelines shortly for those wishing to apply for a residency permit. Normally this applies in November and as soon as we receive these guidelines we will send out to our readers. To apply you must have 3 years continual unbroken non immigrant visas ( no overstays etc) otherwise do not even think about applying.

RESIDENTS & NON IMMIGRANT VISA HOLDERS: The law states that you must register with immigration every 90 days. Some immigration depts are lax but Chiangmai is not. Plead ignorant if you haven't been but if not you are liable for a 5000 baht fine or 200 baht for each day over. You can register 7 days early or max 7 days late without paying this penalty. If you haven't bothered the best idea is leave it like that as you will not be on their records. This applies in Chiangmai from a certain "immigration lady" and our lawyer is looking into this. ( We would like to know from readers if they have had problems simliar to this from other Immigration Offices in Thailand ) .


LABOUR RULES: If you employ someone & they leave you threatening to call the labour Office under Thai law he/ she must be employed for a minimum time period before they receive severence pay. If you have 10 or over employees then you must place the labour Rules for all to see on your work premises. Duration of Employment Months of Severence pay: 120 days employed to 1 year = 30 days severance pay. 1 year employed to 3 years = 90 days. It would make sense that when you hire a Thai worker you do so utilizing an employment contract that says the worker you want to  ้hire is ON PROBATION or HIRED FOR A SPECIFIC PERIOD. If your worker stays after 1 year then I'm sure by then you will know how loyal he or she is. Makes sense really !!


COMPANY PAPERS: When using a lawyer to form your new Thai Company make sure you retain the original copies of your company papers and memorandum of shareholders from your lawyer. This allows you to be in a better position should you find out your lawyer is overcharging you or you wish to change from your present law company. Also make sure you have your own company stamp. You also need to display your Company registration Certificate and VAT Certificate in a prominant place in your Office. As said before if you use a photcopy of your VAT Cert on the wall have your original handy in case of inspection. Photocopy copies of each page of your company papers as you will need them when using your company to say buy a cell phone, renew your multiple visa or when you want to register your motor vehicle in your company name or start a cheque account etc., plus the many other items you will buy or need during the course of owning your company.


SENDING MAIL OUT: If you want to use a reliable postal service use the Thai EMS service. Mail sent this way has proven reliable with 1-3 days to Europe & Asia, 2- 4 days Africa & Pacific and South America 2-5 days. Their efficiencey has been 99.40%. A survey is conducted each year. But never send money or receive money via the normal mail. Xmas time the postal services have a win fall with theft and the postal authorities say they cannot stop it----- I guess thats why they like Xmas in Thailand?


I JUST MET MY DREAM GIRL!!!!!: Last month we mentioned if an American brings a Thai into the U.S. and Makes Them A USA Citizen --- he/she is responsible for them for the rest of that persons life if he /she remains in the USA.---- We received some interesting guidelines that some US citizens may like to follow but remember each case is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. If a tourist visa is rejected & most are now, you can apply again under the fiancee grounds which allows 90 days to get married. You have one shot at it under the Fiancee agreement; if the marriage doesn't take place you may not be able to apply a second time ever so don't just jump into the fire. Make sure the person likes the USA before you take the plunge as they may get homesick. But remember the new laws in the US --- once married you are liable if she/he leaves the marriage for the rest of your life---- & a pre nuptial ---forget it! More on: 


HOUSES & CONDO BUYING. --- Whatever you buy and or sell use the services of a lawyer as they know what to do. Remember cheap is not necessarily cheap -- it could be a trap for the hidden costs that someone wants to unleash on the wary buyer. 


ฺBUYING YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE: The immigration contrary to what some people have read in the daily news have told us that when applying for a letter from Immigration to Buy a car, motorcycle or open a Bank Account you must be the holder of a Non immigrant visa and not a Tourist Visa as some people may be told. If they say you need longer than 3 months left on your visa this too is wrong but like a lot of things here if you dress like a hippy & go to Immigration be expected to be treated like one.

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