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Bringing to you the finest teak carved furniture and handicrafts in Chiangmai we have a catalogue of over 1,000 different items from wooden furniture to exterior doors, bar cabinets, beds, to tables chairs, mirrors, and we can make to your specifications any wood/timber items from fabulous teak. We also cater for all interior decorations. All furniture and handicrafts are designed to perfection and we export anywhere direct to you. Below are only some of the items we have for sale. Please write to us for all your inquiries. We can quote on large orders.



Quality handmade fine furniture from teakwood, teak ply & many other timber hardwoods In combination with brass, wrought iron, rattan & water hyacinte. We manufacture home decorations, watercolour paintings, lamps, cushions, bedrooms & specialize in making YOUR own designs to order. 



Showroom "Bon Baan

"84/8 Moo 3 T. Sankrang, A. Sankampaeng Rd, Chiangmai 50130


84/8 Moo 3, T.Sangkrang, A.Sankaempaeng Rd 50130 Chiangmai

       This is a fraction of what we make
  We are a genuine manufacturer not broker  



If you want the best of Chiangmai then look at Samsara Furniture. We are a 7 year old furniture company with many years experience in producing and exporting fine European Quality furniture in classic and modern styles with an Asian impact. Our furniture is handmade by skilled craftsman and our finishing is very special and gives the furniture and exclusive radiation. We make furniture to order so when you have your own exclusive designs we can help you to transform these into anything you want. The range of items we manufacture are endless: we make dining chairs, dining tables, side tables, Cabinets of all shapes and sizes, side boards, writing desks, beds, wardrobes, lady dressing tables ( in different kinds of Hardwoods in combination with bamboo, stainless steel, rattan and water hyacinte) cushions, lamps, mirrors candleholders --- in fact everything in your home.

And the list continues. We even inlay scenes you like in wardrobes and table tops. We now have our NEW showroom on Sankaempaeng Rd approx 1km left side past the ring road so please come and visit us for FREE information and advice. Remember too we also will renovate your old furniture. 

email for info:

Tel/Fax: 053-380366     Mobile: (00-66) 06-9125104 & 06-9235804

When viewing websites please note many in ChiangMai are brokers who add commissions on top of their products. We are a genuine factory with registered Thai Company and can supply further details to all our clients we work with. You get the best prices and the right price if you buy from us. We are European owned and operated.


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