and strengthen to seismic earthquake specs Commercial Buildings to plan


We can supply your steel structures for reinforcing commercial buildings in Earthquake prone Countries like NZ.

Is your commercial property in NZ in need of earthquake structural changes to comply with earthquakes & Government specs? Have you looked at ways to save you excessive costs to install seismic resistent systems to your building? Have you considered a quotation from offshore that will save you money yet be compliant to earthquake specs? Can you afford to reinforce your Commercial premises to seismic levels @ NZ costs of production?

Many buildings in NZ were built around the turn of the Century 1920 & all must conform

to the new earthquake seismic strengthening..........brick/plaster/ concrete.

If this is you then we can help. Just send your requirements [plans] to us for a FREE quotation which will include shipping costs to your nearest port of entry to any Western country. We work in 3D AuroCAD

We manufacture and cut to spec steel structural beams, steel struts, steel sheet bracing, steel bars, steel tubing & whatever braces according to your plan amendments. We cost it, then send to you once our terms are met cheaper than having made in your own country. We provide a broad range of services to the Steel Structural industry based in Bangkok Thailand.

In NZ after the Christchurch earthquake the NZ Government is now faced with the delemna of many commercial buildings including shops, dairy shed for farmers which may need to be upgraded by using steel structural features. The Government in NZ has identified up to 25,000 buildings that will need upgrading due to being earthquake prone? But this is just one country---other countries prone to earthquakes require the same although some like Bangaladesh just keep on building and paying under the table to incorrect standards.

Steel strengthening

All new buildings in NZ must meet a strict new of a 34% requirement of the new building standards [NBS] regardless of where they are in NZ rural or urban communities. NZ Councils all 69 of them will now address all buildings in their region-- around 193,000 in NZ alone for earthquake consents. This will mean shop owners and commercial owners will have 10-15 years to get their buildings up to scratch or demolish the same at their cost. Most buildings built before 1976 will fail and many buildings made of plaster, mortar, or brick do not comply.

It means major changes to structural strength of the buildings themselves.


WE CAN MAKE to your planned specifications to what is required under the Royal Commission findings MBIE. 69 Councils in NZ now have to comply

We make to order on your specific plans:

seismic force-resisting systems in buildings, seismic resistant structures, steel plate shear wall (SPSW), earthquake. Steel structures, Seismic Resisting Systems, tapered-steel cantilevers, Designs of Seismic-Resistant. Steel Building Structures.

Steel Structures are excellent at Resisting Earthquakes

& reinforcing earthquake prone buildings

Tenants and insurers will now put pressure on business owners to address the strengthening of buildings. The costs involved is not cheap and those with older buildings like farmers will have a problem. Perhaps they need a tax relief to deduct from writing off this debt of expenses but its up to the government? Councils will demand more due to filling their coffers for projects & Councils are working way beyond their means or is it beyond their interest loan capabilites. So this leaves the owners of building in a quagmire of what to do. If they strength will they have to up the rentals to recoup that cost? will they get tenants? Basic compliances from Councils will ticket everything. But we are here to help all building owners.

The above is just an example as every building will have different building additional specs.

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