Add the latest Traditional Wood  Products that will add value and style to your property.  Introducing the latest range of hand-crafted traditional  wood pieces manufactured from teak, redwood & rosewood:  

We make any wood products to your specifications any size in teak, redwood and rosewood. Corbels are hand crafted so no 2 are exactly identical.


We manufacture corbels, wall brackets, fret works. Teak shelves; Cremation boxes, Furniture pieces Wholesale only.



Fret works, corbels, brackets are supplied in their natural state unless ordered otherwise. This allows  the homeowner to choose stains or colors to match their decor. Teak hardwood is known for its light texture and wet weather durability. Shelves are supplied with appropriate fittings and instructions.  Enhance the interior of your home with hand carved wall brackets and shelves. Include a piece of art to your fireplace or archway with carved corbels in genuine Antique Colonial  styles. We also have finials, stair balustrades and moldings plus Teak Boat decking. 
"From Renaissance to Tudor to Gothic we manufacture all." 
Add dollars to the value of your home. 



C1 C2 C3



Corbels & Wall Brackets for hallways, fireplaces, shelves all handcrafted.

The measurement we quote on are 250mm lengths up to 350mm length= cost for teak is approx 520 baht per each for 250mm. We do quote on quantities.

We can make to spec all wood products in Chiangmai

Check out our range of wood products all hand crafted. We specialize in large orders
TEAK SHELVES Cremain boxes made wholesale orders min 100 pcs all sizes made for both animals and humans. We can also sell you bronze and silve plaques made to your specs









Door Handles, Furniture pieces For inquiries and price list contact the manufacturers. We will ONLY send price lists on receipt of $US10. Many other items available.  We make only on spec ie. your design. GENUINE Wholesale inquiries ONLY. We will not sell individual items and orders of corbels must be in quantities of 50 pairs.

Siam Wood Products 

 Add the latest Traditional Wood  Products that will add value and style to your property.  Introducing the latest range of hand-crafted traditional  wood pieces manufactured from teak, redwood & rosewood:   

Need a reliable shipping agent for quality control to freight forwarding and sourcing goods for you then we now offer this service



Thailand shipping and freight movers worldwide. We are foreign  / Thai MANAGEMENT. We send anything from personal to cars, trucks, roll on roll off, Flatracks, FCL 20-40ft high cube containers anywhere dealing with foreign clients worldwide: clothes, garments to personal items, machinery to cars, boats, machines-- logistics services (Door to Door/ Port to Port) We process all the paperwork- Air freight services- Sea freight services--same day quotes- Depots in Pratunam, Yannawa & Chiangmai with own packing, fumigation in house, storage, pickup, transport services all over Thailand. We can arrange anything anywhere. We EXPORT anywhere in the world & we offer a fast service. English speaking:    

email us 

Complete Import and Export services--- the world wide freight forwarder . Due to many requests we now offer outside exporters, companies and individuals who want to buy products in Asia our complete export buyer agent service. What we do for you: Packing, Shipping, Moving, Storage, By Land, Sea Freight, Air Freight & ultra Low Rates  


Travelling to Thailand we can arrange your whole Business & pleasure itinerary. Free pickup & delivery to your Hotel/Condo of your choice & price range. We also can recommend Hotel for at the price you want to pay. Free list of factories, you can arrange the visits to the factories on your own or we can arrange the visits for you. We negotiate on your behalf and provide translation services.  Whatever your requests while in Thailand we will assist you. We have no hidden costs are trustworthy and we are here to serve your interests. A complete honest and safe service. Why? because we want your ongoing business. 


If you email us for certain products we quote you complete costs to the nearest Port of Entry (if sea freight) min 1cbm or Airport if Air Freight in 45kgs. If door to door we need a freight clearance agent at your destination port which we can find or you find. We charge a set fee and all first customers must pay on acceptance of our agreement. We do all the buying for you and QUALITY CONTROL right to the ship and close the container, oversee all your shipment & make sure all documents are DHL or FedEx direct to your door. On FCL (full container levels) we have our own containers. What's more we even offer you FREE advice on how to clear your goods without you having to use a clearance agent in your country. In other words we save you time and money as you are assured of a reliable, trustworthy and ongoing service using our services. Always ask your CUSTOMS DEPT in your country for classification duties and tax requirements on the goods you want to import.  Thailand has quotas too on coffee and rice.  THAILAND: [ SEA FREIGHT RATES ] [ TRACK SEAFREIGHT ] [ AIRFREIGHT AIRLINES ]


We pick up the goods, pack all the goods to keep them safe while in transport. We now have our own packing and storage facilities in Bangkok and also  and can load 20 & 40ft FCLs in Bangkok. If upcountry we can have delivered by truck for you to our depot in Bangkok. We provide all documents needed to clear customs from Thailand and into your port of destination (packing lists, invoices, bill of laden, certificate of origin, fumigation reports,). We assist you in clearing into your destination port and give you advice on bringing the goods into your warehouse and also freight clearance at your end if you need especially in the UK..

What we do for Shipping:

International Freight Forwarder------Shipping & Packing------By Air or Sea Freight. Free advice on best way to ship------Door to Door service-------Customs clearing. Preparation of all documents------Transportation/Inland

FREIGHT CARTAGE IN PICKUPS & TRUCKS CARTAGE CHIANGMAI- Chiangrai /  BANGKOK--to Chiangmai, Chiangrai /Hua Hin- Bangkok and Chiangmai /Pattaya to Bangkok and Chiangmai / INCLUDES RETURN OR BOTH WAYS EITHER WAY.

Let us take your goods to Bangkok. We have trucks leaving every few weeks for Bangkok, Chiangmai, Hua Hin, Pattaya and we specialize in foreigners belongings whether shifting or LCL loads to ship home your personals and we pack in Bangkok at our depot cheaper than Chiangmai rates and companies. This is overseen by our foreign manager and we can deliver door to door in Bangkok or Chiangmai, Pattaya, Hua Hin and towns on the way. This is a new service due top the fact past Freight companies we have used have damaged goods and theres no return. Get a quote and see if we can better it

We have lots of products on our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for please ask us. Anything you want to source or want from Asia we will get the best deal for you or make ourselves at the best price for you.  We specialize in container loads FCL 20 & 40ft


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