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We SELL ASSORTED SEAFOOD PRODUCTS and can supply on a continual basis


A seafood specialist, Lucky Cannery Co., Ltd. was founded as a manufacturer
and exporter of high-quality seafood products such as canned sardine and
canned mackerel, including private brand canned food. The company realizes
that exports form the heart of national economic development, therefore we
strictly control each step of the manufacturing process under an international
system to meet worldwide customer satisfaction.

Founded in 1988 with a total investment of US$ 333,000 in its operations,
Lucky Cannery employs in excess of 200 staff. The company has introduced
HACCP to its operations, receiving approval from the Thai Department of
Fisheries and received Halal certification from the Islamic Committee Office
of Thailand. Currently, the company earns 99 percent of its annual revenues
of around US$4 million from exports to the Asia Pacific region, Latin America,
the USA and Western Europe. 

Established in 1988, we specialize in canned sardines & mackerel production.
We are approved by the Department of Fisheries for export to USA, EU and
worldwide. Quality is the key to our success all through these years, so we
strictly apply to our approved HACCP plan during every step of manufacturing
process, from raw materials to warehouse, to acheive best hygiene and
sanitation of products to meet global standard. Good quality for punctual
delivery at reasonable prices are within your reach now. Your inquiry is most
welcomed. Let us be a part of your success.

Manufacturer of canned sardines & mackerel. Factory approved by Dept of
Fisheries for export to USA & EU. HACCP certified. Made to order. Good
quality, reasonable price. Various tin sizes from 100 g to 425 g in round,
oval and club cans.

Established by a group of farsighted businessmen who saw an ever growing
demand for quality food, Royal Group today remains a privately owned
corporation devoted to producing and developing the finest food products.

After quickly earning a respected reputation as a manufacturer of top quality
canned fish, the company expanded our interests into a wider range of products
including canned fruit and vegetables along with seafood to satisfy Thai domestic
demands before venturing abroad. Meanwhile, we expanded into empty can production
to ensure our group companies an ample supply of quality cans as well as serve
local and foreign food processors.

Royal Group has built factories close to our produce and seafood suppliers to
guarantee a constant supply of fresh, quality raw materials. Today, we have
three fish processing plants in the provinces of Mahachai, Pattani and Songkhla.
Conveniently situated close to the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, Royal Group
can boast to having both the supply and capacity to remain Thailand's largest
and leading canned fish producer

The proud owner of a sanitarily and immaculately clean cannery with the most
technologically advanced machinery The Eastern Delight Foods Co., Ltd, produces
and exports canned tuna sardines, pilchards and mackerels under the stringent
control and supervision of experienced specialists.

They are assisted by our highly able laboratory technicians to ensure that all
our products are up to the highest quality standard and meet every single
requirement set by the countries which import our products.

Our plant sanitation and hygiene are strictly controlled in order to meet the
international standards. 

Our cannery is located in Rayong province which is only 45 kilometers from the
eastern seaport. It takes no more than one hour to transport fresh raw material
to our cannery where the canning process starts right away, thus enabling us to
produce canned marine products with the highest possible nutritional value. 

This is one of the major factors that have made us one of Thailand's leading
canned seafood producers and exporters.

Technological advancement has been at the forefront of Unicord's success. Its
main plant in Samut Sakorn, Thailand, processes certifiably dolphin-safe fish,
mainly of the long-line albacore, skipjack and yellowfin species. Incoming frozen
fish are subject to rigorous quality inspections, both at the port of entry and
on arrival at the factory. Upon clearance, the company's cold storage facilities
have a capacity to accommodate up to 6,000 tons of fresh fish. This ensures
a continued supply for daily processing. Utilizing full cycle advanced technologies,
including internally owned can-making facilities, Unicord has achieved a well
deserved reputation for reliability, consistency and cost efficiency. 

The can-making department produces more than 1,000,000 cans of different sized
daily. Unicord ensures that only prime quality fish, in the freshest condition,
reaches its newly expanded and enhanced "continuous line process". With constant
on-line monitoring and supervision by qualified and dedicated personnel, the fish
are cleaned, canned and seamed before being transferred to the retorts for
sterilization. The efficiency of this process has resulted in a product of the
highest standards of the highest quality at a reasonable price. Unicord imposes
strict regulations on quality and hygiene at all stages of the process. This makes
it possible to achieve and maintain Unicord's worldwide reputation of high standards
on all products. Quality Control The axiom, "Unicord equates to quality," is
rigorously upheld with quality control programmes carries out in excess of legal
requirements and supervised by a fully qualified and professional staff. 

We are  e-commerce seafood brokers  & ecommerce office in Chiangmai--Thailand. 

Yes, we can provide the quality and quantity you require immediately. Payments are L/C at sight.


Every phase of operation, from incoming raw fish through shipment of finished
product, is checked meticulously. Utilizing advanced technology and modern techniques,
Unicord's methods and results are accepted internationally and comply with, or go
beyond, regulations of recognized control agencies. This is one more step to ensure
the highest quality prodcut for the consumers. 

ST sardine in tomato sauce 
Our best seller of all times. Either with or without chili, we can make it the
way you want. Available in all tin shape : round, oval and club ; from 100 g net
weight to 425 g net weight.
SVO sardines/mackerel in vegetable oil 
Another best seller of all times. Soybean or sunflower oil at your choice. Plain
oil or chili added or smoked, you just name it and we will make it as you like.
SB sardines/mackerel in brine 
In another name : sardine/mackerel in natural oil. Plain natural taste, yet good
for health.
FMC Fried mackerel in chili sauce 
Special flavor for those who love spicy food. Spice up your appetite with it.
FMT Fried mackerel in salted black bean sauce 
Chinese food lovers will like it. Tasty with high protein from fishes and beans

Please provide the following info and any special requests. if we do have the brand of rice you want we can get for you:

- Shipment period?

- Shipment in one time or partial shipment can be done?

- Shipment in container or break bulk ?



Buy the best - buy Thailand SEAFOOD - buy from us and enjoy professional service second to none.


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