Behind the scenes of fun in Pattaya there are the odd scam artists and one of these is no other than the Pattaya Expat member Amercian Drew Noyes. With an ongoing feud with reknown journalist reporter Andrew Drummond he has finally met his match tryng to extort money from an Australian Businessman. He is conducting all sorts of ways to get out of what his is good at --extorting money from foreigners.





March 2012 & still waiting with Court Nov 2103: American Owner of the English Language Newspaper Pattaya Times, Drew Walter Noyes aged 56 got caught attempting to extort 7 Million Baht from the Australian owner of a Beauty Clinic in Thonglor which has Branches in Bangkok, to avoid publishing a potentially damaging story about his business. He was caught on a handover of a 100,00baht deposit by the Police as part of the bribe of an agreed extortion fee of 2.3 m baht. But it all went wrong. Drew Walter Noyes, also defrauded Dutch businessmen Theo van der schaaf out of 2.5 million baht that was mean't as a payment to his partner. Noyes said it was for fees???? yet we are told the fees had already been paid.



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The Pattaya Times is not a real newspaper as such and most of the articles are nonsense we were told or copy/paste items from other news articles. It seems the owner is desperate for cash flow and resorted to farang against farang to get money the easy way or so he thought?? It seems theres a clash with UK reporter Andrew Drummond who tells the truth about crimes involving foreigners in Thailand especially those who resort to extorting high fees from foreingers. Noyes is now using his website Pattaya Times which is a non existent news paper that he copies from other papers in Thailand to discredit not only the Australian owner in this case but also Andrew Drummond and anyone else. But the sad part about all this is that many websites now know this character and what he is doing to discredit Thailand. He is being assisted by other false credential foreigners in Pattaya better known here:



Source Pattaya Today & Pattaya One News shows the Australian Businessman Thonglor Clinic (Pattaya-Chom Thien) owner Michel Oscar Goulet, 59,pointing at the accused & his wife for extortion after handing over a part payment of 100,000baht. The case is adjourned until November 2013 & Noyes is trying everything to get off this case. However we have been told his embezzlements & foul play continue to be exposed on the Drummond website as he is resorting to filing law suits against Drummond for totally ludicrous filings which hold little or no weight. Even our own lawyers joke about it but the exploits are being noted in Bangkok now.

Mr Noyes came to Thailand as a "Lawyer"??? but does not have a law degree. Sure one is not veted but a foreigner cannot sit on the Thai Bar BUT CAN OWN A LAW office --we do. He runs his own small news called Pattaya Times in Pattaya whose stories are ether false dedicated against Drummond or lifted from other papers --not your Bangkok Post or Nation newspaper. His readers would not even number in the 100s as Pattaya mail is the mainstay news in Pattaya alongside the Nation & Bangkok Post. Just a rag tag paper that he can blatently blackmail foreigners, yet in this case he was blackmailing a business owner who reported him to the Thai Police. Running a newspaper is no mean feat and it seems this guy is short of cash but plies his trade on foreigners wherever. Yes we know as we ran a News ourselves. He seems to have inflated his circulation to 500,000 copies--amazing as he has more qualifications than someone who actually went to a University--which he didn't. But with the Pattaya Times its evident when you look at the ads as against the publishing costs they don't seem to match to outlay to produce a news with such a high circulation when you must consider the only people that would pay to read it would be the odd foreigner as most buy the Bangkok Post/Nation for their news & maybe Pattaya Mail. Some ads would of course be for mates in exchange for favours like beer, free massages, etc you name it as that is the norm with foreign directed mags. Every magazine in Thailand inflates the costs especially when they over estimate their circuluation like the Pattaya Times which is bacially finished as at Sept 2013.

He even said he was Thailand's top lawyer helping foreigners but everyone knows that this is not true as he doesn't even have a law degree--but Ok you can buy these off the net??. In fact the top lawyers are in Bangkok and can speak and read Thai. Companies like Tellicke & Gibbons are International lawyer heavy weights in Thailand & our man in Pattaya does not even match their calbre nor can he be a lawyer in Thailand --its illegal --figure that out. This character can do neither!!!--- so if he was so interested in Thai cultural normally this is the first step to learn Thai which he can't.


EXPOSED - Myriad Lies - An American Businessman - And Influential People
Published by Andrew Drummond on September 09 2011 in Investigations
Keywords: Drew Noyes, PAPPA, fraud, Pattaya Times, Pattaya, Drew Noyes Realty, CSD, Thailand, Securities Exchange Commission, Carolina , Morning Star,

Andrew Drummond: REPORTS. He says he hobnobs with Royalty, civic leaders, diplomats, police, army and naval officers and adds that he is the ‘most credible and reassuring person to make Thailand his home’. American Drew Noyes is a man of many parts but indeed a conman to the max. He is a disgrace to Thailand. He has claimed to be a lawyer, a real estate developer, a stock-broker, a journalist, a dedicated family man and a man enraptured with Thailand. He is highly decorated moreso than old Audie Murphy even with wings for not jumping off a ledge during a chute jumping episode as he got cold feet!!!--all the others did even a kid but the tough man had a dizzy spell. He's done so many things, got so many credentials, was born in 2 different years, that he is incredible to say the least but then this is usually the norm when you are out to entice the unwary foreigner.

Now the social networker and newspaper publisher is mired in controversy too deep to get out of. An old newspaper investigation into his time in the realty business in the United States has come to light. His credentials have been questioned and to cap it all he has put a picture of himself and the American Ambassador to Thailand on an internet dating site where he has been looking for Filipinas to bring to Thailand. – Andrew Drummond reports

From ANDREW DRUMMOND, Pattaya, September 9 2011

It’s hard to believe that a small ground floor office along Thepprasit Road in the beach resort of Pattaya is ‘associated with Fortune 500 companies’, or even that between 51 and 100 people work there.

[ By the way Thepprasit Road is not the downtown CBD of Pattaya but has a lot of rundown shophouses and hardware stores etc ]??? makes one think

It’s also difficult to believe this building houses the ‘biggest advertising and promotions agency in Thailand’, a stock-brokerage, a law office, a property company, and the Pattaya Times, an English language newspaper ‘with a circulation of 500,000’ – about ten times that of the Bangkok Post. But as Andrew suggests theres only 4 seats in the office for 30 odd staff he says he has???? well that was before he got busted for extortion & is now closed down in Sept 2013. So maybe its time to head to new pastures like Angeles in the Philippines as the wakeup call is not too far away.

However if he does venture to the Philippines its nothing like Thailand. Theres a saying doing business in the Philippines: "In Thailand they take your business off you with a smile"---" in the Philippines they shoot you first then take your business"!!!

BUT: Read more about the case on


IN THAI LANGUAGE AND ENGLISH August 2013 Check this video on exactly what Mr D. Noyes has done to others :

There seems more to this Mr.Noyes than meets the eye: a US lawyer [ well he is not even a qualified lawyer] running Pappa C Ltd in Pattaya; Real estate magnate, broker, socializer you name it he has it --- but you can read all about it on Andrew Drummonds website & the latest extortion in March 2012 is a prime tell tail sign that our Mr Noyes is not all cracked up to be and HAS met his match. Whats facinating is that the Pattaya Times can publish articles blatently against foreigners??? which is illegal under ISSN rules. So how did he get away with it all---well he made photo ops with unbeknown higher ups?? who knew nothing about his past but will be trying to get out of a hole now thats his character has been exposed. This is what happens in Thailand but little does one know that once this info gets to Bangkok higher ups, he will realize the real weight & that things will change.

Pattaya and Thailand attract many foreigners who are down and out in their own country. Don't worry we have seen and know of many ourselves. They get into businesses like real estate as its unregulated apart from REBA then provide law services to cover all angles and tap into unsuspecting foreigners offering the best of advise ---for money of course. But they tend to go further to even asking for the properties to put in their name for safe keeping and many do just that. Its hard to make ends meet so one will resort to all sorts of ancillary business deals to supplement their income. When the money gets low they play on the whims of new comers & end up extorting as a last resort to stay in the land of smiles from friends and those they see as an easy touch. Perhaps also they borrow but no avenue is left unturned but in Thailand its easy to borrow hard to get back & the Court system is slow and sometimes useless in assistance. Also if the money scams are outside Thailand then it is no concern of theres so a warning do not pay any deposits outside the country and for heavens sakes use your own legal service & check on their backgrounds. Do not use feigners to act as managers certainly not the estate owners?

Their ability to over emphasis their credentials is evident & yes we see this all the time but a ground check back in their country always solves the problem. The reason they don't want to go home is they would never get hold down a real job in their own country. Could this character be just another!!!!! as he is out on bail awaiting the next move yet in the meantime is trying to say he never distorted justice.

The Director General of the PRD Foreign Affairs Press Department even knows & wrote to Ms Boonsu August 2013 to confirm Andrew Drummond’s status as an accredited correspondent. "We have no intention of depriving the press of freedom", said the Director of Foreign Affairs, PRD.

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