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Everything from Thailand truck, motorcycle and motor vehicle

registration processes in Thailand, Pattaya and Chonburi



 If you need to get a drivers licenses or sit the driving test in Chonburi then the Registration dept is on the way out of Chonburi towards Bangkok on the right side past the Army Camp. See the pics below. One can get a renewal license or registration and have car inspected etc all in one. The One stop process is excellent as you can have your car inspected at any inspection garage showing the (Rotary sign) along Sukhumvit Rd.Just drive to the gates and pass your license over to get your current new sticker but make sure you have new insurance as well.

Sitting the motorcycle test is relatively easy. A slalom thru 6 witches hats then stop and indicate then go. Tests are taken after lunchtime

The Chonburi main Registration Department will process Trucks, Cars, and Motorcycles

Above the quick one stop shop for renewing your Car Registration
Chonburi Registration tabian dept has Thai food available if you have to wait to get your license or registration papers processed



1. Original Affidavit of residence executed at your Embassy or consulate. (under 1 month old) If doing 2 licenses eg. car/motorbike then you can use a copy for the 2nd license.

2. Non-immigrant visa.

3. Passport

4. Medical report from a doctor or hospital (under 1 month old & original ). About 20-50 baht cost.

5. Your country driver's license to verify what license you hold (if not you take a test written multi choice & road test. If no bike or car you can rent). Watch the motorcycles as they have no brakes but the test is simple- a slalom through 5 poles.

6. 2 photos size 1" X 1"

7. fee baht 105 baht. motorcycle 55 baht

The Chiangmai drivers license centre has photo copy machines, laminating machines & photo stalls etc. tests go upstairs but the Help counter will direct you. Written tests start at 1pm & a motorcycle hiring fee is 10 baht. The tests are easy but the written is somewhat ambiguous. You must get over 15 out of 20 questions but if you fail just go back and do it again. You also have an eyesight test which is simple. If you have both motorcycle & car license from your country then do both licenses using copies for the second license otherwise you have to obtain another letter (original) from your embassy. The license is current for 1 year and following the year you have 365 days to renew or you will have to do the licenses all over again.

What you need: Passport & immigration copies, copy from Immigration, 4 small 1"  photos which you can normally get out at the Registration Office for 90 baht & of course the forms & drivers license. You pay 60 baht for the license and they will receipt it then you go back in the afternoon next day to pick up. Go upstairs to window 203 then pay at 202 then collect at 203. ( If you need forms or want us to get in Chiangmai then ask us if not sure ).

 Renewal will run 105 Baht. 3 Baht for three passport copies, 90 Baht for four (4) color pictures (two of which you can keep until next year) Drivers license renewal can take place in one day providing your are prepared to return in late afternoon to pick it up. Don't forget to bring your passport!

BANGKOK: The Driving License Sub-Division of the Motor Vehicles Registration Office, Tel: 02 279-2959 will tell you where to find the right place. Sukhumvit residents, go to Soi 99. Exit the expressway at Soi 62, turn right into Sukhumvit Road and then left (at Diethelm Building) walk down the long side street and it is on the left at the end of the street.

CHIANGMAI: On the Hangdong-Hod Rd just past Lotus superstore.

PATTAYA: On the No3 Highway by the Regents School turn off is right past the school coming in to Pattaya.

CHONBURI: On the No3 Highway go thru Chonburi until you see the army base and temple on the right side out of town going towards Bangkok

PHUKET: Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office: Drivers licenses for Phuket 42/4 Rattanakosin Song-Roy-Pee Road, Taladneua, Muang, Phuket, 83000 Thailand. TEL: (66) 076.211.019, 076.220.792  076.214.930, direct line 076.214.929                  E-mail: 

Registration Office
Inspection dept



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Remember if coming to Thailand go to your nearest Thai Consulate in your home country to find out if you need a visa.  Arrival in Thailand you can obtain 30 days eg. USA. It varies between countries.


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