This is where the not so good beaches are but nice resorts & 90 minutes from Angeles if you want RnR. However compared to Thailand, Subic Bay beaches are not up to International standards and they do pump sewerage into the sea with no signs eg ( bungalows next door to Blue Rock) so we do not recommend Subic Bay for swimming purposes???? just for relxing, eating, drinking & watching ships in the bay as ap[art from golf theres not a hang of a lot to do here.

You can catch the bus either Fly the Bus or the Southern Cross Hotel Bus which leaves Angeles from the BRASS KNOB HOTEL 440 21st St, Don Juico Ave Clarkeville, Angeles City ( 045-892-5475 run by a nice Australian couple Roy and Tess. Bus leaves at 9am for Subic Bay the 9 minute Bus trip.Cost is 500P. (600P from Angeles to manila but better and cheaper to catch a minibus or Bus around 100-130P). Just book in your hotel for the bus trip and the van will pick you up and deliver you to the bus Hotel.SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL IS IN 1122 M.H. Del Pilar St. Ermita, Manila Tel: (02)521-2013 Fax (02) 525-5371 website: and they can take you to the airport in Manila for 350P.

Fly the Bus leaves Angeles -Subic 10am Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun from Swagman Resort to any Hotel in Subic Bay. The return journey Subic to Angeles leaves at 12.30pm from Swagman Travel office to the Swagman Resort in Angeles but they will pick you up. Can take you right to your Hotel so its convenient and the road to Subic is a tollway in excellent order. For more info on Subic Bay [ Hotels & Subic info ] BUSES AND MINIBUSES : These are ok as well and easy to catch and cheaper. Just remember the RABIT BUS LINE OR VICTORY BUS LINE or the Star Busline and the buses are in excellent condition and a whole lot cheaper than FLy the Bus or the Southern Cross which I think are Aussie owned. eg 210P from Manila to Angeles or from Angeles to Subic Bay 130P on the minibusline

Wild orchid Hotel is a 5 star Hotel on Baloy Beach. It has a large swimming pool and on both sides of the road with a Beach area bar, restaurant and band at nights right on the beach.

Nice pool at the Wild Orchid Hotel they even have theoir own cruise boat.

Anchored off the Wild Orchid Hotel Baloy Beach

Beach accomodation as restauarnt, pool etc

There are many hotels, resorts, apartments, guesthouses in Subic Bay but the most convenient for the average traveller is the WILD ORCHID OR THE BLUE ROCK HOTEL or HARLEYS or TREASURE ISLAND all on the coast a stones throw from each other. Blue Rock owners are Australian and they have a good business here but lack WIFI internet in the rooms???only have in the restaurnat area. Treasure Island has WIFI as does Wild orchid and Harleys . The beach small with grey sand but its OK for RnR and you don't see deck chairs like Pattaya beaches but its good sandy sea beaches and better than Pattaya for that. The views are of the ships anchored ready to come into port but its OK & popular the Island and Blue Rock have a floating bar where you go out on a raft to drink on the floating raft. All have good meals in true Aus fashion but you dont get drinks with breakfast which is unlike Thailand. The rooms are excellent as is the Hawaiian staff?? decor.

The buses will drop you right outside the door at any Hotel you choose but their are all apartments and Apellettes you can stay if you want cheaper digs. . Another Hotel at the back of this is the HARLEY BAR & HOTEL which is UK/Swedish management: Baloy long Beach, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines 2200. Tel/fax: (+63) 472246922 or email: or website: so take your choice on what you want. You can choose any apartments and cottages if you like.



LOCAL TRAVEL: Of course Hotels will tell them to use their vans etc but do yourself--its an adventure. Take a sidecar to the main road 25P then jump on a jeepney and head into town (Blue one) check the side of the jeepney for the sign reading Olongapo --Subic and you return on the same 12P one way. We asked reception the cost to use a Jeepney to town =30 baht. Asked another receptionist cost to use sidecar taxi= she did not know?? or wasn't about to tell us--both were wrong.

FOOD AND MEALS: Food wise great meals but they never give you a free tea, coffee but you can ask for a glass of water which is free--great? & which is Ok and doggy bag to take home if you want. You never even see FREE water in your Hotel rooms in the Philippines (eg. Nana Hotel Bangkok is same price with 3 bottlres water free & better rooms by comparison) so you pay for what you see but be careful and if you want take note what is in the fridge & ask to check list off the room maids list. You may eb charged for items you never used (the maid may have taken them home then billed you??)

Don't expect FREE like in Thailand Pattaya Samui etc and the beaches in Subic Bay are crap-- better if you want good beaches to go to Boracay or Cebu but NOT here. We interviewed a few ex Pattaya ites who said they would never go back to Subic but Ok for 1 day or 2 only to see the ships: eat, get fat and drink & watch ships or write your memoirs?? as not much to do apart from staring at the ships in the port??? The sea is full of plastic, polystyrene but the filipinos don't care as they live in pretty much squalour anycase (not all) but even the bars are not that nice. You can drink San Miguels for 30P or even cheaper away from the Hotels cheaper and guess this is the good points about this place & visas for 1 year?.


Hotel food is expensive but [ Try Mikes Tacos ]. In Pattaya try Roast meals at Robins Nest UK 129 baht??

Entrance to Blue Rock rough road with Wild Orchid Hotel on your right all in 1 minutes walking to each other. Approx 5 Hotels in this beat

Bring just light clothes and buy what you need here. Its cheap to buy clothes. Nightlife if you can call it that isn't much chop bu the Wild orchid has a band playing nightly. Subic bay is good or a quick visit to the Bay to see the ships anchored but forget the beaches, and the costs are high for meals and rooms compared to Pattaya etc.

ROADS AND HIGHWAYS :the highways are good as they are tollways and kept up to scratch but the general roads on the beach by the Wild orchid and Blue rock are crap. Once it rains the roads fill up and theres no drainage at all. Guess the Government hasn't go this far? or those in the seats spend their money on themselves. The road between the Wild orchid is always full of water when wet?? and the outside road at Blue Rpock and Wild orchid in a state of repair but who cares as this is the Philippines and unless you oil the pocket of the local council rep nothing gets done eg. sewerage & power cuts

WARNINGS: enter the sea but be careful as ships in Subic Bay throw plastics and waste overboard just like in every harbour. This one is no exception. Our staff stay in April 2009 we were booked for the room service items when we checked out : cotton buds; shaving cream (we don't have anything to shave) ; 3 bottles of water (we had one) & one bottle of splits we had never heard of the name before. The room maid I guess does not have a check list but after our explanation we only paid for the water but how many others has this maid tried it on?? We asked to see a check list--they had none? for the days we stayed --- not good considering its not a cheap place and in Pattaya you can get a room at the Sawasdee or Apex Hotel far better standards for 599baht a night?? with 2 bottles of free water.

OUR PREFERENCE FOR BEACHES: Head to Cebu or Boracay but not here. Remember this is our opinion only but we have talked to many others in Pattaya on what they felt was wrong. For a get away holiday for a couple of days fine but not much longer than that unless you want to stagnate into a beer bottle. However get adventuous and eat away at the mone fine restaurants and I am sure you will enjoy.

For BARS ETC GO TO [ BANGKOKGO ] website coming soon and we have more info on Subic Bay.

Try the jeepneys if going into town from the Wild Orchid. The small sidecars cost 25P to get to the main road and the trip into town is only 12P. Subic Bay is a rip off place at the Hotels really and the beaches are not as good as Thailand. In fact about 10 metres behind the jetskis based at the Blue Rock the sewer runs right into the sea and theres lots of plastic in the water probably due to the rivers being choked with plastic bags. For a couple of days Ok go to Subic but theres better places to spend your time in the Philippines if you want good beaches. Have a look at the rivers and klongs in Subic and that will make your mind up about swimming at the resorts????

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