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Perhaps the only city where you hardly see a Police car let alone a Policeman standing directing traffic. They are no where to be seen? Well while here be careful as the low salaries like Thailand the Police are on the take if at all you ever have a confrontation. Most minor crimes, which do not involve politicians or celebrities, are not even investigated or reported so don't waste your time as you may have to pay just to file the report. Just put it down to experience and a bad buzz.

With so many people and squatters in Manila a lot of the population does not have any ID or even a birth certificate. They virtually do not exist and you will see the squalour as you arrive. Its hard to check just how many people are in Manila as no stats but they say 10-17 million but I would think around 10m is better. Thailand Bangkok has around 8m people and is bigger than Manila?? Check out the klongs or canals?? as many low income housing is based around these areas as well as highways, railways etc. This gives rise to high crime as they know they have nothing on record hence you will notice the high security everywhere even in the airport and in malls! Philippines is also a gun state and its easy to buy a shooter and they actually manufacture guns here but the smuggling is rife due to the low pay of customs and Police who turn a blind eye so yes there are many guns out there.

The airport on departure are over the top even searching you in the departure reception areas and about 3 times total bag inspections. To give you an idea more than 60 journalists were victims of extrajudicial killings (placing the Philippines only second to Iraq) during the past 5 years. Not a single one has been successfully prosecuted --like looking for a needle in a haystack or is it in the hard basket of demotion if they do investigate hence the power of the rulers and perhaps why you never see flashy Benz's or BMWs on the streets or very few. Those in power similar to Thailand hold onto their seats by the gun so its not surprising the crime rate is high as with the poverty levels just like many other Asian countries. Even Thailand politicians some of whom are a name only with no biz etiquette or education (some have bought degrees) hold onto power and at every election would be politicians and even media are shot if they feel threatened. "The power of money over the power of love" for ones people is paramount similar to most Asian countries.

If you report robberies, the police do nothing! but as there is an absense of cops on the beat its understandable so best bet don't take too much cash out; watch your step, have good security and be incognito & health plan. You will note the many security guards inside 7/11s, Malls, Banks, money changers, shops etc who must stand all day 7 days a week on bad salaries. But these same guys pack shotguns, side arms. These same security guards can also moonlight with full knowledge of the boys in blue, due to their miserable salaries and work conditions and as the ID process is a hard one, many also succeed in doing crimes hence the high security everywhere. You also notice bars on windows and razor wire on fences again the only deterant against those with nothing. But don't let this put you off as the Philippines can be a nice place to go to and many areas are OK and fun places just like Pattaya in Thailand.

These casinos all have security guards with cutdown pump shot guns

The worth of a human life is one of the cheapest in the whole world. The families of victims from the sinking of the “Princess of the Stars” who received 200,000 Ph Pesos (4,420 US$) each. This is the worth of a human life in the Philippines at the top end. No liability will ever be more than this. You will notice the difference between rich and poor in Manila and the fat cats of course run the place just like Thailand and Indonesia--families that is.

Like all cities of the Philippines, Manila is governed by a mayor who heads the executive department of the city. The current mayor for the 2007-2010 term is Alfredo Lim. The city further has six representatives popularly elected to the House of Representatives, the lower legislative branch of the Philippines. Each representative represents one of the six Congressional districts of Manila.

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Manila’s new police director promised on Wednesday April 15th 2009 to accelerate the modernization of the capital region’s police force by tapping new technology to complement the capability of the police in its peace and order campaign. In his inaugural address at the turnover ceremonies at Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City, Wednesday morning, Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales said he intends to replicate the success of the Manila Police District (MPD) in using high-tech gadgets in its peace-keeping and crime-fighting programs."Through the help of like-minded individuals and organizations, the MPD was able to purchase and use high technology gadgets such as Blackberry cellular phones, handheld radios, desktop computers and CCTVs (close circuit television).
"With these equipment and aided with technologies such as Global Positioning System and electronic mapping, the PNP (Philippine National Police) could monitor several locations and dispatch vehicles to respond to crimes," he said.
"We did it in Manila and we can do it for Metro Manila. Let us use the same philosophy, the police and the community as partners and technology and integrity together, as critical ingredients in preventing and in solving crimes methodically and creatively," he said. Rosales took over as chief of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), Director Leopoldo N. Bataoil, who now heads the Directorate for Integrated Police Operations (DIPO) for Northern Luzon.Rosales was formally installed as regional director by Deputy Director General Jefferson P Soriano, deputy PNP chief for operations. - GMANews.TV

So lets see what happens in the Philippines but we wonder have cameras been substituted for man power???. Don't get me wrong the Police in Thailand although present can also be ineffective. Just this month April 2009 the PM Adhisit was nearly killed by Red shirt protestors in Pattaya backing ex PM Thaksin Shinawatra ( who has been convicted of massive fraud) & he had only 2 Police looking after him against a crowd of hyped up protestors. The Police chief was a mate of Thaksin and did nothing???no security for the PM --he was quickly removed thereafter but you can now see what countries are up against? the Police in Thailand are also very corrupt.



As at April 2009: Manila is the 4th most polluted city in the world?

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Unless you come to Manila looking for trouble and being a no-it -all then you will see the Police but in general its easy to live here and one will never even come to terms with a Police confrontation. The filipino people are generally all nice. Even beggars thank you and they are not as bad as many otjher countries. They respect their elders like Thais, even NZ Maoris do this but unlike Khao San Rd Bangkok where you get a bunch of Brits who end up fighting (mal lao) Manila is Ok. Chances are you will never experience a crime here so have fun.

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