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Diamond Hotel right across the Roxas Blvd and sea Malate 




Hotels at the Airport The Manila Airport Hotel (tel:(02) 854 7549 or 854 7550; website: is the only airport hotel - it is located in Terminal 1; passengers in transit can hire a day room for resting. There are hotel reservation desks at the airport in both terminals and major hotels provide a shuttle service. Trolleys can cost 50 pesos & can be a hassle to find. Be calm as customs can be slow and don't lose your cool as they don't care.

There are three operational International Terminals at the Manila Airport; one for overseas like Kuwait, Thai, Emerites and the next for Philipppine Airlines and a Domestic Terminal close by for Cebu and Internal airlines



A good inexpensive Manila Hotel is the Riviera Mansion Hotel at A. Mabini St, Malate, Tel: (632) 523-4511 to 25 Fax: (632) 522-2606 email: @ $US38- 40 a night or its sister at the back called ROTHMANS HOTEL but theres many and a nicer one cheaper is PALM PLAZA HOTEL 524 Pedro Gil corner/ M.Adriatico St. Malate, Manila tel 02-5221000 or fax: (632)524-8384 email: or

The Riviera Mansion is pretty ordinary althought the rooms and hallways are decorated in nice timbers but the restaurnat is small with no menus to view and nothing really to take your imagination so best to eat out around at Robinsons. Like many Hotels in the Philippines easting in them can cost-- you are better to try the food courts or the many small restaurants in Manila.Most will say they have wireless internet BUT note it is not free--you pay by the hour 240P.

Just a stones thow to Robinsons and they have buffet breakfast.

Palm Plaza Hotel has excellent Buffet breakfast all you can eat and is only 1200P a night our BEST HOTEL to stay at much better than the Riviera and cheaper. If you walk into the Riviera Mansion Hotel its dearer than booking on the internet.

. From the airport 192 baht by taxi to Malate and theres a choice of many Hotels in this area within 2 blocks and Robinsons is just around the corner 5 minutes walk. Riviera: Theres a 7/11 next door and they sell everything that you can buy in Thailand's 7/11 or most things and another 7/11 around the corner on Pedro Gil.. Watch out for beggar kids outside but just ignore them. Across the road theres a big Casino well guarded called Poccar so worth a look?? and you can waste your leftover $$$ if you want. This end of town Malati is a bit of an eye sore as many buildings not looking good and street kids but it is OK and fun but be careful at night as you will be accosted by beggars; girls with babies and watch dealers trying to sell fake rolex to pearl knecklaces.

Dont eat at the Hotels unless you have a good price as many do not include breakfast in the deal. Eat away try the Robinson complex for meals. or 7/11 for yoghut etc. In the supermarket in Robinsons bring your own spoon if buying yohurt. Stock up at the 7/11.

It can also get conjested with traffic and of course touts are outside all Hotels so be careful but normally security at all hotels are OK. If using taxis make sure they use the meters. Theres make shift samlaw sidecars which if youre game are good for small legs but ask the price first normaly a couple of blocks is 25P

& are OK recommend travelling on but many jeeneys & taxis.Jeepneys are not allowed to go to Makate Business district.

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SIMM CARDS & WHERE TO BUY IN MANILA: Most hotels have but in Manila wireless internet will cost you min 240P but use the HOTSPOTS. See more info on [Go to Wireless page ]

Riviera Hotel bathroom !

Breakfast:No service charge or tax in the Riviera is typical of many Budget Hotels. This gives you an idea of prices. The downside is no drinks with breakfasts at many hotels especially Angeles and Subic Bay unlike Thailand which make you are far more welcome and the buffets and meals cheaper. Heres a typical Hotel menu:


Chilled Orange juice, 2 eggs,Bacon OR sausage OR ham, toast & tea or coffee or chocolate == 230 P


Orange juice, toast with butter & jam; tea or coffee or chocolate == 145 P


Chilled Orange juice, 2 eggs fried or scrambled, Tapa or Tocino,Bacon OR Longanisa or Daing nangus; garlic rice & Anchara, toast & tea or coffee or chocolate == 280 P

LUNCH: Soups like Cream of mushroom, Cream of corn,seafood chowder, Cream of chicken = 160P to 180P. Salads: Toss green salad & Arabic salad =150-& Chefs special salad = 190 P.

APPETIZERS; Squid rings=230P; Onion rings =85P; French fries = 85P; Shrimp Gambas = 260P; Beef tapa= 220P

OMLETTES ON TOAST: Spanish Omelette= 170P; Mushroom omlette= 170P; Ham omlette= 165P; Bacom Omlette =165P; Cheese omlette=110P; AMERICAN PANCAKE: WITH butter; ham or bacon & maple syrup =180P; PLAIN PANCAKE with butter & maple syrup=145P

SANDWICHES & BURGERS: Clubhouse sandwich = 220P; Hamburger = 150P; Cheeseburger = 165P; Ham and egg= 150P; Bacon & egg=150P; Chicken Samdsich =150P, Hotdog = 150P; Ham sanwich=150P; Cheese sandwich =120p; Egg sandwich =120p

STEAKS: Chicken Terriyaki + sauce + Java Rice=280P; Sizzling hamburger steak mushroom gravy, fries, & toast=250P; Beef steaks garlic rice = 260P; Pork BBQ with rice = 275P, Chicken BBQ with rice =275P; Chicken Pork Adobo peppercorn, rice, & archara = 250 P; Grilled prok chops 2 chops with rice & atchara; Fried chicken: whole =350P; half = 180P; Chicken & Chips whole =380P half = 200P

RICE DISHES: Shrimp fried rice = 170P; Beef curry rice =210P; Chicken curry Rice =210P; Mixed veg & Rice 175P; Garlic rice 45P; Plain Rice = 45P so most rice dished with veg/meats = P160P to 210P

JUICES: San Miguel =75P; Coke =55P; Minerla water 55P or large 98P but get from the 7/11.

POWER OUTLETS IN MANILA:Are 2 pin flats or round 220 volts 60hz no earth. You can buy adaptors cheap in Ace Hardware in the malls easy enough and cheap or bring your own. There is no earth in the Philippines..

BUYING CLOTHES IN MANILA:In the Robinson Centre there are clothes at discount rates; sunglasses, handicrafts etc on the ground floor. You can eat on the 2nd floor with many types of food places available.

WIRELESS INTERNET IN MANILA:In the Riviers the cost to use wireless which most Hotels won't tell you when you book is 100P for 1 hour in a 24 hour period & 450P for 4 hours in any 48 hour period. Go to Robinsons and use for FREE. The login is: "Robinsonsmall"

Philippines Embassy , Thailand
760 Sukhumvit Road, Corner Soi Philippines (Sukhumvit 30/1)
Prakhanong Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Phone: +66-2-259-0139         +66-2-259-0140        +66-2-258-5401        
Fax:+66-2-259-2809 +66-2-259-7373
Email: or
Website URL:
Travelers to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding twenty-one (21) days, provided they hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or next port of destination

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