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Manila transport is crazy but everyone gets there. The vehicles are mostly older types and you never see the latest BMWs or Mercs on the road due to the security risk of being held up and your vehicles and you are taken hostage. As silly as it sounds its true so you will see the armoured Ford Suburbans riding the streets all owned by the wealthy who don't want to be seen. The Philippines is stikll a cowboy city and the security guards ride armed shotgun everywhere and searches into malls etc are the norm.

HIRING A MOTORCYCLE: you can hire off road dirt bikes in places like Subic Bay but don't use bikes in manila as traffic is bad and theres no STOP signs or GIVEWAY signs just lights. Honda Waves can be hired for around 500P about for a 24 hour hire (Pattaya is 150 baht a day for a Hond Click or Yamaha Mio 125cc) so a lot cheaper. Insurance does not apply as in Thailand and the same rules apply as in Thailand. You lose it you pay for it; you damange it even if not your fault forget it you pay. So just remember when you hire any bikes in Asia???? that the deal might be more than you bargained for. However many do hire in polaces like Cebu and Subic Bay but the risk is yours. We suggest have adequate Insurance in case you do have a smash and note hospitals.

Subic Bay rental between the Blue Rockmand Treasure Island Hotel are cheaper than the Hotels

themselves for 24 hour hireage

In Angeles rent a motorcycle from Tel: 0918-456-4957 big and small bikes for hire.

The Jeepneys are everywhere in Manila and all shape, sizes and colour configurations. They start at 7P but you need to know where they go if you use them. better to have a guide. [ Read more about Jeepneys ]

SMALL SIDE CAR BICYCLES : These are small bicycle mounted samlaws and are Ok for small distances in Manila but they are made for little people. If youre 20 stone you will be lucky to fit in one.Cost range in the 20-30P area but ask first and its better than walking. They are everywhere and its good to help the locals.

But check out [ the Jeepneys ]

The small sidecars are an Ok way to get around as long as youre not too fat and over 5ft high. Like the jeepneys they have hardly any headroom and a big Aussie will find it hard to sit in properly let alone a MacDonalds addict from the USA. But they are inexpensive so ask the price first. In Subic most foreigners stay around the Bay at places like Blue Rock etc and you can take a sidecar to the main road but don't use them any further for if they crash theres not must iron to look after you and you will sail to heaven pretty quick. Transfer to the "lowriders" or" jeepneys" into town for 12P which are even cheaper than the sidecars and go to many places. Look on the side or ask someone inside. When you need to stop just tap on the railings on the roof and the driver will stop. However if your a 20stone Big Mac fan forget the jeepney as you will be lucky to tuck in your tummy tryint to get in one. The head room is enough for little pigmies from "New Guinea".

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