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You will notice the poverty quicker in Manila. Theres many beggars and kids on the streets and the car horns which never stop. The streets are dirty and you never see rubbish bins let alone many Police around---you see more security guards than Police. But in Makate biz district its Ok and not dirty. Also the lack of cars like BMWs or Mercedes??? Perhaps this is due to the many robberies and jackings over the years so security guards which are outside Hotels, malls etc all carry guns and pump shotguns and for good reason. The Filipinos have a love for guns and they actually manufacture some good ones so this is still a country that has a lot of guns. Another reason is the rich do not like to be exposed whereas in Thailand they like to show off more with Mercedes etc which are plentiful. In Fact some years ago Mercedes were going to cut the supply of Mercs due to the Thais buying too many. It was making the Mercedes look too cheap can you believe.. In Manila the rich use Ford suburban bullet proof cars and hide behind a facade of cars that suit the occassion but to have Mercedes you are asking to be car jacked??. I guess the reason why the poor are poor and the rich don't care apart from making more for themselves.

Go into any supermarket and you will notice the vegetables and differences in the quality of. Philippines does not have really top quality of vegetables unlike Thailand which has the veges grown on the Kings many projects that are superb.. On the other hand meats are cheap to buy and plentiful with steaks, pork and chicken all with rice dishes a favourite.Price wise the vegetables are much on par with Thailand but the filipinos do not use a lot of herbs and chillis in their dishes unlike those in Thailand not do tyhey make many vegetable dishes which the Thai are famous for and which are a lot cheaper than in the Philippines..

The people in Thailand may be cleaner looking but the filipinos speak good English and show a lot of good manners when talking to you probably more so than Thais. Ok you may get the odd taxi driver wanting to rip you but thats natural anywhere as they do in both countries. You will notice a lot of poor areas of housing and vacant sections or properties for rent many in run down condition with no uniformity in the bulding codes in the Philippines. There has been no uniformity to the building code process in the Philippines let alone building inspectors and loads of shanty towns??? but maybe why the philippines is the Philippines with they say 10+m people many of whom do not even have an ID. Job wise the filipinos are great travellers and that the reason why theres many pawn shops and Money changers--- overseas filipinos send money back to their folks just like Thais but here you will see more Overseas work offering placements and there are many of them as the Filipinos are ship farers and many lines hire them for that reason.As at April 2009 overseas filipinos send over $US1billion last year.

Food at Hotels etc. Nothing like Thailand apart from the big Aussie breakfasts. eg Thailand is famous for buffets out of this world at prices like in Pattaya 110baht with 4-5 varieties of eggs; free orange or pineapple juice and FREE water; tea and coffe and the buffets are large whereas in the Philippines the variety is not as good. In fact filipinos do not use spices like Thais nor have the flavours --they prefer fattiewr foods steaks etc and less vegetables eaten apart from fries. Notice we say FREE because thats the Thai style. Most hotels have complimentary water which you don't see in the Philippines as everything you pay for. But the Walkabout in Angeles was the only Hotel that had a jug and coffee, tea sachets complimentary in your oom --well done. Even a breakfast you must pay for your water--tea or coffee in the deal which in Thailand is unheard of. So the Thais top there counterparts second to none on the food apart from the individual big Aussie breakfasts which are hard to beat--be good if they offered coffee & refills as the prices are not cheap over 250P up to 300P for

. eg. buffet in the Bai Yok Tower 2 complex out of this world with as many giant prawns, etc cooked as you wait in 500baht yet some Hotels in the (Ph) allow only one plate of food???. Nothing compares to this in the Philippines as the buffets here are not that good nor exciting. eg the Swagman in Manila has a buffet which allows one coffee only & only an omelette in the egg dishes. In Thailand you have choice of poached, boiled, fried, or scrambled plus omlettes in the buffet and theres no limit on how many drinks you can have also a variety. In fact putting it plainly filiino food in all Hotels is expensive. Thailand also will have selections of breads, cakes, fruit and fruit salads and many salads not really seen in the (Ph). Also you will notice not many vegetarian dishes in the philippines and the salads also not that good. But Thailand is famous for its salads and som tum which is the difference.Some hotels like the Blue Rock Hotel in Subic don't even allow guests to bring there own food or drink & this is the first we have seen anywhere in rooms??? eg. milk for babies etc?? is this not allowed ---but perhaps this is a deterent for locals cooking their own in the rooms which is understandable. One thing that is good is sausages in (Ph) much better than Thailand & the cheapest Hotdogs with cheese really nice can be found in JOLLIBEE [ check out JOLLIBEE ]. However seafood is not as good as Thailand and for the prices Thailand is much better on this depending where you go of course--but (Ph) is OK and platters etc are very good in comparison but they do not serve crab or oysters in the food baskets and the mussels are small--- not really worth the prices they charge so eat your seafood in thailand and can the filipino ones.

Ok attitudes are a lot better in (ph) and better than in Thailand who do not respond to you although a lot of Thais do not speak English which is a (Ph) plus.People in the Philippines are nicer although the Thais are good on greetings. Even beggars say thank you in (Ph). Thai are more on the busy side but those who come up to tourists are normally touts wanting your bucks. (Ph) do not normally hassle you too much just the poor beggars but remember in Manila theres 11m+ people whereas Bangkok at approx 8- 9m people

Hotel prices are cheaper in Thailand with much better facilities and free water. Good Guesthouses in Pattaya and Chiangmai start at 350baht and for 550 baht places like the Apex and Sawadee in Pattaya make the same equivalent in Manila @ 1200baht or 1500 P.

Transport costs are also a lot dearer in (Ph) but (Ph) is cheaper for simm card costs for your You can catch a bus 800kms fromChiangmai to Bangkok for 500 baht. The same is from Manila to Angeles?? on the forign buses but cheap on the aircon RABBIT LINE OR VICTORY LINE buses so check that out to save your $$$

Bike hire rates for small Honda Waves run at 500P -700P per day in the (Ph) whereas its only 150baht a day in Thailand. In Philippines they drive on the left hand side as has a strong USA influence? In Thailand you can also hire 1000cc Hondas etc but in the Philippines not so much.

The people are nicer in Philippines and all speak English US style--manners wise. However you never see Gays walking around or kratoeys and in Angeles maybe about 3 kratoeys we noticed not so nice lookers either. We heard they actually get hell from the locals and as (Ph) is pretty much a catholic country maybe they don't like.

As for the girls Thailand girls are far better lookers and dress better. The Thais girls are out of this world and in Angeles sad to say are a lot of young girls with no work and need money to support their families.

Absense also are the Indian traders--you see none and apart from the odd US negro not many Africans come here?? yet in Thailand they have too many?

HEALTH: You will notice filipinos use combs everywhere and anywhere. Thais never to do this only using their fingers in public & only use combs in bathrooms etc. Check it out and tell us if we are wrong. Filipinos will also use hairspray in places a Thai wouldn't use so personal hygiene is a lot more pronounced with Thais.

HEATH HAZARDS The klongs in Manila etc also full of plastic bags and raw sewerage? Do not swim in the sea anywhere near houses or villages as chance are you will swim amongst the garbage. In Subic Bay the beaches are polluted--you will see filipinos swim but not many expats??? if any. Next to the Blue Rock Hotel the hire cottages sewage runs directly into the sea --aren't that great???

CITIES: Not so nice as no building codes and many shanty and dirty towns. You never see a rubbish truck in Philippines as against the daily ones working in Thailand and not many ruubbish tins --never n the street as guess they would be stolen at night?? In Thailand this is not the case.

The Jeepneys are cheap and start at 7P eg a trip from Blue Rock main road to town in Subic Bay is only 12P whereas a Songtaew in Pattaya going straight is 10 baht from 1 block before a main turn. eg one end of beach road to the other, or full length of second road.

Inside a jeepney has low headroom but just tap the handle bars with a coin to stop.Cheap.

Absense in Philippines is dogs running around. They must be tied up at home as they have game wardens on patrol. In Thailand anything goes and many dogs on every street as Thais don't mind them.

Markets are OK but have set prices in Philippines whereas in Thailand you bargain if not happy with the prices. Items like clothing are more expensive than Thailand but food prices are on par and cheaper for meats. However theres no shelf life in the (Ph) so be careful what you buy.


WIRELESS INTERNET IN MANILA: In the Hotels unless they say wireless is free then its not. The cost to use wireless which most Hotels won't tell you when you book is 100P for 1 hour in a 24 hour period & 450P for 4 hours in any hour period and 960P for 10 hours over a 48 hour period. Go to Robinsons and use for FREE. The login is: "Robinsonsmalls" or you can go to the GLOBE Internet shop and buy hours using their Globe wireless. You can buy a weekly Wireless card for 1680P and monthly for 3600P from or by calling 6700-7777. Manila is pretty good with wireless far better than Thailand Hotels who have cheaper rates but lack wireless internet connections. Thai Hotels normally set up PCs at an hourly rate 30, 60 100baht an hour. Like anywhere they will all come on steam as demand for wireless increases. Bring you own adaptor but you can buy i many hardwares or 7/11 the adaptors. As the Philippines use a 2 pin plug similar to Thailand sometimes the wall sockets do not work over time as the connections stretch and when you plug in your get no power. If this is the case don't blame your laptop but to test just touch your transformer and if not hot then yes its the wall socket so change.


This is where the beaches are and nice resorts 90 minutes from Angeles. You can catch the bus either: VICTORY BUS LINE OR RABBIT BUS LINE or for around 110P and theres a minibusline for 130P

The sign next to Victory Bus Terminal in Subic Bay this minibus runs to Angeles hourly for 130P. You can also catch cheaper aircon buses from the RABBIT BUS LINE: in Rizal Ave, Edsa, Manila OR the VICTORY BUS LINE. Both buses have excellent buses and cheasper than Southern cross or Fly the Bus. around 110P Angeles to Manila and vice versa.

Fly the Bus or the Southern Cross Hotel Bus which leaves Angeles from the BRASS KNOB HOTEL 440 21st St, Don Juico Ave Clarkeville, Angeles City ( 045-892-5475 run by a nice Australian couple Roy and Tess. Bus leaves at 9am for Subic Bay the 9 minute Bus trip.Cost is 500P. Just book in your hotel for the bus trip and the van will pick you up and deliver you to the bus Hotel.SOUTHERN CROSS HOTEL IS IN 1122 M.H. Del Pilar St. Ermita, Manila Tel: (02)521-2013 Fax (02) 525-5371 website: and they can take you to the airport in Manila for 350P.

Fly the Bus leaves Angeles -Subic 10am Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun from Swagman Resort to any Hotel in Subic Bay. The return journey Subic to Angeles leaves at 12.30pm from Swagman Travel office to the Swagman Resort in Angeles but they will pick you up. Can take you right to your Hotel so its convenient and the road to Subic is a tollway in excellent order. For more info on Subic Bay [ Hotels & Subic info ]


Philippines Embassy , Thailand
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Travelers to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding twenty-one (21) days, provided they hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or next port of destination

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