Manila Airport Manila) Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City 1300, Manila, The Philippines is OK well thought out and is only a small airport. They have 3 terminals as not many planes at any one time so its quick to get thru and easy with only 3 carousels. Go thru immigration and get 1 month stay then the carousel is only 10 metres on the other side away. Processing your passport is quick. Theres a help desk there with maps for free after you go thru immigration and exit to your bags. Once you give your Customs declaration over then youre out in the terminal which again is small so you will not get lost. Customs is Ok similar to thai and you are not searched. [ Customs info ] & we have many more Tourist info at the links below

Just go outside the main terminal at Terminal 1 from International and take a left turn and you will see the Yellow metered taxis with meter table. The girl will give you chit. Into Malate. Makate etc about 180- 190 pesos as at 15th April 2009. The desk will give you a chit--give one to the taxi and hold the other one.

Make sure you keep this Taxi chit if catching the Yellow Airport taxi even in Thailand

Across the road at the terminal theres white metered taxis as well --up to you who you wish to use but use the Yellow Taxis as they are proper airort taxis and will not overcharge you. Remember everyone drives on the right side and all vehicles are left hand drive. Not the usual touts outside the terminal and noone is allowed in so a lot better now just like Sunannabhumi in Bangkok so don't worry you won't be hassled with touts as you come out of the airport terminal.

Jeepney (converted military elongated stainless jeeps) and bus services run between the terminals for a small fare but these elongated trucks are not a good way to travel if you just arrived. The taxi fares are OK and as at April 2009 the $US rate is 73 pesos to 100 baht. If wanting to change money as you arrive the Commerce Bank on your right thru customs use them and change $US50 to get you enough coin to reach your hotel and a little more-----sorry no baht accepted. ( Commerce Bank is the best of the 2 banks).

Parking is available in front of the International Passenger Terminal 1 (parking A, B and C) and in front of Centennial Terminal 2. Long-term parking is available at the corner of Domestic and MIA Roads. A free shuttle runs to the terminals.


Use the Yellow metered taxis outside the main terminal doora on the left. This is the Naia 1 Metered Taxi Service. The meter flag down indicates the 1st 500 meters rated at 70P and the meter should start at 30P so check before the taxi leaves. Best to get a taxi at the main stops where others are waiting and never say its your first time to Manila.. Every 300 metres =4P so its relatively cheap to get into town. Have the name and address of the Hotel youre staying at and preferably a map but if not taxi driver will tel in for the Hotel if he does not know so street is important. Manila is not a sprawling city like Bangkok so its easy to get into town within 15- 20 minutes if the traffic is Ok. This taxi service operates within Manila Mega area only. Their office is on NAIA 1. Terminal Manager 4th floor Tel: 8771-109 ext 3003/3031. Comments can go to text TEXNAIA (0917-8395242). Check your belongings after you pay the taxi. In Manila you always lock your passenger door and do not let a driver stop to pick up anyone?? Some taxis will have the meter running as not like inBangkok with the red flag showing when off. The going rate is normally 30P as you start so check as some have their own crazy meters. Do not get from Hotels and watch the older ones who are likely to rip you off

SMALL BICYCLES : These are small bicycle mounted samlaws and are Ok for small distances. Cost range in the 20-30P area but ask first and its better than walking. They are everywhere and its goodm to help the locals. But check out [ the Jeepneys ]

BUSES AND MINIBUSES : These are ok as well ans easy to catch. Just remember the RABBIT BUS LINE OR VICTORY BUS LINE or the Star Busline and the buses are in excellent condition and a whole lot cheaper than FLy the Bus or the Southern Cross which I think are Aussie owned. eg 210P from Manila to Angeles or from Angeles to Subic Bay 130P on the minibusline

Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines: Rizal Ave., Manila & EDSA, Q.C. Tel # 734-9838, 734-9836 Philippine Rabbit have hourly departures from their Avenida Terminal, just by the D. Jose LRT Station..
Dominion Bus Line: New York St., Cubao, Q.C. Tel # 731-4180, 741-4146
Partas Bus Company: Aurora Blvd., Q.C. Tel. # 725-7303, 724-9820
Maria de Leon Transit: Dapitan cor. Gelinos Sts., Sampaloc, Manila Tel # 731-4907
Victory Liner (for Dau Bus Station) Dagupan services from their Pasay (Makati) and Cubao (MRT Cubao Station). Plus several other bus lines (Five Star, Partas, Dagupan, etc.)
Keep your valuables with you on the bus when using the Rabbit or Victory Liner bus & don’t put your  personal luggage in the storage area. When you get on the bus you have to climb over everyone's bag. No toilet on board pus the aircons can get cold. The Subic Bay Express run a daily service to/from Angeles departing 10 am from Bo Barretto/Baloy Beach, and 1pm from Southern Star & Sunset Gardens Hotels Balibago, and also service Iba on request. 


VISAS FOR PHILIPPINES MANILA: Can get 1 month on arrival. An alien who is admitted as a non-immigrant cannot remain in the Philippines permanently. To obtain permanent admission, a non-immigrant alien must depart voluntarily to a foreign country and procure from the appropriate Philippine consul the proper visa and thereafter undergo examination by the officers of the Bureau of Immigration at a Philippine port of entry for determination of his admissibility in accordance with the requirements of this Act.

-    all aliens who will stay for more than 59 days are required to register with the following fees:

Application 300.00 300.00
Extension 500.00 500.00
Alien Certificate of Registration
1,000.00 500.00
Exit Clearance (ECC)
700.00 200.00
40.00 40.00
  2,790.00 1,540.00
  500.00 500.00
3,290.00 2,040.00
-    maximum extension for restricted nationals is one (1) month up to six (6) months only (for all expired visa, the updating fees for the payment of express fee will based in the number of months of extension)
-    for non-restricted nationals is two (2) months up to one (1) year (for all expired visa, the updating fee of express if every two months)
-    aliens who will stay for more than six (6) months are required to pay CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE TEMPORARY VISITOR in the amount of P 1,400.00.


WIRELESS INTERNET IN MANILA: In the Hotels unless they say wireless is free then its not. The cost to use wireless which most Hotels won't tell you when you book is 100P for 1 hour in a 24 hour period & 450P for 4 hours in any hour period and 960P for 10 hours over a 48 hour period. Go to Robinsons and use for FREE. The login is: "Robinsonsmalls" or you can go to the GLOBE Internet shop and buy hours using their Globe wireless. You can buy a weekly Wireless card for 1680P and monthly for 3600P from or by calling 6700-7777. Manila is pretty good with wireless far better than Thailand Hotels who have cheaper rates but lack wireless internet connections. Thai Hotels normally set up PCs at an hourly rate 30, 60 100baht an hour. Like anywhere they will all come on steam as demand for wireless increases. Bring you own adaptor but you can buy i many hardwares or 7/11 the adaptors. As the Philippines use a 2 pin plug similar to Thailand sometimes the wall sockets do not work over time as the connections stretch and when you plug in your get no power. If this is the case don't blame your laptop but to test just touch your transformer and if not hot then yes its the wall socket so change.


Its so Easy to add a new simm while youre on holiday as the cost for a simm card is a mere 40P for a GlOBE or 30P for Talk n Text. You can top up with 100P 200P 500P from money changers to local shops and theres plenty of outlets. Long distance calls no problem and reception is fine. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE UNLOCKED YOUR MOBILE


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