The seaside city of Pattaya in Thailand is a haven for the single minded tourists and ex pat haven boasting some 1600 bars.Hpwever with the sub prime crises affecting Thais therre are many young Thais who come to Pattaya looking for that quick buck. With them are the hire guys who use freinds bikes and cars to rent to unwary foreigners.

Pattaya Beach Rd is situated on a 4 km stretch of road along the sea & along the North end are around 96 bars, hotels and restaurants. This is the seafood paradise. Pattaya is famous for its ski boats, jet skis & water sports like fishing with all night bars and nightlife. Formally a US Military rest stop and recreation from the 60s and 70s it saw a rapid change in its development. Today it is a premier beach resort with over 1 million tourists visiting a year.  


The Beach Road Police station now boasts having "Black shirts expat Tourist Police" on duty with military-style black uniforms Foreign Tourist Police Assistants (FTPA) and patrol the streets with local police offering help to foreign visitors.These guys can assist you with interpreting and help if you have a problem in Pattaya & are based in the Beach Road Police Station Near Soi 9 every day. The job is unpaid volunteer work, and they pay for their own uniforms and equipment. It was project in 1994, first with the Thai Tourist Police Volunteers, which now numbers 369 & they speak different languages. There has been many controversial stories of these and Thai volunteer Police on Walking Street who have turned a blind eye on incidents like bashings and have been known to extort money from foreigners in return for help.Some on both Thai and foreign sides have been caught for robbing and stand over tactics and really they should be disbanded. It is no different than the Russians who use teens to break up any dissent. the Police have their torurist wing who should do their job not allowing foreigners to wear uniforms.

In the west these "Volunteers" are commonly known as snitches and there have been cases in Pattaya where these same guys have been known to snitch on bar owners. However these could be isolated cases of thugs wanting to join but these guys or Thai volunteers who have been caught redhanded but the foreigners are vetted now and provide a help service to tourists. They are really there to offer advice but typically they like to show themselves as real cops-- the black uniforms don't help much as they are intimidating & some would say some of these guys have alterior moticves for joining as they have businesses in Pattaya?? Remember too Pattaya has a lot of bars and the Police are and have a sad reputation of bending the rules to suit their needs.

We noted one in his Plain black car going down Beach Road in late April 2009 with his siren going --- there was no way he could pass anyone let alone for cars to pull over yet he felt like it was showtime with his arm on the window to show off his car, him and his siren & black shirt???. Why is he allowed to have a siren???? beats us & why blast the horn when no way could he move anycase???. These guys should let the Thais do their job and get back to civvies?? its not their job and right in Thailand.

PATTAYA PEOPLE: MAY LAST YEAR: Pattaya Tourist Police succeeded in detaining 4 Uzbekistani women in the night of 22nd May who offer prostitution services to tourists on Walking Street & requested a foreign ‘spy’ to walk around Walking Street and once he was propositioned, to give the ladies marked bank notes and then call the police to inform of the location of where they were to make arrests.AMAZING WHO THE SPY WAS AND WHY theres so many Thai girls on the make on Beach Road every night????



3rd September 2009, saw one of Pattayas volunteers 39 year old Norwegian John Johansen arrested by for drug and firearms offenses. This guy was caught with 40 grams of heroin, and a .38mm revolver handgun. Johansen had been living in Pattaya for some 10 years and ran a Visa company work permit and translation service in soi 13 called John in Pattaya - this business was still being advertised even after the bust by Pattaya One Online news. This guy owned John in Pattaya Visas and obviously realized it was a lot easier to sell drugs using his volunteer status as a front. Mr. Howard Miller, leader of the EXPAT Volunteer Tourist Police, that Johansen had been sacked from his team about 6 months ago. Johansen was also a partner in the “Ingos” bar on Pattaya’s 3rd road popular with Scandinavians. There are b2 outfits operating in Pattaya. Foreign Police Volunteers based at Pattaya Police Station, but Johansen he was a member of the Foreign Tourist Police Assistants.This is his website :


If in doubt in Pattaya always ask for tourist Police. They all speak English and will liase with the Thai Police who cannot speak English. Never make any statements unless you know Thai and can read? If not ask for a lawyer as it more than likely will incriminate you. We run a 24 hour help service for expats and tourists who have Police problems on or you can call Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service


With low salaries some Police will try to extort money off you. In the past Pattaya Police have not been the best at keeping the law in order right & now with rising crime in Pattaya they face even more work. Gangs of Thai kids on bikes with guns, katoeys or ladyboys drugging foreigners or bashings & weekly deaths from shootings is still the norm and as the recession deepens with factoiry closures more Thai come to Pattaya to look at scams etc on each other & foreigners. If an altercation with Thai girls etc try to have witnesses with you and be careful you do not incriminate yourself. If in an accident NEVER move your car, bike etc. The recent case with the Asian Summit saw the Prime Minister Abhisit being nearly close to death after demonstrators stormed his vehicles ( TV showed 2 Police officers trying to stop a mob). The PM managed to escape unharmed but the car's back window was smashed by a red shirt thug wielding a motorbike helmet. The Police chief of Pattaya provided no protection to the PM and was demoted (not sacked which is what would happen in the West). Authorities investigated why police "were unable to contain the demonstrations" but you could see on Thai Tv plain as day there was literally no security & a complete shambles. With this in moind Pattaya has lost any further summits!!!!

Tourist Police numbers: 195,1699, 429371, 425937 All tourists and expats should carry these numbers.

Pattaya Police Tel: 191, 038-420802-5, 038-428223, 038-428967 Banglamung Police: 038- 221331, 038 -222100

Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service

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The Utapao Pattaya airport is now open for domestic flights May 1st 2009. There is a small local airstrip with limited facilities at U-Tapao (U-Tapao International Airport Information Tel: 038-245595, U-Tapao International Airport Office Tel: 038-245600 or your local travel agent. If you want a good Travel agent ex Thai Airlines behind Jack & Tars in the small Soi 6/1 2nd Road opposit the Bangkok Bank. All the expats use her and we guarantee good service from her.

Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service


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