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PATTAYA POST OFFICE: The second Location and easier to get a park is follow

e Naklua Road from the Dolphin /Kiss corner and drive approx 3kms past 2 sets of lights and turn right at the next set where you see the Phillips Electrical sign on the right opposite corner at Soi Sawang Fa -- turn right. The Post Office is approx 300m on the right side. There are also numerous photo copy shops around this P.O. if you need.




The seaside city of Pattaya in Thailand is a haven for the single minded tourists and ex pat haven boasting some 1600 bars. It is situated on a 4 km stretch of road along the sea & along the North end are around 200 bars, hotels and restaurants with more being built every day. This is the seafood paradise. Pattaya is famous for its jetskis, water sports like fishing,sightseeing on Koh Larn Island, parasailing, with all the many night bars and nightlife. Formally a US Military rest stop and recreation from the 60s and 70s it saw a rapid change in its development. Today it is a premier beach resort with over 1 million tourists visiting a year.  


1) 4th Floor (Departure Hall) -24 hr SERVICE
2) 2nd Floor (International Transit) -24 hr service letters, cards but no parcels
3) A counter sevice at The center of Post office SVP
(Mon -Fri 10am-6pm)
(Sat- Sun and holidays off 10am-5pm)


2009 many foreigners are being taken for a ride or is it the Prices are higher due to the rents or is it the Vendors just need more money for themselves

1/. If buying pharmarcy pills try not to buy on Pattaya Klang Rd as the prices are dear (you are paying their high rents). Most shops are franchises and many pills are generic copies that you may find not suitable. Avoid all the main Bar streets for pharmacy stocks as there are many but the prices are 2- 3 times the norm for some items & especially prescription drugs you may buy in the West. Check the prices first before you buy as you may get a shock. Better to buy in Bangkok or even Bang Saen away from Pattaya. Bangkok opposite the Indra Hotel theres a wholesale pharmacy??? You will notice many Dentists, Pharmacies etc on Pattayaklang Rd--these you can compare the prices but go right dowen to Nuklua and the prices may have changed and cheaper yet the same satisfaction prevails.

2/. Check out the large Noodle shops on Pattaya Klang and 2nd road etc especially on the left side before TOT & 3rd Road. They are tourist traps & prices for Thai food very high. Better to find in the side streets which are good Thai places and outside 7/11s and Foodmarts but if not sure ask the price before you eat???. Rents can be high in Pattaya especially on Main road locations, 2nd road, 3rd road etc and Thais will charge a yearly one time key money fee added to a business rental . eg a friend of ours had a small Tourist Travel business & paid 100,000 baht the first year. The landlord asked for 200,000 baht next year key money so she left.

3/. Copy shops charge 3 baht each for min 20 photos so again avoid the Kodak shops unless you really have to use but theres a good one just outside the Big C Building upstairs in the complex. Takes one hour and they can develop any size pictures for you. Avoid the shop see [ Digital develop ] as 9 baht each &they used to be good but now have jacked there prices up. Good copy shops near the Naklua P.O. or near schools. Best place try upstairs in Big C supermarket (as you go out the Big C supermarket doors turn left and its right there for 3 baht min 20 pics and 1 hour wait).

4/. As a newcomer you will find prices in Pattaya are a little higher than Chiangmai for instance. Many shops are geared up to take your money if youre unwary but its worse in Phuket. But theres many markets and superstores to buy your food and you can get bargain meals in Pattaya better than other cities especially buffet meals all you can eat. With the political situation about to unfold even worse with the reds & yellows competition will be heavy as restaurants try to outdo each other. Its also a time when old bad food abounds that one cannot sell so again where theres plenty of people eating then its safe?& English style full breakfast is worth trying in Pattaya. We have reviews and pics of the best English breakfast restaurants and buffets.

5/. Remember the TOT installation crew. Sometimes they use contractors in unmarked pickups--watch out for them? Question about inlets and a surge protector which you do not need and can buy in Tesco or Carrefour etc and plug in yourself. Dont be fooled by these guys into thinking your inlet line is 50 volts as its only 12 volt so you will not get a shock as they will try to charge you again for installation for each socket---its rubbish?? don't pay.

Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service

6/. Remember also if you have a problem in Banks or TTnT & they say have you tried your Bank -always say yes and that they told you to go to them? This puts them on the spot to help you. TTnT may say you cannot cancel the phoneline if in Chiangmai & you have to go back to CM but just say Chiangmai already told you that Pattaya can send a fax to Chiangmai to cancel?? many outfits like TTnt have terrible help line service but its true. Chiangmai will cancel a Pattaya line so why not the other way. The fax is OK as thats what Chiangmai told us but its also good to make these companies follow up on customer support.

7/. With more unemployment hitting Thailand Pattaya is a mecca for rip off merchants and young gangs of bikers so be careful at night and watch who is behind you. Most crimes are Thai on Thai but a few foreigners end up getting assaulted as well.There are many scams so be careful. But overall Pattaya is relatively safe to be in except walking around late at night when Thai boys are drunk and need money. Kratoeys are worse late at night? Wear gold at your own risk of losing it

8/. Power outlets: or in Thailand we use 220volts, no earth and either flatpins or round pins.

9/. Getting your hair cut from a barber in Pattaya the average cost is 50 baht- 60 baht but for the full treatment & light massage you will be expected to pay 100 baht. It does feel good however but a little too dear really but still better than the west.

10/. Having your Honda deam or Wave fixed. Get a quote first before you get anything done as the price will change. If you have a newer bike be careful of the backstreet boys. These guys are monkey mechanics & they will charge if you are a foreigner. Better still get your Thai friend to take the bike but try to use the Honda dealership. Tell Honda or whoever you also want a proper Receipt (bai set)eg. 3rd Road Cnr Honda ---Pattaya Nua intersection will do a perc job for themselves then charge you?? with no receipt and do not invoice it up. For Thais they will?

11/. Buying anything apart from set prices ask first the price before you go ahead. Make sure you get a receipt in case you need to change what you bought the item. Also remember once you buy thats it--normally no refund in Thailand no change of whatever you have bought so check first all items you buy.

12/. Getting yourself a spot on the sundeck chairs at the beach the price is 30 baht for the day. After about 2-3pm you can get for 20baht but ask first. Watch the seafood vendors if cooked as can give you jelly belly as you could be eating yesterdays dinner.

13/. Of course you may get accosted with a good idea by a foreign friend whose friendly to you during your stay. Remember this: " A person who tell you a good idea to invest into but does not have the money to back yours --- its just an idea? If a person who has an idea and can back up with money to compare with your input then it becomes more than an idea 7 maybe worth thinking about.? The moral of this story is --- Thailand has many brilliant minds who know everything and ways to make a fortune. However these same people have been here; lost or spent most of what they brought to Thailand and are on the lookout for an easy touch to pay for their extended stay in Thailand.

14/. Well we don't need to tell you about wearing jewelry in Pattaya like gold 2 baht knecklaces etc. Do so at your own peril as those incoming Thai boys love to snatch them off you and as at September 2009 there are more and more robberies in Pattaya and bike gang shootings and gold taking.

15/. Lock your House: If you have gated premises keep the gates locked all the time. In April 2009 a maid allowed 2 taxi drivers into her employers compound. They used the excuse they were friends of the owner. These 2 Thais killed 5 people including the maid--motive robbery ( but as the loan owner was also a loan shark then these guys maybe didn't want to pay the loan back?). If gates are left open it is amazing how people will just walk in unannounced even walking inside your house?? Talk to people behind your gates and never open even if they say they are Police etc but you feel uncertain. Don't believe having a cover over your lock will work either---- it menas noone in the condo fullstop longtermand theres been occassions when only these condos are broken into?

16/. We had a girl ring our bell at 3am in the morning saying she lived at the end of our Soi and needed money to pay for her sister who just came off her bike and was in hospital --we refused of course but these things happen. Turned out she never lived in that house???but what a cheek. Never open your gate as a food on your property could be trouble. If you feel sorry for them then just tell then about your sick kid or your mum is in hospital. If they insist on using your phone, glass of water etc do not let them in?

17/. Buying cars on finance? do not pay to staff if on finance. Make sure you use a proper finance company as a case in May 2009 in Chompon. Staff kept the payments and after a few months the Bank said nothing paid?? 8 people affected. Many scams now in Pattaya and Thailand.Even paying your bills pay yourself? If you have a business never trust one employee to pay all your bills and check after each bill. Years ago one of our friends Roger in Chiangmai had his staff pay his rent and power?? turned out it wasn't paid for many months until the power was cut off & the landlord gave him the ultimatum.

18/. There are also setups in Hotels in Pattaya and again in May 2009 a Hotel in Jomtien nearlky lost out. A Thai woman claimed her room was burgled & with a Thai dressed like a Policeman decided it was the whole Hotel staff who did the robbery. It was indeed a fabrication but as the story got louder so did the number of Thais who also sided with the Thai touts?? again a warning if youre an owner never lose your cool; use reverse pychology & don't try to initiate any animosity until the Tourist Police and others you want arrive. BE CALM.

19/. Buying your condo. OK theres 1000s to choose from many of which have never been started. If you buy something thats not started whose to say you will get your money back if it doesn't?? What if you pay your deposit & the remainder then not get any recourse. Check this property developer out [ Pattaya Condo ]

20/. Those who wish to borrow its easy to say no?? Remember those that ask have nothing? don't belive bright ideas from you as you will never see again. Use the excuse: you owe the taxman but best of all say this" Have you got a mother & or father? if they say yes then say" youre the luckiest person in the whole world, I have noone to ask but you can ask them to get you home"! Its very easy to give but hard to get back?

21/. STAYING IN A ROOM WITH VACANCIES FOR OTHERS & NO ID CHECK: Watch out as a recent case in Pattaya in Feb 2010 where some Middle Easterns stayed in a room opposite and the reception never asked for their ID?? Bad mistake--they robber an old pensioner of nearly1m baht cash, valuables, passport the lot then closed thew door & took off. Ask any Hotel you stay at or even condo or Gyesthouse if ID needed. If they say NO then you risk having your room broken into. The Guesthouse is doing it so they don't pay tax but its dangerous & happened to a German in Soi Chalermprakiet, South Pattaya .



Mobile: (66) 083-2931045 our law 24 hour help service

MOTORCYCLE HIRE: Most hotels will arrange for you but theres plenty of motorcycles from Honda Dreams at 150 baht per day to bigger 400cc Hondas @ 500 baht per day to even bigger Harleys etc. prices are cheaper for week hireage. Use your international passport & it pays to have a copy of your passport and deposit must be left approx 1000 baht. (Current rate 38.2 baht per $US1).

CAR HIRE: Rent-a-car opposite the Mercure Hotel on Sukhumvit Rd. Tel: (038)702-995 have caribbeans at 890 baht per day, Daihatsu Mira's for 800 baht, Saluna's 1350 baht and Honda City for 1600 baht per day. They deliver to your Hotel. Try a Limo:  Please be informed "reservations Image Limousines" <>  "5 Star Travel Services" < >

The UK Embassy on wheels a familiar sight in Pattaya


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