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June 2012 some food prices have increased & this is noticeably with less cars on the roads in Bangkok?

Tourist Info (TAT)= (038) 429-113, Fax: )38) 429-113Pattaya Airport = (038) 245-595/7 info;  Fax:(038) 245-196

Tourist Police: Tel: (038) 191 accidents  429-371.


Nice fat Pattaya oysters


If you want to know about Bars for Sale or Restaurants we have many on our books at present. Pattaya is a haven for food, girls- theres over 1200 bars in Pattaya. Theres plenty of ATMs & you can access money anywhere via credit cards. It pays to have US$ but travellers cheques are OK but watch your wallets and the kratoeys who have recently in April 2009 getting to be a pain robbing unwary foreigners. There just to many Hotels and Guesthouses to write about and you can get long term condos from 3500 baht to whatever but most are around 5-7,000 baht for a nice room. location and balcony.






ON Soi Boukhao they have sold it and now called Follys Restaurant June 2010 and the Robins Nest Restaurant is still in Soi Diana. Best value foreign meals with roast dinners etc served 24 hours every day and many specials to choose from. Very popular with foreigners but you pay for your drinks which are a bit dear. Quick service and well managed perhaps the best eating place for value meals in Pattaya. Open 24 hours they have a lovely Roast meal Buffet for 275baht all you can eat. A favourite with many of the foreigners coming to Pattaya and they have cheap accommodation upstairs for 500baht?

Chicken Roast, Pork or Beef dinners at Robins nest for 129 baht. They even have T bone steaks dinner specials at 149 baht unbelievable value. However you pay for the drinks?? @ 45 baht for a coke etc.



owned by Tony from Ireland this tastefully done out restaurant has a band full time every night and the meals are out of this world. Try the traditional Fish & Chips, peas and tartare sauce and you won't be able to eat it all. For 160 baht it's the best fish and chips in town.They make you welcome and they sure give value for money. Traditional roasts daily for 260 baht, imported steaks and Guiness, Kilkenny,Heineken & Carlsberg  on tap. They cater for weddings, functions and parties. Open 10am till late. Tel (038) 361-686 Fax: 428-396 email: & website:  www.rosieogradys.8181



(Central Pattaya Rd) near Soi Town in Town. This is the foodmarket of Pattaya where you can have American breakfast with coffee. eggs, toast, orange juice & choice of bacon, sausage or ham for 75 baht . This is popular with expats and those who want to buy their groceries then sit down for a meal. Also thai/ European food served but has the best deli meats and cheeses & Kiwi Lamb chops, roasts, Kiwi mixed frozen veges etc in Pattaya. The steaks are the best in Pattaya and cheap --- where else in Thailand can you buy fillet steaks for 50 baht each???? Veges are dearer than the markets but they have to pay rent and bills so its understandable.


The cheapest fast food is on 2nd Road by the Soi Diana or at the Corner of Nuklua where the Dolphin roundabout is. Open 24 hours they serve cheap western foods and breakfasts all day every day and night and hard to beat 65 baht hamburgers. Very popular place to eat and good fast service this is one of the best and cheapest fast food outlets in Pattaya. The only downside is they use Thai sausages and bread which is not that nice. Cheap and nasty but often a lot of punters in the early hours.

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ON Second Road has been around for awhile and the meals are good. Pies etc served as well but prices a little higher now due to I think Thai ownership??




Munaloy Seafood Restaurant

is situated at the end of Nuklua RD. Drive down from the Dolphin roundabout on the Nuklua Rd past the 3 traffic lights untill you see the Banyan tree in the middle of the road and talat or market on the left. Just stay on this road straight over the bridge and at the end you will see this fabulous restaurant. Prices are better than in Pattaya and its well received every day but check out the pics as at October 2008. This is the best and cheapest all seafood restaurant in Pattaya and a must if you like good quick service and know you won't be ripped off. Tel: 038 223252 038 703201 or 038-703211. Just check the pics we have of this restaurant



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