If you want the best BUFFET BREAKFASTS AND DINNERS then read the list in Pattaya. For 180 baht you have the best Suffet dinners in the World better than the Philippines and cannot be beat in the West. here is a few of them. Thailand dining and restaurants buffet meals.Restaurant, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Check out Pattaya seafood restaurant buffet with King Lobster, River Prawn, Squid, Blue Crab, Mussel and much more line buffet BBQ

PATTAYA HOTELS: & get value for money Hotels at discount prices better than going direct [ BOOK ONLINE NOW ]



Tourist Info (TAT)= (038) 429-113, Fax: )38) 429-113Pattaya Airport = (038) 245-595/7 info;  Fax:(038) 245-196

Tourist Police: Tel: (038) 191 accidents  429-371.


Nice fat Pattaya oysters



If you want to know about Bars for Sale or Restaurants we have many on our books at present. Pattaya is a haven for girls- theres over 1200 bars in Pattaya. The bars centres where there are 20-40 small bars you can get caught on shouting drinks to girls. Theres plenty of ATMs & you can access money anywhere via credit cards. It pays to have US$ but travellers cheques are OK. The best part is the Thai Buffet dinners and these are everywhere but heres a list of the good ones inexpensive. June 2012 some food prices have increased & this is noticeably with leas cars on the roads in Bangkok?



BAAN KWAN RUAN RESTAURANT OPEN AIR: As at June 2012 is is NO MORE. Closed for new development

on 3rd Road Pattaya beside SN apartments and just past the last 7/11 on the right hand side on the way to Pattaya North Road has a superb steak buffet all you can eat dinner starting at 6pm for 99 baht. Includes free coffee and ice cream and large selection of salad, cold meats and fries,rice dishes, noodles, spaghetti, mince sauce, roast potatoes, sushi, pork stew, steaks freshly cooked and worth it August 2009. The owner is an ex Hotel chef and she makes you more than welcome and has to be the best steak buffet all you can eat. Nice place with 2 piece guitar music not load just right for the occassion and theres no better deal than this as at August 2009.


costs 139 baht also on Pattaya 3rd road and eat as much as you like or include seafood like prawns and crabs etc 200baht. You do the cooking and theres everything from ice cream, desert, rice, noodles all the meats from honey pork to steak, salads, noodles and vegetables and pay for your water, ice and beer but the best value as you can eat as much as you want. This is the No1 restaurant for Korean BBQs in Pattaya

These are the best in Pattaya and cannot be beaten so give it a try. On the right 1/2 way up 3rd road towards Pattaya North Road. Don't be confused with All you can eat dishes that say buregr on Monday etc as its not all you can eat. You pay for each dish whereas a Buffet is all you can eat.

Looking down 3rd road Pattaya from Baan Kwan Ruan steak buffet

LEK VILLA HOTEL 570/274 M. 10 Soi 18/2 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Pattaya City Chonburi, Thailand 20150 Tel: (+66 38) 420 323-4 or (+66 38) 370 559. LekVilla@LekVilla.Com

Buffet Breakfast now 150 baht open 7am onwards. June 2012, The place to relax and enjoy in unequalled privacy and tranquility with modern comfortable style decorated amid the tropical garden with spacious swimming pool, courteous service and friendly atmosphere. Close to the Dolphin corner of Naklua has a buffet and you can look at their swimming pool all for 180 baht. The Restaurant is located on the ground floor over looking to the swimming. The Restaurant can accommodate more that 200 people at one time with 50 tables in total. They serve all kinds of food from Trditional Thai food to the Western Food, to suit all needs. Breakfast all you can eat --For the price of 95 baht per person Starts from 7:00 til 13:00.

Diana Dragon GH in the same Soi Diana has one of the best buffets for 119baht and the cheapest in Pattaya. They even make your eggs to be on the spot which the others do not and the best value for money buffet due to their making the eggs you want on the spot. Unlimited tea, coffee and variety of cocopops, rice bubbles and cornies plus salad bar; fruit bar and thai dishes and the usual sausages, bacon, ham etc with real butter?? See pic below but is the best value as your eggs are hot.

99 BAHT ALL YOU CAN EAT: IS NOW CLOSED 2010 was a great place but a haven for all the fatties!!!!! in the Rennaissance Hotel

SAD NOW CLOSED: 99 Baht all you can eat restaurant is on Soi Diana has now closed 2010. They had different specials every day and were open 3pm till 11pm. They opened in August 2009 and had to turn people away but think all those overweight foreigners eat it dry!!!!!!!!. This is what a good theme can do in Pattaya for a new restaurant US owned and with creative style they cornered a hard market--food. While many foreign owned bar/restaurants stuggle to sell this one has done its homework and with goog PR are doing well. Specials of the day like Pizza, BBQ kebads, Pork Chops, Pasta, Burger night etc if you change on the day then you pay extra 99baht but if you just eat Pizza on pizza day then you eat as much as you like. The only catch is one drink min 30 baht? but it was good value for sure while it lasted but of course all the fatties ate the foiod and it closed down.


There have been many complaints from foreigners buying NZ Imported Beef steaks that are really just cheap Thai buffalo for 450 baht a meal. Be careful as many have been caught and the steaks are actually buffalo---ask to see the steak and if dark in colour its the local ox??? A good restaurant is where many people eat???


APEX HOTEL 216/1 PATTAYA 2nd ROAD, PATTAYA CITY 20260, THAILAND TEL : (66-38) 429233 , 428281-2 FAX : (66-38) 421184
2nd Rd 109 rooms in total @ 500-650 baht. All rooms  have double beds, air conditioning, carpets,  fridge, cable TV, telephone,safety box,full  stocked mini bar safe and en-suite bathrooms  with hot and cold water. Has all you can eat buffet breakfast in Pattaya for 150 baht and also buffet dinner all you can eat for 180 baht. A value BUFFET in Pattaya with loads of dishes. Across the road there are even more selective places to have buffets like the . It is safe & on 2nd road near bars & beach and one of the most popular Hotels in Pattaya for the tourists. Great meals and breakfast is the best buffet all you can eat includes fruit, dessert and selection of eggs, fried, poached, scrambled/ bacon, sausages, ham etc. However the bread is not good & Thai bacon is normally sizzled to a crisp and they really need a better chef to cater for foreigners as they use additives, The eggs can also be cold and never made on the spot like th Diana Dragon which is the best value breakfast buffet in Pattaya.

Another breakfast buffet is Belle Villa on Soi 5 Pattaya North at 150 baht. all you can eat.

110 baht for buffet breakfast and 180 baht for dinner. Many dishes choice of coffee, tea, orange, milk, pineapple & water, salad bar, fruit bar, breafast cornies/fruit, cakes and Thai plus European dishes. Fried, poached, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon,ham, different breads make this buffet the best in Pattaya and the cheapest Thai/foreign food in all Thailand.


Lek Hotel has increased its buffet breakfast all you can eat @ 150 BAHT . FREE coffee, tea, corn flakes, even salad bar & fruit bar, scrambled, boiled, fried eggs, bacon sausagess, ham, thai dishes with comprehensive salad bar and fruit bar and has to be the largest buffet breakfast in Pattaya with the Apex Hotel across the road rated the same. Many dished to choose from.

(78 rooms : rates THB 750 - 1800) 248/5 M. 10 Soi 13 Pattaya 2nd Road Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi. Tel: +66 38 425550-2 also have 150 baht breakfast all you can eat and 180 baht dinners nightly right across the road from the Apex Hotel on second road.

Buffet breakfast as much as you can eat in the Apex Hotel, Diana Inn Hotel and Lek Hotel

all within 20- 50 metres of each other. Around 150 baht these are value for money and if you think the bacon and eggs are cold ask to have made for you on behalf.

So much food to choose from at the Apex Hotel Pattaya includes spaghetti, meats etc

The Apex Hotel just too much food to write about 110baht for breakfast and 180 baht for dinner.


on 2nd Rd is another popular place to stay and eat. They also have a buffet lunch. If you are a golfer then you can stay at this Hotel.  Popular with golf tourists. Caters for golfers. 216/6-20 Moo 10 Soi 11-12 Pattaya 2nd Rd., Nong Prue , Bang Lamung, Chonburi 20260. Phone : 0 3842 9675, 0 3842 9870 105 baht for buffet all you can eat Breakfast and 175 baht for dinner but has mainly Thai foods at night whereas the Apex hotel has a buffet all you can eat down the road road for 189 baht. Try also Lee Garden Hotel Soi Naklua @ 180 baht all you can eat..


ON Soi Boukhao the name has changed to Follys as at 2010 but the original Robons Nest Restaurant is still in Soi Diana. Best value foreign meals with roast dinners etc. Quick service and well managed perhaps the best eating place for value meals in Pattaya. Open 24 hours they have a lovely Roast meal Buffet on Sunday with carvery of beef, pork all you can eat for 190baht all you can eat just pay for the drinks . A favourite with many of the foreigners coming to Pattaya and they have cheap accommodation upstairs for 500baht? Great UK breakfast



Chicken Roast, Pork or Beef dinners at Follys Restaurant in Buakaew for 129 baht. They even have T bone steaks dinner specials at 149 baht unbelievable value.

99BAHT ON WED NIGHT OR 129 BAHT ROASTS --GREAT VALUE. This is the UK, Aus and Kiwi favourite. They have specials on all day every day as well

Robins Nest 2 Restaurant in Soi Diana. Opposite the Sawadee Hotel is the same as Buakaew and very popular with the expats who like their roast meals --mums cooking??


in Soi Buakaew. An excellent upmarket Hotel with Elegance Residence with excellence services ,the newest luxury selection of the LK Group ,excelling in spaciousness, modern amenities and tastefully decorated in the location considered the most convenient within Pattaya city for doing business and for travelling. By the Family Mart if coming from Central Pattaya Road about 300m down Buakaew on the left this Buffet dinner runs nightly is 189 baht with free coffee, tea, and have nice mash, fish dish, steaks, lovely soups and pork steaks etc all you can eat daily. They even have a BBQ with grilled prawn sticks and you name it. Really nice decor and TV to watch. Tea and coffee is FREE. ( Now Buffet closed due to the downturn until further notice April 2011 )



Lovely Hotel and apartments and a nice Buffet dinner.A must in Pattaya for 189 baht all you can eat.LK Royal Suite Company Limited 66/33 M.9 Soi Buakhao Pattaya City , Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel : 66 (0) 3872 0999          Fax : 66 (0) 3872 0799
E-mail :                     Web Site :www.

The corner opposite the Bank of Bangkok


The Mun Aloy restaurant have 2 outlets one at the end of Naklua & another in 3 rd Road. This is a must for all seafood lovers and popular with the Thai people.

Munaloy Seafood Restaurant

is situated at the end of Nuklua RD. Drive down from the Dolphin roundabout on the Nuklua Rd past the 3 traffic lights untill you see the Banyan tree in the middle of the road and talat or market on the left. Just stay on this road straight over the bridge and at the end you will see this fabulous restaurant. Prices are better than in Pattaya and its well received every day but check out the pics as at October 2008. This is the best and cheapest all seafood restaurant in Pattaya and a must if you like good quick service and know you won't be ripped off. Tel: 038 223252 038 703201 or 038-703211. Just check the pics we have of this restaurant

To get to Mun Aloy just drive down Nuklua and keep driving till the end and its on the sea front.


Pattaya Park - Pattaya 345 Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Cholburi 20260 Thailand. Tel: 02-2119654. The Panorama, The Pinnacle and The Meridian Revolving Restaurant
on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor. Taste the international buffet lunch and dinner with seafood.    - Buffet Lunch** 500 Bht/adult, 300 Bht/child.- Buffet Dinner 550 Bht/adult, 350 Bht/child.
Buffet Lunch include one of the activities free of charge; Tower Jump/Sky Shuttle/Speed Shuttle.


Meals on Wheels Food delivery service in Pattaya delivered to your door and choose from many restaurants in Pattaya from Subway, Gourmet Pizza, Vientianne Restaurant, Indian food, Wines to Shenanigans etc. No service charge, FREE delivery and check on or call them on 038410699

If you have a restaurant in Pattaya and want a review just email us and we advertise your Restaurant or Buffet on our website for free. Just check out the above restaurant review and we will do the same for you. Conditions apply

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