Thailand shipping and freight movers worldwide. We are foreign  / Thai MANAGEMENT. We send anything from personal to cars, trucks, roll on roll off, Flatracks, FCL 20-40ft high cube containers anywhere dealing with foreign clients worldwide: clothes, garments to personal items, machinery to cars, boats, machines-- logistics services (Door to Door/ Port to Port) We process all the paperwork- Air freight services- Sea freight services--same day quotes- Depots in Pratunam, Yannawa & Chiangmai with own packing, fumigation in house, storage, pickup, transport services all over Thailand. We can arrange anything anywhere. We EXPORT anywhere in the world & we offer a fast service.   

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The seaside city of Pattaya in Thailand is a haven for the single minded tourists and ex pat haven boasting some 1600 bars. It is situated on a 4 km stretch of road along the sea & along the North end are around 96 bars, hotels and restaurants. This is the seafood paradise. Getting from the irport is now a breeze. Go to the graound floor and there you will see the 2 bus lines. BELL SERVICE runs direct tpo the Pattaya Bus station and from there they take you to your hotel for FREE in their minivan. Many buses ply the journey to Pattaya but its easy to get to and cheap with buses every 1/2 hour heading to and from Bangkok to Pattaya




Bangkok Office

Office Hours:

07:30 – 19:30, 7 days/week

Located on:

Bangna Trad Road km.1 (Near Central Bangna Shopping Mall and opposite BITEC)


38/12 Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

Contact numbers:

66 (0) 2747-4673, 66 (0) 2747-4675, 66 (0) 2747-4676




Suvarnabhumi airport

Office Hours:

07:30 – 18:00, 7 days/week

Located on:

Level 1, Gate no.7 next to Tourist Police counter with a small sign of “Pattaya - Bell Travel Service”

Contact numbers:

66 (0) 89-449-8841 and 66 (0) 89-449-8842


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If you are Thai or have a Thai freind you can always go by private vans or minibuses but try to avoid sitting ion the back. Minibuses can be arranged from your hotel and also the Khao San road area, with personal pickup or Victory Monument Area (on BTS line), behind the food court. Some of them go fast but its over to you if you use.


From Bangkok airport to Pattaya on the Ground floor just go to Level 1 and gate No7-8 which will have the BELL TRAVEL SERVICE WRITTEN ON IT.

The bus goes to the Roongruang Bus station Pattaya North Pattaya Road is the main Bus station for

linking to all Bus stations in Bangkok or the airport. BELL Travel Service are excellent and they are situated where this picture is


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