The fun city of the Eastern Seaboard. The place with a 1000 bars & more then enough girls.



Tourist Info (TAT)= (038) 429-113, Fax: )38) 429-113Pattaya Airport = (038) 245-595/7 info;  Fax:(038) 245-196

Tourist Police: Tel: (038) 191 accidents  429-371.


If you want to know about Bars for Sale or Restaurants we have many on our books at present. Pattaya is a haven for short time sex and theres no shortage of girls- theres over 1200 bars in Pattaya. The bars centres where there are 20-40 small bars you can get caught on shouting drinks to girls, then paying for the bar tab to take them out then of course their fee to stay with you.-- costs without drinks = 1000 baht upwards. Try the Butterfly Bars or go to Soi Yadsak as this is the street with the short time bars & ones we recommend. If you go to the crowded bars that have say 50 small bars together watch out as the girls want you to buy them drinks at 100 baht each & watch your tab as they tend to put other bills in your bill (check-bin). These bars charge you 250 baht-uo to 500 baht to take a girl home but negotiate before you leave as they will want 1000 baht--- give 500 so total price is 700-1000 baht? Other good places are Pattayaland soi 2 which is predominantly owned by an American investor and the bars are plentiful.. If you want a booklet we will send to you which has everything you need to know about Pattaya Cost 400 baht including pp. or $10US.Theres plenty of ATMs & you can access money anywhere via credit cards. It pays to have US$ but travellers cheques are OK.


Try the G SPOT BAR with lots of girls right opposit the favoiurite drinking hole of Bruce Allport & English Paul's "Jack & Tars" which is my favourite and a good bunch of expats drinkers and regulars like English Peter.

GANGS PUB where theres good rock and blues, hot girls and they often have free food party nights. Check out the oldest Indian motorcycle still running at located on Soi 6 Tel: 038-361-679. 

JACK AND TARS: Meet the boys from Kiwiland, Australia, USA & Brits perhaps the best watering hole in Pattaya with the locals. Owner Bruce from NZ, Paul from the UK & the night watchman Peter from the UK -- these guys know the whole gen in Pattaya and a good place to eat with homemade pies and pasties, watch the girls over the road & make your next move.We recommend this place as we know them all and they also have rooms upstairs for rent.



Club Insomnia Pattaya
The Insomnia entertainment complex is the newest and most stylish location in Pattaya.
on Walking Street. Insomnia i-bar on the ground floor level and club Insomnia on the upper level, this genuinely is the venue that Pattaya has been craving. A stylish pool hall style bar, open onto Pattaya bay, twinned with an industrial cutting edge European style nightclub above. Upstairs in club Insomnia our world renowned resident DJ's mix up a hectic - electric blend of beats and basslines unlike any other club in Thailand. Our DJ's are sourced from the four corners of the globe and in 2009 we will be bringing a host of top names to club Insomnia to ensure total global domination.Sound system delivers over 40k at 100db with crystal clarity, our light and laser show have become the talk of Thailand, our resident team of light and visual jockeys ensure that our nightly lighting and visual shows complement our musical style perfectly.V.I.P area is available for customers where you have a spot unlike any other to enjoy the spectacle, whilst being at the heart of the party. Ask management or our marketing team about our V.I.P and discount schemes when you visit us.

Premium whiskys and spirits are fully stocked in all of our 8 bars and our cocktail jockeys can mix your favourite blend. As usual, local brands are available and all our beverages represent fantastic value. Discount cards and they say they are the cheapest beers in Pattaya but check them out.
For the i-bar – you will receive 40% discount on non-lady drinks from 8pm until 11pm and 20% discount at all other timesFor Insomnia club - 40% discount on non-lady drinks from 11pm until 1am and 20% discount at all other timesThere is also our V.I.P area in club Insomnia where you can get away from the crowd whilst still being at the heart of the party:Currently, nightly entry is 250 baht to the V.I.P area, this does include a free club Insomnia t-shirt. Telephone : + (66) 8 9 4011736 (Eng)  + (66) 8 11777085 (Thai) Email :


Soi 7 & Soi 8
Starts in the daytime as some girls don't o home then in the evening and early hours, there are 100 beer bars to choose from, in the afternoon it's a popular place for those who like to get started early. Many bars and bar beer centres here with approx 12 bars in each but its quite nice to walk down towards the beach.

Soi Yodsak (Soi 6)
Soi 6 has about 50+ beer bars, restaurants bar (mostly "short time" bars ). You will see a lixture of everyone from the young school girls in uniform to nice eating place but its one way and heads down to the beach. Very famous for the short time bars and quite spectaular after 2-3pm in the afternoon. Worth a casual stroll and safe as houses.

Second Road - around the Soi 2 & Soi 3 junctions
Loads of popular beer bars, hotels, shops and beer centres the main road runs to Central Pattaya Rd where Tops Supermarket is.

Walking Street
Worth a look in the daytime or nighttime and don't go silly at the gogos as the bouncers will not like it. There have been a few cases of assaults etc so watch out for beggars and touts trying to hawk things to you. Its very colourful at night but is a tourist trap for the unwary and prices are not the same as eleswhere. many Asian tourists will go here and many touts from even Malaysia and the Philippines plus the usual scammers head here. Its pretty safe at night as they have a Tourist Police help centre at the start of the walking street.

Beach Road
This is the main Road that runs rioght along the beach to the Walking Street. Called the Coconut Bar due to its many girls walking around and many foreigners who buy their drinks in the 7/11s and sit on the many walkway benches. Really nice to see the traffic rolling by and shops and departments stores are all accessable along here.

Whatever you choose theres just loads of bars to go and see. 

If you need help then ask us. We can provide you with the best deals to suit your needs and as a publishing, travel business we can tailor make your itinery to suit your pocket. We are foreign owned from NZ & America and we know Thailand & especially Pattaya & ChiangMai-- and we mean anything!!! be safe, relax and use our services. 


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