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The seaside city of Pattaya in Thailand is a haven for the single minded tourists and ex pat haven boasting some 1600 bars. It is situated on a 4 km stretch of road along the sea & along the North end are around 96 bars, hotels and restaurants. This is the seafood paradise. Pattaya is famous for its ski boats, jet skis, banana boat rides, hify parachuting, water sports like fishing with all night bars and nightlife till 3am in the morning. Formally a US Military rest stop and recreation from the 60s and 70s it saw a rapid change in its development. Today it is a premier beach resort with over 1 million tourists visiting a year and the rices are good..  



HOW TO GET THERE: From Bangkok Suvannabhumi Airport, Bell buses are frequent & cost 200 and 173baht. Avis offer a limo service for 2,200 baht with chauffeur to the airport. From Bangkok buses leave Ekamai Bus Depot along Soi 63 Sukhumvit Road. They leave every 30 minutes every day. Cost is 124 baht. Taxis will take you also for 1500 baht from Bangkok to Pattaya a 2 hour journey and in Pattaya the Travel agents pool with a trip tp the airport in Bangkok 800baht--many around and all Hotels can arrange your transport. Pattaya North Rd station has many buses daily from 5.30am to 21.00hours and a bus that goes direct to Suvannabhumi airport Bangkok but now the BELL Service bus takes you direct to Pattaya


Also buses go to the Northern Bus Station Bangkok every 30 minutes fare is 124 baht & here you can connect to a bus to Chiangmai. From Chiangmai there is a direct Bus from the Arcade Bus Station: Nachonchai Air. This is an excellent service & costs 600 baht leaving every 2 hours. This service includes 2 meals, pillow supplied plus snacks and drinks on board. Takes approx 14 hours and you can stretch out as only 32 seats. Once you reach Pattaya take a Songtaew pickup for 5 baht per stretch of road unless you negotiate before hand. Or take a train from Pattaya to Bangkok then hop on the overnight to Chiangmai-choice of 3 trains leaving Bangkok to Chiangmai.



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HOTELS: There are so many Hotels and Guest House accommodation in Pattaya that its up to your pocket. Medium costs up 250 to 600 baht. Pattaya has loads of accommodation from expensive to cheap digs. If you want us to book your Hotel or prefer to stay at a certain Hotel or apartment that we know just email us

PLACES TO EAT: There's just so many places to choose from with every country being represented. Just stroll anywhere and you will see buffets at 75 baht all you can eat AT BETTER THAN GOOD PRICES. They have Russian Restaurants to the typical English Pub like Rosy O'Gradys in Soi 9 or Le Mekhong Restaurant in the Mercure Hotel. The cheapest fast food are the Kiss Restaurants on Naklua and 2nd road open 24 hours but their are many buffets breakfast and dinners from 110 baht - 189 baht like the Apex Hotel. Lek Hotel, & Diana Hotel to name a few to the top end Hotels in Jomtien (the Tower with 3 revolving restaurants.There are also many Superstores with supermakets and food courts for your desires like Big C, Tesco Lotus, Carrefour.              


WHAT TO DO: Pattaya Park: world of waterslides and whirlpools. Great for the family Tel: 251-201. Pier: stroll on the new pier on the Beach Rd near Pattaya Rd. Ripleys Believe it or Not: Open Mon to Sun. The world's most popular unusual museum. See the odd and the bazarre. Located in the Royal garden Plaza 3rd Floor.Sunday Fax: 710-294 or email  Market Naklua: every Sunday theres a large market at Sawang Fa Rd. Great experience of colours, smells, & people. Tigers: Im Sriracha Zoo and resort where you see camels,crocodiles, tigers. Turn off Sukhumvit Highway at laem Chabang Industrial Estate onto Highway 36. After 8kms follow the sign. Tel: 338-101.Mini Siam: 100 scale models of historical Thailand sites. Located on Sukhumvit Highway between North Pattaya Rd & Central Rd. Open daily 7-10pm Tel: 421-628 Motion Master: moving theater where you ride.2 films alternate every 15 minutes. Seats move in 8 directions with giant 70 mm film action. You see and feel every bump, dip and turn. Located on 3rd floor Royal Garden Plaza. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: cultural show and elephant show. Orchid gardens and music shows, thai boxing and elephant war games. Tel: 429-321.Pattaya Monkey training Centre: Cnr Sukhumvit & Soi Chayapruk. Enjoy watching the monkeys do all sorts of stunts and fun and games for all. 90 minute show. Tel: 756-367.Pattaya Orphanage: If you have time why not visit this school for the handicapped and experience the work of Father Raymond Brennan. Tel: 428-717.GOLF: Theres 20 golf courses here in Pattaya.If you like golf then play in Pattaya and come to Chiangmai. We can arrange everything tailor made to suit your needs [ GO TO GOLF ] Pattaya Sports Club: join any number of sports from golf to tennis and make use of the discounts around the city. The Club boasts some 8000 members& the Office is in Soi Diana next to cafe Kronborg. Tel: 423-809 Golds Gyms: body building with over 6 different gyms for the get fit and go. Bangsaen Marine Aquarium & Museum: located on campus of Burapha University. It has a large number of fish and other marine life. Devoted to fish and fishing in Thailand 8.30am to 4.00pm closed Monday.  The Sriracha Tiger Zoo: hotels arrange this trip. The place is located on the outskirts of Pattaya, but the zoo sends a minivan to pick you up. Once at the zoo, you get a personal guide through the place, as well as lunch. Total cost, as I recall, was something like THB 600 each. The zoo was OK, especially the tiger exhibits. Also cost for a one hour elephant ride is under 1000 baht.

NIGHTLIFE: Tiffany's has 3 shows a day (see pic). email them at An amazing show full os spectacular costumes. Fax: (038) 421-711. There's just so many bars and restaurants in Pattaya you just need to stroll around. They cater for all.

MOTORCYCLE HIRE: Most hotels will arrange for you but theres plenty of motorcycles from Honda Dreams at 150 baht per day to bigger 400cc Hondas @ 500 baht per day to even bigger Harleys etc. prices are cheaper for week hireage. Use your international passport & it pays to have a copy of your passport and deposit must be left approx 1000 baht. (Current rate 38.2 baht per $US1). Be careful who you rent off and if you have a crash youre in the wrong. Wear a helmet and carry a license???

Try the seafoods of MUN MALAI the best seafood dishes in Pattaya with 2 restaurants in Pattaya and this is the best seafod in town right by the sea.


Expat UK traffic warden makes for a regular pretty site on Pattaya streets


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