Below are the Updated Law Costs & are subject to change. We reserve the right to initiate these changes as and when government fees increase & changes occur without notice. All companies are different and may require different licenses or regulations. We now offer all expats and foreigners our FREE legal advice service with experienced expat lawyers due to the variety of costs that forietgnerts seem to encounter. Just remember many law officesd are franchises and its important to know what you are paying for before you commit. We will advise you the costs esepcially for litigation as many lawyers ask for 30% success rates for all litigation. This means you may pay a front sum to start eg 50-75,000 baht thiunking that it but you will incuir charges up to 10,000 baht per Court session on top. The first fee then is just the deposit but of course they will not tell you this. ASK OUR ADVISERS FOR FREE. Lawyers have international experience, speak English and can assist you on all Law Services in Bangkok.


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EXAMPLE OF OUR COSTS: 2M BAHT COMPANY:  20,000 baht our fees excluding VAT & Govt fees as each company share registration increases per 2m baht. For a 2m baht company Total additional fees to pay will be around 13,500 baht which will include tax, memorandum, share reg fees are 5000 baht per 1m baht. However the ruling is not clear but you may have to show your share capital in the bank ie. 2 m baht.  If increasing your share capital you must show this extra money in your bank now & 2 m baht in the bank if you employ another foreigner per foreigner each time you increase. At the moment the company laws have changed. Please also remember companies levies vary according to what business a company will perform. Our costs change due to this so use our prices only as a general guideline. Bangkok costs are a lot higher than ChiangMai. You can have 1m baht company but no work permit. USA Amity Company--please ask and only available for US residents setting up in Thailand or go to the section on Amity Treaty but before you think of starting one you must have an existing Thai Company.  Our costs to travel are priced once we start working for you. Wherever possible we limit travel and work via our own Thai representatives in Pattay. We do have lawyers in Bangkok, Pattaya, Korat, Phuket and use a Corporate law Office in Bangkok. If we send our lawyer to Bangkok fees do not include travelling/ expense costs.


Title Deed search (Court/ Title Office & full English report) 7,000 baht. However if our Lawyers need to travel out of ChiangMai the cost increases but we do quote you. Changing ownership papers  up to 10,000 baht per transaction depending on the work involved & translations. Onsite House Report= 6000 baht for an old House (over 2 years) & 3000 baht for a new house in ChiangMai (add travel expenses but ask us first to quote). This 6-8 page comprehensive report provides buyers with a maintenance report, condition of the property they wish to buy and recommendations from plumbing to foundations to electrical etc -- conducted by our foreign Realty Company. This report is a must if you are thinking about buying a house as we conduct this report in conjunction with a title search and can advise you whether you should or should not purchase as well as the value of the property& recommendations for the buyer & or seller. Should you be buying and require our services to oversee this work we charge a set fee according to time required of us. We do not conduct land surveys due to the absence of pegs and you need a surveyor who we can arrange for you.

We do assist all buyers of property and we have our own builders, architects and staff on hand to help you. Check out We can assist on all law matters in Thailand with English speaking 24 hour service




We offer translations but prices vary depending on number of pages & work involved. We can translate into English, Thai, German & French. We can also arrange in any other language. A basic standard A4 page is 400 baht increasing to 600 baht if larger etc.


Ideal for that husband and wife team as cheap to setup but does not offer you the security as a company. Once formed the remaining fees are the same as a Company. Our fee is 14,000 baht which includes govt fees and ID tax code work. Again the fee depends on what type of business you wish to perform under this partnership. Should you require special licenses etc we will quote you. You must have 2m baht in the bank for foreigners to form a Limited partnership.


We now offer "O" visa services. For new companies the new law requires a work permit to obtain a B visa from Penang or another country. If you do not meet the required criteria you will be only issued single entry. We do however assist with one year visas for retirees and also residency visas. Visas to the USA, UK etc we cannot help nor do we assist with fiancee visas. The USA & other countries now have strict criteria now so please ask them not us.


Once you are in Business for 12 months and you have your books audited then you can apply to change your visa to a 1 year non immigrant visa which allows you to process the application in Thailand & you then do not need to exit the country every 3 months ( if on a multiple visa ). You must be registered for VAT tax, pay Social Welfare Tax and have your books audited. This rule applies to all Thai Companies & Limited Partnerships. P.O.A.*


The cost at this time is 15,000 baht but does not include travel & or expenses away nor tax certification. 7500 baht before the work permit is initiated & 7500 baht on completion. Go to work permit section to see requirements. A Thai minimum share registration company must be 2m baht.


When a shareholder sells his share or the company changes & new shareholders are now required the Company change costs vary. Again this may depend if the company requires licenses etc.


please note the fee does not include the Government fees and charges of 2,000 baht and 50,000 baht. Total costs for a residency visa is 72,000 baht *


We do charge travel & expenses if we have to fly to the main centres but we do keep these to a minimum as a lot of our work we do use other law offices. These may vary but please do not hesitate to ask us.



1/. New Work Permits 15,000 including fees  18a/. Contracts & agreements 10,000 baht
2/. Renewal of Work permit 5,000 3mth 1500 19/. Marriage translation & filing 5,000 baht.
3/. Extension of visa 2,000 baht 20/. Cigarette Licenses 2,000 baht
4/. Cancellation of Work permit 2,000 baht 21/. Monthly VAT Return Dependent upon size, starting at 3,000 baht
5/. Retirement Visa 10,000-15000baht 22/. Accounting & Auditing Services must use an accountant 8500 baht - 20,000 baht depending on Company size
6/. Residence Permit 20,000 baht 23/. AMITY USA Company P.O.A *
7/. Certificates, Permits & Registrations Foreign Marriage Certificate12,000 24/. Wills up to 10,000 according to work
 8/. Change  Address: Company Affidavit 3,000 25/. Divorce cases- please ask us. To conduct 80,000baht plus
 9/. VAT Certificate 3,000 26/. Copyright. approx 5000 baht
10/. Tax ID Card  ( P.O.A* ) 27/. One year Visa 10,000 baht 2 days 15,000 baht
11/.Increase In Capital 4,000 baht 28/. Dependent Visa   5500 baht per person
12/. Tax ID Card  3,500 baht 29/. Residence Permit  20,000 baht (see above * )
13/.Branch Registration  6,000 baht 30/.   Trademark & trade name registration & local 10,000 baht
14/. Representative Office 40,000- 50,000 baht? 31/. Foreign marriage Certificate  12,000 baht
15/.Customs Card (Import/Export) 10,000 32/. Litigation cases vary according to the workload
16/. Increase In Capital 4,000 baht 33/. House Inspection reports. Please ask us.
17/.Food License,  2,000 baht USA Fiancee visas: we cannot help [ See Visas ]
18/. Alcohol License 2,000 baht 34/.

The above are approx costs only & vary as we work on a case by case basis & these prices do not include travel away fees. 

Cancellation fees: we may charge a fee if you cancel in the middle of law work. However we do this on a case by case basis. All law work is different so the costs above are only an indication and may rise as situations change or vary.     

   Please compare our costs with other Law Offices.  Email correspondence we levy a min charges.  

We quote on law services:


* P.O.A means Costs quoted on application. All consultations will incur a 1000 baht feebut some lawyers charge 2500baht to 10,000 baht per copurt hearing on top opf your orginal deposit fee at the start. We do assist all buyers of property and we have our own builders, architects and staff on hand to help you. Check out We can assist on all law matters in Thailand with English speaking 24 hour EMAIL service


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N.B. Complete law services via our NEW Thai Lawyer partner . (re: Alien Business Law: NEC Announcement 281 Cat A prohibited to foreigners). However under the terms of our  Company License Asia Trading Post (Co Ltd)  provide : 1. Cat 34 lawyer services  &2.  Cat 35.consultancy services.

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