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We manufacture Ice chilly boxes, coolers, bins, made from strong plastic ideal for the fishing industry with lockups and handles on the sides or pulldowns. We have a full range of ice boxes from 50litres to 195 litres or any size made to your specs. These are the best on the market. We export min 20ft container loads. The underside has reinforced ribbed feet for non slip.The inner compartment has a one piece mold and easy drainage plug. Our ice boxes are portable insulated boxes with glass smooth inner and outer skins that will hold anything from food, drinks, medicines or any other items you wish to store "on ice" for periods of up to 16 days without the use of any external power source whatsoever. They have lockup for padlock & handles either end & can withstand any weather conditions  The most advanced materials and the latest manufacturing techniques have been used to bring to you the best moulded fibreglass Ice Boxes which are easy to clean with excellent seals and they will not absorb any smell or taste. Drainage hole with easy release. All colours available: red, orange, yellow, blue white. Our standard 2 colours are white an blue.

Our Ice containers can even keep hot food hot and usage is ideal for all outdoor activities from picnics to fishing, sports venues to field work or camping or using as your fridge for up to 5 days. Used in Thailand bars & restaurants as ice coolers for drinks and food.




MEASUREMENTS  Length X Width X Height

ICE BOX P.M 60 600 x 420 x 450 9k.g
ICE BOX P.M 80 690 x 460 x 560 11k.g
ICE BOX P.M 95L. 920 x 460 x 480 13k.g
ICE BOX P.M 100 710 x 450 x 540 13k.g
ICE BOX P.M 120  780 x 490 x 630 14k.g
ICE BOX P.M 160  850 x 540 x 700 16k.g
ICE BOX P.M 180 950 x 560 x 670  18k.g
ICE BOX P.M 195L. 1,270 x 530 x 560 22k.g
ICE BOX P.M  200  970 x 620 x 730 22k.g
ICE BOX P.M 300  1050 x 680 x 790 29k.g
ICE BOX P.M 450 1160 x 790 x 930 35k.g
ICE BOX P.M  600 1320 x 1030 x 920 49k.g
ICE BOX P.M 800   1350 x 1050 x 1020 60k.g
ICE BOX P.M 50L 632 L x 275l x 255D  
bulletLength & Width measurements are overall lid size
bulletColor, availability normally blue, but also available in white, red & orange
bulletQuantity orders can be arranged in other colors & size range, a deposit would be required on accepted orders.
bulletPlease note: white color , add 10% * note 195L. has a overall length of 1,350 mm due to locking & handle carrying supports on either end.


bulletPlease write to us for price list of boxes. Wholesale only. Some sizes of boxes are under or over the stated figure: 
50L  632L X 275W X 255D   44 LITRES
60L  465L X 350W X 370D    60 LITRES
70L  720l  x 325W x 270d    61 LITRES
80L  555L X 360W X 365D    73 LITRES
 95L  765L X 355W X 380D    85 LITRES
100L  570L X 355W X 420D  103 LITRES
 120L  645L X 380W X 430D  105 LITRES
 150LT  850L X 420W X 385D   137 LITRES
 180L  800L X  440W X 480D  169 LITRES
 195L  1140L X 410W X 445D  208 LITRES
 200  820L X 520W X 495D  210LITRES

BIG-CHILL ICEBOX, roto-molded polyethylene Ideal for many commercial applications and any other situation where you may need to keep goods cold for longer periods yet be robust and strong.


 Camping        Fishing  Boating
  Eco tours     Food and drink coolers  Medicines
 4wheel drive     Ideal for storage purposes eg books  Vermin Free

Accessories  : vinyl padded clip-on seat covers with pocket for bottle opener and extra pocket included. Ideal for serviettes or cutlery. We can supply just the padded lid cover only which has a 50mm (2") cushion with fitting instructions and brass fasteners when used on boats at sea or picnics in the country. the cover is domed and velcrowed for easy removal. We can tailor make all accessory pockets that you want including older fittings.. 

FULL SIZE COVERED ICEBOX: The model enclosed is a full ice box cover with15mm cushion. Our new seat cushion only covers have just started to be produced in black, white and fawn colours so please inquire now. These fit on the tops only. Diagram below is a full seat complete with accessory kit pocket for your bottle opener and velcrow side pockets for say cutlery. Note below you can still raise the lid and lock the box with open handle and lock fitting displayed.




        Also note: many people are informing us that they use the box not only as a cooler, but when not in use as cooler they use the box as extra storage at work, home & traveling, as they find the box so strong & versatile.

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