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CHECK THE FACTS of the Garmin GPS navigation systems in Thailand. Where to buy your Garmin Auto navigation Nuvi and Thailand Software Products. Beat the traffic james in Bangkok--- know what streets to avoid in advance ---use state of the art satellite navigation in your car ---know where the gas stations and restaurants are and the shortest route to your destination. Whats more these gadgets have Blue tooth for mobile phone calls and many other extras you may want to use.


Hey do you think its easy to drive in Bangkok Thailand. Of course its a complete nightmare but now you can take it easy by installing a Garmin GPS navigational guidance system in your car, pocket, motorcyle or boat. Has gas stations, your favourite golf club,quick ways to get from A to B & much more.Set your route, click the GPS & home it in






Buy your Bangkok and Chiangmai, Phuket and even Malaysia Road maps from


Take real-time control of your fleet. MPA's Smart Fleet allows to track and manage your fleet by knowing the location and status of your vehicles anytime of the day. By using GPS, your vehicles' positions are known and can be sent back to your center using the GPRS or Short Message capability of GSM phones.
Application of Vehicle Location System include:
Allow your customers to track status of your delivery truck via the Wrieless network
 Locating vehicle nearest to customer for faster service
Cutting mobile fleet costs
Personnel tracking
Heading off customer service complaints
 Reduce fleet operation cost by reducing wasted time on route
Components of AVLS consist of:
Construction and Utility vehicle management
Stolen vehicle recovery
On-board components for locating the vehicle location using GPS and    communication device to transmit/receive data using GSM cellular phone    network.  A LCD taxt device to display message in Thai is optional.
 A PC used as polling computer to receive and transmit data from the mobile unit.
Map display software for displaying the location of the vehicle.


SmartMap is a specially designed Desktop Mapping software package using MappointAsia's fast-display Map Engine. SmartMap is especially suited for business GIS application that do not need to update maps but need to customize its own location database. It is applicable to various organizations requiring mapping software to assist in planning to analyzing and placing accurate information on the map.

     SmartMap software is specifically developed with user-friendly interface in mind. It comes complete with various maps and can be installed and used by anyone. No prior experience in digitizing or using maps is needed. SmartMap emphasizes easy-to-use design and convenience for various tasks in businesses and organizations where usage of map is essential. SmartMap Bangkok comes complete with a digital map of Bangkok consisting of over 100,000 records of road, soi 's, points-of-interest such as restaurants, night clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels, temples, malls and more.

     SmartMap is a value package for all types of businesses from the uninitiated to those with GIS experts. SmartMap is the first mapping software package to be fully developed in Thailand.

SmartMap comes in 2 versions :
- Offers viewing and basic map handling capability such as level control and zooming and POI search.
Professional - The most comprehensive set of functions as defined below.

SmartMAP features :
- Fastest map display technology used to present a vivid and detailed cartographic map
- Multiple windows display
- Complete map view control : zoom in, zoom out, panning, fenced windows area.
- Capable of displaying scanned aerial photographs and satellite images over the map. (NT   version only)
- Full user control of display levels.
- Full query feature to search and locate the position of roads, soi's, intersections and points   of interest.
- Capable of allowing users to locate user-defined symbols on the map.
- Users can also define their own database to link to these symbols.
- Symbol used in positioning can be created and added by using Paint program in Windows.
- Scanned images can be linked to user -defined symbols for addition details.
- Able to search and locate the positions of the user-defined symbols or group of symbols.
- Point-and-click search with SQL enhancement capability.
- Function included to calculate distances and areas.
- Ability to create buffer zones.
- GPS connectable using TAIP or NMEA format.
- Automatically centers map when using GPS.
- Driving Direction for SmartMap Pro
- Thematic mapping for SmartMap Pro

Map data for Bangkok :
- 1 : 4,000 scale map of Bangkok available
- Digital map of Bangkok with outlines of buildings, roads, points of interest such as government offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, temples, restaurants, department buildings, etc.
- Over 100,000 points-of-interests and road names for Bangkok
- Bangkok outlying provinces included

Other map data :

- 1: 50,000 scale maps of Thailand available
- Highway maps of Thailand available At an affordable price.
SmartMap is a value package for all types of businesses from the uninitiated to those with GIS experts. SmartMap is the first mapping software package to be fully developed in Thailand.

SmartMAP customization :
     MappointAsia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd also offers customization service to tailor SmartMAP Professional version to fit your needs. If there are functions that you need that are not standard functions, we can quote you a customization service charge. An example of such service would be: to import external points-of-interest files with one click of a mouse. Please contact for further information on this service.

Now Available :
- SmartMap Thailand City-to-City
- Banngkok map in English
- Latest updates of Bangkok maps

Features of Garmin mapping:
- When you download a new mapset to a Garmin GPS receiver it will automatically delete the previous mapset
- You can load segments from 2 (or more) different mapsets to a GPS receiver but you must select and download them in one session on the PC
- When 2 (or more) mapsets cover the same area then only 1 will be displayed
This is the priority order;
City Navigator
City Select
Fishing Hotspots
Water Waypoints and Lights
Road & Recreation
- Mapsets can be manually turned off (and on) in the unit
- Garmins MapSource products run on Windows PCs



Sending Maps to your PC. How to do?

Free Garmin maps by location:


NEW ZEALAND: Maps from open source free maps for NZ go to: with a good question and answer on this Kiwi forum for travellers & also on:

AUSTRALIA: Maps from open source for AUSTRALIA. go to: OR free software

Tracks4Australia provides an alternative free map set that can be used both with MapSource on a PC or uploaded to a map capable Garmin GPS unit.

WORLD MAPS -BUYING :Maps of the world for sale go to:

SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA:Provides free regularly updated, user contributed GPS maps for Garmin compatible devices.

UK: Garmin Mapsource TOPO Great Britain V2 Overview. Great for walking, trekking, cycling and more, TOPO Great Britain contains topographic maps with detailed coverage of England, Scotland and Wales £129.96 incl. VAT.

SOUTH AFRICA: Contains detailed maps of select cities and towns in South Africa



AFGHANISTAN:Our software will add the Afghanistan maps to MapSource so you can transfer them to your GPS

Middle East (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi, UAE) :check this site

POLAND:Our software is in Polish but its FREE: or

IRAQ: Our software will add the IRAQ maps to MapSource

IRAN: Our software will add the IRAN maps to MapSource

GREECE: FREE software from

CZECH REPUBLIC : FREE software from

MEXICO: software from

JAPAN : FREE software from Japan Map for Garmin Mapping GPS. This page is provided for the distribution of my digital map for the Garmin Mapping GPS or buy from

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay : software from


TURKEY : software from

ROMANIA : software. Garmin routable map that includes topological data.

If you know any countries who offer FREE open source software for Garmin GPS nuvis please email us.

Most of whats for sale in Thailand are the 200 series & 300 Series


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